Un sustantivo es una palabra que se refiere a una persona, un animal, un lugar, un sentimiento o una idea (p.ej. hombre, perro, casa).
1. (oportunidad)
a. la suerte
(f) significa que un sustantivo es de género femenino (p.ej. la mujer, la luna).
I have an interview tomorrow. Wish me luck!Tengo una entrevista mañana. ¡Deséame suerte!
Un verbo intransitivo es un verbo que no requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. El hombre estornudó.).
verbo intransitivo
2. (tener buena fortuna; usado con "out")
a. tener suerte
We really lucked out with that investment.Tuvimos muchísima suerte con esa inversión.
3. (adquirir; usado con "into")
a. conseguir por suerte
How did you manage to get that job straight out of college? - I just lucked into it.¿Cómo conseguiste ese trabajo recién licenciado? - Lo conseguí por suerte, nada más.
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Un sustantivo es una palabra que se refiere a una persona, un animal, un lugar, un sentimiento o una idea (p.ej. hombre, perro, casa).
1. (chance)
a. la suerte
(f) significa que un sustantivo es de género femenino (p.ej. la mujer, la luna).
(good) luck(buena) suerte
bad luckmala suerte
he couldn't believe his luckno podía creerse la suerte que tenía
to bring somebody good/bad lucktraer buena/mala suerte a alguien
good luck!¡(buena) suerte!
to wish somebody luckdesear suerte a alguien
to be in luckestar de suerte
to be out of luckno tener suerte
to be down on one's luckno estar de suerte
to try one's luckprobar suerte
to push one's lucktentar a la suerte
don't push your luck!¡no me busques las cosquillas!
some people have all the luckhay quien nace con estrella
just my luck!¡qué mala suerte!
no such luck!¡ojalá!
with any luck he'll still be therecon un poco de suerte, todavía estará allí
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luck [lʌk]
suerte (f)
some people have all the luck los hay con suerte; algunos parece que nacen de pie (informal); I couldn't believe my luck no me podía creer la suerte que tenía; good/bad luck buena/mala suerte (f); good luck! ¡(buena) suerte!; bad or hard or tough luck! ¡(qué) mala suerte!; ¡qué pena!
I had a lot of bad luck during the first half of this season Randall's illness was only bad luck
to bring (sb) (good) luck/bad luck traer buena/mala suerte (a algn)
to kill a spider brings bad luck it brought us nothing but bad luck it was believed to bring luck in battle Jean was extremely superstitious and believed the colour green brought bad luck she had brought ill luck into her family tourists touch the ring in the hope that it will bring them luck he remained convinced a new suit would bring him luck
to have the (good) luck/bad luck to do sth tener la (buena) suerte/mala suerte de hacer algo; it's good/bad luck to see a black cat cruzarse con un gato negro trae buena/mala suerte
I had the luck to spot a policeman he did have the good luck to be buried in a spectacular, gold-filled tomb I felt sorry for him for having had the bad luck to marry me if only I'd had the luck to be born with an American passport I knew I needed a bit of luck to win the Sri Lankans have been having no luck with the weather it was pure luck I chose that moment to make the call of all the rotten luck! he left nothing at all to luck
any luck? ¿hubo suerte?
beginner's luck suerte (f) del principiante
best of luck! ¡muchísima suerte!; ¡que tengas suerte!
and the best of luck! ¡Dios te la depare buena! (ironic)
better luck next time! ¡a la tercera va la vencida!
that was a bit of luck! ¡eso fue un golpe de suerte!
they succeeded more [by] luck than judgement
for luck: to keep sth for luck guardar algo por si trae suerte
once more for luck! ¡una vez más por si trae suerte!; I think this is going to be a great photo, I'll take one more for luck creo que este va a ser una foto bonita, tomaré una más por si acaso
[take] this for luck
as luck would have it ... quiso la suerte que ...
as luck would have it there was one ticket left as luck would have it the camera jammed just as I tried to take a picture
his luck held and no one detected him siguió con su racha de buena suerte y nadie lo descubrió
here's luck! (in toast) ¡salud!
to be in luck estar de or con suerte
you're in luck - the doctor's still in
it would be just my luck to meet the boss mira que toparme con el jefe ... ¡solo me pasan a mí estas cosas!
it would be just his luck to miss the last boat
knowing my luck con la suerte que tengo
no such luck! ¡ojalá!
he must have been hoping for a relaxed time - no such luck you mean, did anyone try to pick me up? - no such luck
if it's money you want you're out of luck si lo que quieres es dinero, me temo que no estás de suerte
to push one's luck tentar a la suerte
you're pushing your luck a bit aren't you? don't push your luck I knew I was pushing my luck but I decided to risk it I pushed my luck and asked for his phone number
to have luck on one's side tener la suerte de su parte
luck was on their side la suerte estaba de su parte
Rick seems to have had luck on his side during his 12-year acting career London has so far had luck on its side with three massive IRA bombs failing to detonate
that was a stroke of luck! ¡eso fue un golpe de suerte!
to trust to luck hacer las cosas a la buena de Dios
the assertive person will not sit back and trust to luck must we trust to luck or divine intervention - is there nothing practical we can do? to [try] one's luck Robert Nichols went off to try his luck in Hollywood she was going to try her luck at the Las Vegas casinos I'll never get a job here - I'm thinking of trying my luck in London I've been trying my luck in competitions for years actress Britt Ekland is to try her luck as a novelist
wish me luck! ¡deséame suerte!
I wish them all the luck in the world les deseo toda la suerte del mundo
with (any) luck con (un poco de) suerte
with any luck he'll be out we'll have a long talk and a good cry and then with any luck we'll both feel better
worse luck desgraciadamente
her opponent, worse luck for her, was 17-year-old Magdalena Maleeva he could be at death's door but wouldn't say a word - /not that he ever was, worse luck/
to have the luck of the devil
have the devil's own luck
tener la suerte de los tontos
it's the luck of the draw es cuestión de suerte
there are no arrangements about who shares with whom - it's the luck of the draw
to be down on one's luck estar de mala racha
Malcolm found out what it was like to be down on his luck and cut off from home I'm no two-bit Italian prince down on his luck, scrabbling for dimes
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