I save
Presente para el sujetoIdel verbosave.


Verbos regulares en pasado 
Hoja de repaso
Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
1. (recobrar)
a. salvar
The rescue team saved the mountain climber from the avalanche.El equipo de rescate salvó al montañero de la avalancha.
b. rescatar
He saved the cat from the tree.Rescató el gato del árbol.
2. (religioso)
a. salvar
They pray to save their souls.Rezan para salvar sus almas.
3. (preservar contra el daño o la pérdida)
a. salvar
Contrary to some economists' expectations, the increase in the minimum wage saved jobs.A pesar de las expectativas de algunos economistas, el incremento en el salario mínimo salvó empleos.
b. conservar
The museum saves manuscripts for future generations.El museo conserva los manuscritos para las generaciones futuras.
4. (informática)
a. guardar
Remember to save your work frequently.Recuerda guardar el trabajo a menudo.
b. archivar
I saved the blueprints on a USB memory.Archivé los planos en una memoria USB.
5. (conservar para el futuro)
a. ahorrar (dinero)
John saves 15% of each paycheck.John ahorra el 15% de cada cheque de pago.
b. juntar
Jesse is saving bottle caps for a school project.Jesse está juntando tapas de botella para un proyecto escolar.
c. reservar
I'm saving my energy to deal with the twins at home.Reservo las energías para ocuparme de los gemelos en casa.
d. guardar
Carolina decided to save her new dress for a special occasion.Carolina decidió guardar su vestido nuevo para una ocasión especial.
6. (gastar menos)
a. ahorrar
I saved $20 at the grocery store.Ahorré $20 en la tienda de comestibles.
7. (librarse de)
a. evitar
If we take one car instead of two, we save the extra gasoline expense.Si vamos en un coche en lugar de dos, evitamos el gasto de la gasolina extra.
b. ahorrar
My shortcut saves you ten minutes on your trip downtown.Mi atajo te ahorra diez minutos en el traslado al centro.
8. (impedir la pérdida)
a. salvar
Gutierrez saved the game with his goal in the last few seconds.Gutiérrez salvó el partido con su gol en los últimos segundos.
b. parar (pelota, disco, tiro, etc.)
The goalie saved the shot.El portero paró el tiro.
Un verbo intransitivo es un verbo que no requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. El hombre estornudó.).
verbo intransitivo
9. (apartar dinero)
a. ahorrar
I'm saving up for a new computer.Estoy ahorrando para una computadora nueva.
10. (economizar)
a. ahorrar
We save on our electric bill by unplugging everything when we’re not using it.Ahorramos en nuestro recibo de luz al desconectar todo cuando no lo estamos usando.
11. (conservar)
a. aguantar (comida)
Beans will save in the refrigerator for three days.Los frijoles aguantarán en el refrigerador por tres días.
12. (informática)
a. guardar
It's important to save frequently to avoid data loss.Es importante guardar frecuentemente para evitar la pérdida de datos.
Una preposición es una palabra cuya función es ligar un sustantivo a otra palabra (Corrió por la calle.).
Una palabra o frase que se usa para hablar de la segunda persona formal usted (p. ej. ¿Dónde está usted?).
(a excepción de)
a. excepto
All of the water quality tests have been completed save the arsenic test.Todas las pruebas de calidad del agua se han realizado excepto la prueba de arsénico.
b. salvo
I don't know much about him save that he is a good person.No sé mucho sobre él salvo que es una buena persona.
Un sustantivo es una palabra que se refiere a una persona, un animal, un lugar, un sentimiento o una idea (p.ej. hombre, perro, casa).
14. (deporte)
a. la parada
(f) significa que un sustantivo es de género femenino (p.ej. la mujer, la luna).
He is famous for his save at the World Cup finals.Es famoso por su parada en las finales del Mundial.
Una conjunción es una palabra que sirve para unir palabras, frases, claúsulas u oraciones (p.ej. La gata y el perro jugaron juntos.).
15. (de no haber sido; usado con "for")
a. de no ser por
She would have won, save for the fact that she was caught cheating.Habría ganado, de no ser por el hecho de que la atraparon haciendo trampa.
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Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
1. (rescue; person, animal)
a. salvar
to save somebody's lifesalvarle la vida a alguien
2. (coloquial)
she can't sing to save her lifeno tiene ni idea de cantar
3. (coloquial)
to save one's (own) neck or skinsalvar el pellejo
to save somebody from fallingevitar que alguien se caiga
to save a shotparar un disparo
to save the situationsalvar la situación
to save one's soulsalvar el alma
God save the King/the Queen!¡Dios salve al Rey/a la Reina!
4. (keep for future)
a. guardar
5. (money)
a. ahorrar
6. (informática)
a. guardar, salvar
7. (on screen)
a. archivar, guardar
to save oneself for somethingreservarse para algo
I am saving my strengthestoy ahorrando fuerzas
8. (not waste; time, money, space)
a. ahorrar
this will save us having to do it againesto nos evitará or ahorrará tener que hacerlo de nuevo
save your breathno te esfuerces, ahórrate las palabras
I saved £10 by buying it thereme ahorré 10 libras por comprarlo ahí
Un verbo intransitivo es un verbo que no requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. El hombre estornudó.).
verbo intransitivo
9. (en general)
to save for somethingahorrar para algo
save on heating costs by insulating your houseaísle su casa y ahorre en calefacción
Un sustantivo es una palabra que se refiere a una persona, un animal, un lugar, un sentimiento o una idea (p.ej. hombre, perro, casa).
10. (goalkeeper)
a. la parada
(f) significa que un sustantivo es de género femenino (p.ej. la mujer, la luna).
to make a savehacer una parada
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save [seɪv]
verbo transitivo
1 (rescue) [+person in danger] rescatar; salvar; [+lives, jobs] salvar; (Rel) [+soul] salvar
she wants to save the world quiere salvar el mundo; firefighters were unable to save the children los bomberos no pudieron rescatar or salvar a los niños; they accepted a pay cut to save their jobs han aceptado una reducción de sueldo para salvar sus puestos de trabajo
new orders have saved the jobs of 3,000 workers a final attempt to save 40,000 jobs in Britain's troubled aero industry to save one's soul The priest said that, if he prayed, God could save his soul the Fathers of the Holy Cross came to the area to save souls and gain converts an evangelist is dedicated to saving souls
to save the day or the situation
reinforcements sent by the Allies saved the day los refuerzos que enviaron los Aliados los sacaron del apuro
Jenkins saved the day for United with a last-minute goal the money has come too late to save the situation a billion or 24 billion, which will come through the International Monetary Fund, are not going to save the situation in Russia Malcolm threatened to leave home if his parents refused to pay. And once again, Grandma Rose saved the day, persuading her daughter of his good intentions and helping to pay for his tuition Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan pumped a lot of newly printed money into the economy and saved the situation for a time There's no doubt in my mind that the partisans saved the day # not so much because of their attacks on the enemy but because they boosted the morale of the people
to save face guardar las apariencias
the wisest course in crisis diplomacy is to offer a solution that helps your opponent save face Most children have an almost obsessive need to save face in front of their peers You need to give them a way out so that they can go along with your ideas but still save face Do not destroy those who oppose you, allow them to save face
to save sth/sb from sth/doing sth
he saved the company from bankruptcy salvó a la empresa de la bancarrota; he saved me from falling/drowning me salvó de caerme/de morir ahogado; impidió que me cayera/que muriera ahogado; you have to save these people from themselves tienes que salvar a esta gente del daño de sus propias acciones
to save sb from falling the barrier wasn't strong enough to save us from falling A new machine no bigger than a 10p piece could help save babies from cot death she devoted her life to saving the planet from nuclear war
to save sb's life salvar la vida a algn
I can't sing to save my life soy una negada para cantar (informal)
the drug has saved thousands of lives to save [o.s.] she lost her footing and couldn't save herself
I put out a hand to save myself estiré el brazo y me agarré con la mano para salvarme de una caída
to save one's bacon or one's (own) skin salvar el pellejo (informal)
all he's bothered about is saving his own skin lo único que le importa es salvar el pellejo (informal)
what saved my bacon was that unexpected win on the lottery ruthless individuals who would lie to save their own skin Smith spent 2 million pounds on new players this season but it wasn't enough to save his skin
to save sb's ass or butt especially (US) salvar el pellejo a algn (informal)
Howard rushed up to me and said, "Thank you, you really saved my ass" ...how I managed to save Grace's butt from Parish for so long Lenny said she climbed out of the back of the car to get away, to save her own ass
2 (preserve, conserve)
to save a building for posterity conservar un edificio para la posteridad; I'm saving my voice for the concert estoy reservando la voz para el concierto
to save o.s. for sth reservarse para algo
he's saving himself for marriage
God save the Queen! ¡Dios salve or guarde a la Reina!
to save one's strength (for sth) conservar or reservar (las) fuerzas (para algo)
she didn't try to shout against the storm but saved her strength for the struggle
3 (keep, put aside) (gen) guardar; [+money] (also save up) ahorrar
to save sb sth to save sth for sb guardar algo a algn
I've saved a piece for you
we've saved you a piece of cake te hemos guardado un pedazo de tarta
to save sth till last guardar algo para el final
he saved the best till last, scoring two goals in the final ten minutes guardó lo mejor para el final, marcando dos goles en los últimos diez minutos
save me a seat guárdame un asiento
if you save six tokens you get a free book si junta or reúne seis vales, recibirá un libro gratis
to save sth for a rainy day
4 (not spend) [+time] ahorrar; ganar; [+money] ahorrar; [+trouble] evitar; ahorrar
we did it to save time lo hicimos para ahorrar or ganar tiempo; it saved us a lot of trouble nos evitó or ahorró muchas molestias; it will save me an hour ganaré una hora; that way you save £10 así (te) ahorras 10 libras; it saves fuel economiza or ahorra combustible
it saved them the expense of re-decorating I'll go and get it - it'll save your legs
to save sb (from) sth/doing sth: it saves me (from) having to make a decision me ahorra or evita tener que tomar una decisión; I'll take him, it'll save you the journey yo lo llevaré, así te ahorras or evitas el viaje
she was hoping that something might save her from having to make a decision He arranges to collect the payment from the customer, thus saving the client the paperwork can you use the glasses you've got? - it'll save me washing up
save your breath no gastes saliva (en balde)
5 (Dep) [+penalty, shot] parar
Jones has saved 20 penalties this season Nigel Martyn managed to save or block three shots from no more than 10 yards he had a close-range shot saved by Spain's international keeper Andoni Zubizarreta
to save a goal hacer una parada; parar un disparo a gol
6 (Comput) archivar; guardar
\make sure you save your work\ before switching off the computer I've been saving stamps for guide dogs for the blind
verbo intransitivo
1 (also save up) ahorrar
The majority of people intend to save, but find that by the end of the month there is nothing left to save ([for] sth)
he's saving for a new bike está ahorrando (dinero) para (comprarse) una bici nueva
Tim and Barbara are saving for a house in the country save as you earn
2 (economize)
to save on sth
to save on petrol ahorrar gasolina; the new system saves on staff time el nuevo sistema economiza el tiempo del personal; appliances that save on housework aparatos que aligeran las tareas domésticas
insulating your home saves on heating bills to save [on] time/energy she writes letters to save on phone calls
3 (US) (keep) [+food] conservarse; aguantar (informal)
(Dep) parada (f)
Spurs could have had several goals but for \some brilliant saves\ from John Hallworth
to make a save hacer una parada
the keeper made a brilliant save/some great saves Baker went on to make a crucial save in the final minute
Save the Children es una organización benéfica fundada en el Reino Unido en 1919 para ayudar a los niños que sufrieron las secuelas de la Revolución Rusa y de la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Hoy en día se dedica a ofrecer ayuda de emergencia a los niños de todo el mundo que sufren de inanición o son víctimas de los efectos de guerras y desastres naturales y desarrolla proyectos a largo plazo para mejorar la higiene, la nutrición y la educación, además de luchar para que los gobiernos den prioridad a los derechos de los niños.
save [seɪv]
all save one todos excepto or menos uno; save for excepto; save that ... excepto que ...
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