Los adverbios 
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Un adverbio es una palabra que modifica o sirve de complemento a un verbo, un adjetivo u otro adverbio (correr rápido, muy cansado).
1. (en este momento)
a. ahora
The time for action is now.Ahora es el momento de actuar.
2. (en la actualidad)
a. actualmente
Now things are done much differently.Actualmente las cosas se hacen de manera muy diferente.
b. hoy en día
The world is so connected now.El mundo está muy conectado hoy en día.
3. (inmediatamente)
a. ya
The movie is beginning now.La película ya está empezando.
4. (para introducir una afirmación)
a. bueno
Now, it's time for you to go to bed.Bueno, ya es hora de que te acuestes.
Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
5. (existente)
a. actual
The now leader agreed that it was a very serious concern.El líder actual coincidió en que era un asunto muy grave.
Una conjunción es una palabra que sirve para unir palabras, frases, claúsulas u oraciones (p.ej. La gata y el perro jugaron juntos.).
6. (como; con "that")
a. ahora que
Now that you have it, what are you going to do about it?Ahora que lo tienes, ¿qué vas a hacer al respecto?
Un sustantivo es una palabra que se refiere a una persona, un animal, un lugar, un sentimiento o una idea (p.ej. hombre, perro, casa).
7. (el presente)
a. el ahora
(m) significa que un sustantivo es de género masculino (p.ej. el hombre, el sol).
Until now I'd never given it much thought.Hast ahora realmente no lo había considerado.
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Un adverbio es una palabra que modifica o sirve de complemento a un verbo, un adjetivo u otro adverbio (correr rápido, muy cansado).
1. (at this moment)
a. ahora
2. (these days)
a. hoy (en) día
what shall we do now?¿y ahora qué hacemos?
3. (coloquial)
it's now or neverahora o nunca
that'll do for nowya basta por ahora or por el momento
it's two years now since his mother diedhace dos años que murió su madre
he won't be long nowno tardará mucho no demorará mucho más
now is the time to…ahora es el momento de…
any minute nowen cualquier momento
any day nowcualquier día de estos
right nowahora mismo
(every) now and then, (every) now and againde vez en cuando
up to or until nowhasta ahora
from now ona partir de ahora
in three days from nowde aquí a tres días
he ought to be here by nowya debería haber llegado
and now for some musicy a continuación, un poco de música
4. (to introduce statement, question)
now, there are two ways of interpreting thisahora bien, lo podemos interpretar de dos maneras
well now, what's happened here?vamos a ver, ¿qué ha pasado?
5. (as reproof)
come now!¡venga, hombre/mujer! ¡pero qué cosa!
Una conjunción es una palabra que sirve para unir palabras, frases, claúsulas u oraciones (p.ej. La gata y el perro jugaron juntos.).
6. (en general)
now (that) I'm older I think differentlyahora que soy más viejo or
now (that) you mention it,…ahora que lo dices,…
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now [naʊ]
1 (of present, immediate future) (at this time) ahora
what shall we do now? ¿qué hacemos ahora?
even now there's time to change your mind even now, in March, the beach was crowded the letter is even now winging it's way to you even now she could remember the look on his face even now I find it hard to believe even now we have no rifles
now for something completely different y ahora algo totalmente distinto
what will Mary be doing now, do you think? police are now trying to trace a tall, grey-haired man now for a quick look at some of the other stories in the news
not now, dear ahora no, querido
right now all I want to do is ... en este momento or ahora mismo, lo único que me apetece es ...
are you doing anything right now?
the time is now eight o'clock son las ocho
(these days) hoy en día; ahora
nobody would think of doing that now hoy en día or ahora a nadie se le ocurriría hacer eso
many households now have computers we didn't have a TV when I was a child - now people don't seem to be able to do without one what are you doing now? she's a widow now people do that [even] now
(at last, already) ya
the fire is now under control el incendio ya está controlado; can I go now? ¿ya me puedo ir?; I must be off now ya me tengo que marchar
I'm ready now it's 4 o'clock now; we'll have to hurry if we want to get to the shops before closing
(immediately) ahora; (more emphatic) ya
if we leave now, we'll be there by six si salimos ahora or ya, estaremos allí para las seis
why don't we go there now? if he left now we would never finish if we left now, we could be there by 6
it's now or never es ahora o nunca
much as I hate to go it's now or never it's now or never, so make up your mind
I'll do it right now lo haré ahora mismo
can you start [right] now? she is too busy to see you right now if you don't get out of here right now I'll call the police
2 (of duration up to present)
they've been married now for 30 years ya llevan 30 años casados; hace 30 años que se casaron; it's some days now since I heard anything hace varios días que no sé nada
3 (in accounts of past events) ahora
it had once been the pantry but was now his office tiempo atrás había sido la despensa, pero ahora era su estudio
such were now the problems he had to deal with estos eran los problemas a los que tenía que enfrentarse ahora now it was more difficult these were the decisions she now had to make
4 (after prep)
as of now a partir de ahora
as of now she will be known as Lady Norton
before now (already) ya; antes; (in the past) antes de ahora; (till this moment) hasta ahora; antes
you should have done that before now ya tendrías que haber hecho eso; tendrías que haber hecho eso antes; I've gone hungry before now to feed my children ya he pasado hambre antes de ahora para poder alimentar a mis hijos; she should have arrived long before now hace tiempo que tenía que haber llegado
policemen have been killers before now a song she'd never heard in her life before now women have not felt they could apply for the jobs before now [long] before now
between now and next Tuesday entre hoy y el martes que viene
by now
they must be there by now ya deben haber llegado; by now it was clear that ... en ese momento ya estaba claro que ...; by now everybody was tired para entonces ya estaban todos cansados
she should know that by now by now it was completely dark you should have finished by now
that will be all for nowthat will do for now por ahora or por el momento basta con eso
(in) three weeks/100 years from now dentro de tres semanas/100 años
from now on (with present, future tense) a partir de ahora; de ahora en adelante; (with past tense) a partir de entonces
from now on you must ask first I want to take care of you from now on from now on it will be divided equally from now on he took care of his own affairs from now on I had to play it by ear from now on he was to see them every day from now until then from now until then I do not wish to hear it mentioned
till nowuntil nowup to now (till this moment) hasta ahora; (till that moment) hasta entonces
I've always done it this way up to now hasta ahora siempre lo había hecho así
he had never seen a white man until now
5 (in these circumstances) (gen) ya
it's raining, now we won't be able to go está lloviendo, ya no podemos ir; it's too late now ya es demasiado tarde; how can I believe you now? ¿cómo puedo seguir confiando en ti?; now what (do we do)? ¿y ahora, qué (hacemos)?; they won't be long now no tardarán en venir; al rato vienen; (Méx)
he can't be much longer now now we'll have to stay to the end it's too late to apologize now I'm sorry I said anything now it's too dark now to go for a walk he now understood why she had left him
now you've gone and done it! (informal) ¡ahora sí que la has hecho buena! (informal); now look what you've done! ¡mira lo que has hecho!
6 (in phrases relating to time)
(every) now and again de vez en cuando
cada cuando > now and again he joined in when we were playing video games he pops in to see me now and then every now and then the wind would blow her hat off I like a drink now and then
any minute or moment now de un momento a otro
any day now cualquier día de estos
the ceremony is due to start any minute now any moment now the silence will be broken Jim expects to be sent to Europe any day now we'll be landing any minute now she is expected to give birth any day now any day now the Government is expected to announce changes to welfare provision
just now (at this moment) ahora mismo; en este momento; (a moment ago) hace un momento
I'm busy just now ahora mismo or en este momento estoy ocupado; plums are in season just now es temporada de ciruelas; I saw him come in just now lo he visto entrar hace un momento; acabo de verlo entrar
Mr Goldsworth is not available just now you looked pretty upset just now I spoke just now of being in love just now I thought I saw someone
(every) now and then de vez en cuando
a danger that is real, here and now, and affects us all here and now he would not have recognized her I think we should talk about this here and now
7 (without temporal force) (introducing new topic) bien; bueno
now, as you all know ... bien or bueno, como todos sabéis ...; now, some people may disagree but ... bien or bueno, puede que algunos no estén de acuerdo pero ...
now, can we move on to the next item on the agenda, please linking in relevant information a man called Peter lived in ... now Peter was a fisherman a friend of mine wants to buy a new house; now he is quite well off now, I hadn't told him these details so he must have done some research on his own
(commenting on previous statement)
now there's a coincidence! ¡eso sí que es una coincidencia!; now there's a thought pues no es mala idea
now that's what I call a holiday!
(asking question)
now, what's everyone drinking? a ver, ¿qué queréis tomar?
now, what do you want to do? now, where did you say you saw her?
(remonstrating, pacifying)
now Fred, you don't really mean that vamos Fred, no lo dices en serio
now Angela, you musn't get upset now Steve; you know I didn't mean it
now, now, don't get so upset! ¡venga, no te pongas así!; now, now, we'll have none of that! ¡vale ya, nada de tonterías!
"I want to go with you Daddy" — "now now, sweetheart" now now, he didn't mean it
come now, you must be hungry venga ya, no me digas que no tienes hambre
hush now, don't cry shh, no llores
now then, what's the trouble? ¡entonces a ver! ¿cuál es el problema?
now then, don't tease! ¡ya está bien, deja de burlarte!
now then, what's all this?
well now, what have we here! ¡vamos a ver! ¿qué tenemos aquí?
now ..., now ...: now she dances, now she sings tan pronto está bailando como cantando
she carried on down the road, now walking, now running now here, now there now you see him, now you don't!
now is the best time to go to Scotland esta es la mejor época para ir a Escocia
now's the time to plant daffodil bulbs if you're taking `A' levels next term, now's the time to start studying if you've never been to Hong Kong, now's the time to do it going on holiday this summer? now's the time to lose those unwanted kilos
now is your chance to talk to him está es tu oportunidad de hablar con él
now is the time when we must all live as economically as possible now is the time to go
now (that) ahora que; now that she was retired she had more time ahora que estaba jubilada disponía de más tiempo; now you (come to) mention it ahora que lo dices
take it, now that I've got 2 things will be better now you're here now (that) you are 16
the now president el presidente actual
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