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Guía de conversación
Un verbo intransitivo es un verbo que no requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. El hombre estornudó.).
verbo intransitivo
1. (relajarse)
a. descansar
I had a long day, and I need to rest.Tuve un día largo y preciso descansar.
2. (apoyarse)
a. descansar
Her head was resting on his shoulder.Su cabeza descansaba sobre el hombro de él.
3. (estar en función de)
a. depender de
It rests with you whether the plan goes ahead or not.Depende de usted que el plan siga adelante o no.
b. basarse en
Our system rests on a very simple idea.Nuestro sistema se basa en una idea muy simple.
4. (permanecer)
a. quedarse
The matter might have rested there if it were not for the fact that the queen herself took an interest in it.El asunto podría haberse quedado ahí si no hubiera sido porque la reina misma se interesó por él.
5. (jurídico)
a. concluir el alegato
The prosecution rests.El fiscal concluye su alegato.
Un sustantivo es una palabra que se refiere a una persona, un animal, un lugar, un sentimiento o una idea (p.ej. hombre, perro, casa).
6. (período de relajación)
a. el descanso
(m) significa que un sustantivo es de género masculino (p.ej. el hombre, el sol).
A short rest between exercises is essential for an optimum workout.Un breve descanso entre ejercicios es esencial para un entrenamiento óptimo.
7. (remanente)
a. el resto
(m) significa que un sustantivo es de género masculino (p.ej. el hombre, el sol).
I plan to eat some of the cake and leave the rest for tonight.Mi intención es comer un poco del pastel ahora y dejar el resto para esta noche.
b. los demás
(m) significa que un sustantivo es de género masculino (p.ej. el hombre, el sol).
The rest of the teachers opted for a more practical approach.Los demás profesores optaron por un enfoque más práctico.
c. las demás
(f) significa que un sustantivo es de género femenino (p.ej. la mujer, la luna).
I'll carry these three bags and you can carry the rest.Yo llevaré estas tres bolsas y tú puedes llevar las demás.
d. lo demás
I'll help you with the soufflé, which is the hardest part, and you can do the rest on your own.Yo te ayudaré con el suflé, que es lo más difícil, y tú puedes hacer lo demás solo.
8. (soporte)
a. el apoyo
(m) significa que un sustantivo es de género masculino (p.ej. el hombre, el sol).
She lounged in the chair and used the magazine rack as a rest for her feet.Se acomodó en la silla y utilizó el revistero como apoyo para los pies.
9. (pausa en una pieza musical)
a. el silencio
(m) significa que un sustantivo es de género masculino (p.ej. el hombre, el sol).
This figure is written incorrectly. There should be a quarter-note rest on beat one.Esta figura está escrita incorrectamente. Debería haber un silencio de un cuarto de nota en el primer tiempo.
Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
10. (relajar)
a. descansar
An ideal way to rest your feet is to soak them in salt water.Una forma ideal de descansar los pies es meterlos en agua templada con sal.
11. (colocar)
a. apoyar
He rested his arm upon the back of the bench.Apoyó el brazo en el respaldo del banco.
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Un sustantivo es una palabra que se refiere a una persona, un animal, un lugar, un sentimiento o una idea (p.ej. hombre, perro, casa).
1. (en general)
the restel resto
the rest of uslos demás
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rest [rest]
1 (repose) descanso (m)
I need a rest necesito descansar; me hace falta un descanso
he needed frequent rests along the way the patient needs complete rest
to be at rest (not moving) estar en reposo
a body at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by a force
(dead) descansar
she is at rest at last - let her rest in peace while our bodies are at rest we go through a regenerative phase we are asked to visualize ourselves at rest in a favourite scene
to come to rest [+ball, vehicle, person] pararse; detenerse; [+bird, insect, eyes, gaze] posarse
her eyes came to rest on the book su mirada se posó en el libro
the car smashed through a wall before coming to rest on its side the plane had plowed a path through a patch of forest before coming to rest in a field he cleared away a few small boulders that had come to rest against the wheels the ship has come to rest, high and dry on the fine sand she lost her balance, rolled down the slope and came to rest against the wall gulls flapped and glided and came to rest on the harbour wall her eyes scanned the room until they came to rest on a diminutive figure standing at the entrance his gaze had come to rest on the scroll charts pinned up on the wall a shaft of sunlight came to rest on her face
day of rest día (m) de descanso
today is a day of rest it's important to put aside Sunday as a day of rest and spiritual renewal I am not religious, but having a day of rest is just common sense a rest [from] sth/sb
I need a rest from gardening me hace falta descansar de la jardinería
I could do with a rest from his mother
try to get some rest intenta descansar
I got no rest that night "you're worn out, Laura," he said - "go home and get some rest" it was several weeks before I got a decent night's rest
to give sth a rest dejar algo (por un tiempo)
she stopped singing to give her voice a rest
I think you ought to give football a rest creo que deberías dejar el fútbol por un tiempo; give it a rest! ¡déjalo ya!; ¡vale ya! (informal)
give it a rest, will you? - we're trying to get some sleep
to have or take a rest tomarse un descanso
why don't you have or take a rest? (take a break) ¿por qué no te tomas un descanso?; (lie down) ¿por qué no descansas un rato?; to have a good night's rest dormir bien
have a rest! she took had an hour's rest after I've had a good rest, I'll tell you everything
to lay sb to rest enterrar a algn
his dying wish was to be laid to rest at the church near his Somerset home
to lay or put sth to rest [+theory] enterrar algo
his speech should lay those fears to rest su discurso debería acabar con or enterrar esos temores
this puts that theory to rest I am determined to put to rest these rumours that we are in financial trouble Mr Casey vowed to stay on and to lay to rest allegations of improper business dealings it should put to rest any lingering notion that his art is primitive to put set sb's [mind] at rest you can set put your mind at rest it would put our minds at rest if you would tell us what is really happening she was quick to put his mind at rest - "Mrs Barrett will be delighted to have your brothers back," she said a brain scan last Friday finally set his mind at rest I think we had better put their minds at rest
2 (Mús) silencio (m)
you have two bars' rest here
3 (support) apoyo (m); soporte (m); (Billiards) soporte (m); (Telec) horquilla (f)
to place the receiver back on the rest large, reclining seats with [leg] rests
verbo transitivo
1 (give rest to) descansar
try to rest the ankle as much as possible intente descansar el tobillo lo más que pueda; the horses have to be rested hay que dejar descansar a los caballos; I feel very rested me siento muy descansado
these colours rest your eyes he looked tanned and well rested after his vacation she badly needed to rest her body get comfortable so that you can relax and rest your muscles
to rest o.s. descansar
it was impossible for mill boys then to sit down to rest themselves without falling asleep he sat down to rest himself, as his legs were sore and swollen
God rest his soul! ¡Dios le acoja en su seno!
2 (support) apoyar;on en; sobre;against contra
head, hand, elbows
rest the ladder against the tree apoya la escalera contra el árbol; to rest one's hand on sb's shoulder apoyar la mano en el hombro de algn
he rested one of his crutches against the rail to rest one's elbows on the table rest your head on the pillow he rested his arms on the back of the chair he had been resting his head in his hands, deep in thought a plastic tub with a wide edge to rest your arm on
3 (settle)
to rest one's eyes/gaze on sth posar la mirada en algo
she rested her eyes on the picture Gavriel concerned himself only with eating, never resting his gaze for more than a second on his brother
4 (Jur)
to rest one's case concluir su alegato
I rest my case concluyo mi alegato; he dicho
verbo intransitivo
1 (repose) descansar
go back to bed and rest vuelve a la cama y descansa; the waves never rest las olas no descansan nunca; he won't rest until he finds out the truth no descansará hasta que descubra la verdad
we shall never rest until it is settled let us not rest until he is avenged he's tired and exhausted, and has been advised to rest for two weeks "try to rest," the doctor said the boy stopped for a moment to rest for just a few hours residents rested from the hard work of rebuilding their communities to let a field rest
may he rest in peace que en paz descanse
2 (lean, be supported) [+person] apoyarse;on en; [+roof, structure] estar sostenido;on por; [+responsibility] pesar;on sobre
he rested on his spade for a while se apoyó en la pala un rato; his head was resting on her shoulder tenía la cabeza apoyada en su hombro; her arm rested on my chair su brazo estaba apoyado en mi silla; her elbows were resting on the table tenía los codos apoyados en la mesa; the ladder was resting against the wall la escalera estaba apoyada contra la pared; a heavy responsibility rests on him sobre él pesa una grave responsabilidad
Giai was standing there, one hand resting on the sill he was standing, feet apart, his left hand resting on the hilt of his sword the huge stone slabs rested on a series of columns to rest on one's [oars] he rested on his oars, as the boat continued to glide along instead of investing capital the administration rested on its oars and didn't really make any initiatives on the domestic side
3 (alight) [+eyes, gaze] posarse
his eyes rested on me su mirada se posó en mí
her eyes travelled slowly upward and rested on his hands
4 (depend, be based) [+argument, case] basarse;on en; [+sb's future] depender;on de
the future of the country rests on how we teach our children el futuro del país depende de la enseñanza que demos a nuestros hijos
the whole argument rests on one crucial fact the case rests on the following facts such a view rests on a number of incorrect assumptions hopes rested on the new light aircraft her life and wellbeing [rest] with you for the duration of the flight their destinies would rest with a pilot they would never meet face to face his last hope of regaining power may well rest with this election
5 (be, remain) quedar
we cannot let the matter rest there no podemos permitir que la cosa quede ahí
and there the matter rests she rather hoped that they would let the topic rest... he would never let it rest let it rest, Rachel - leave her in peace to rest [with] sth/sb
the decision rests with herit rests with her to decide la decisión la tiene que tomar ella; ella es la que tiene que decidir; la decisión es suya
the blame rests entirely with them the authority rests with him the responsibility rests with the Committee of Council the decision was not his, but rested with the House. the judge said that 'whether Miss Bergman wishes to admit it or not, the responsibility rests with her" the final decision rests with the President
6 (Teat)
to be resting no tener trabajo
she filled in with modelling assignments while she was resting between acting jobs
7 (Jur)
the defence/prosecution rests la defensa/el fiscal concluye su alegato
rest area (n) (Aut) área (f) de descanso
as if by magic a rest area opened off the road to his right we stopped at a rest area for breakfast they had to work twelve hours a day without a rest break. robots never go on strike and don't need rest breaks no arrangement for billeting had been made and the rest camp was flooded if Lord K were to put the delegates at Vereeniging on half rations in the rest camps for a week or two they would all vote for surrender
rest cure (n) cura (f) de reposo
this was more like a reset cure than a job, he thought in the late nineteenth century there was a brief medical fad for rest cures
rest home (n) residencia (f) de ancianos; asilo (m) (de ancianos)
Bob finally had her sent off to a rest-home in Bournemouth camping out is no problem in Malawi where one can also use the several government rest houses I knew two sisters who ran a rest house in the hills do you try to have a siesta or short rest period during the day? two separate tours broken up by a three-week rest period back home during the daily ride, frequent rest periods are scheduled
rest room (n) (US) servicios (m); baño(s) (m)
; (p) (LAm)
he excused himself to go to the restroom
rest stop (n) (pause) parada (f) para descansar; parada (f) de descanso
the driver parked and stood up to announce a thirty-minute rest stop on one of my rest stops I nearly fell asleep (Aut)
rest area See culture box in entry rest.
rest [rest]
the rest (remainder) [of money, food, month] el resto; [of people, things] el resto; los/las demás; I'm taking the rest of the week off me tomaré el resto or lo que queda de la semana libre; the dog ate the rest el perro se comió el resto or lo que sobró; you go home — I'll do the rest tú vete a casa, yo hago lo demás or lo que queda; I'll take half of the money — you keep the rest yo me llevo la mitad del dinero, tú te quedas con el resto; the rest of the money el resto del dinero; all the rest of the money todo lo que sobró del dinero; they left the rest of the meal untouched no tocaron el resto de la comida
he spent the rest of his life in prison
the rest stayed outside los demás se quedaron fuera; the rest of us will wait here los demás esperaremos aquí; the rest of the boys los otros chicos; los demás chicos; he was as drunk as the rest of them estaba tan borracho como los demás; the rest of them couldn't care less a los demás or a los otros les trae sin cuidado; what shall we give the rest of them? ¿qué les daremos a los otros?; the rest of the soldiers los otros soldados; los demás soldados; I will take this book and you keep the rest yo me llevo este libro y tú quédate con los demás; all the rest of the books todos los demás libros; todos los otros libros; it was just another grave like all the rest no era más que otra tumba, como todas las demás or todas las otras
it was happening not only in America but also throughout the rest of the world I thought you knew something the rest of us didn't he had to leave the rest of his family behind the rest of the time there was nothing to do
and all the rest (of it) etcétera, etcétera (informal); he was from a wealthy family, went to Eton, Oxford and all the rest of it era de familia rica, estudió en Eton, Oxford etcétera, etcétera (informal); she was a deb and all the rest of it era debutante y todo lo demás
you have to read up on the theory and the method and all the rest
(as) for the rest por lo demás; only there did his age show, for the rest, he might have been under seventy solo en eso se le notaba la edad, por lo demás, podía haber tenido menos de setenta años
for the rest, he gave himself over to enjoying his surroundings for the rest, she enjoyed being there
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