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Un sustantivo es una palabra que se refiere a una persona, un animal, un lugar, un sentimiento o una idea (p.ej. hombre, perro, casa).
1. (subida)
Regionalismo que se usa en los Estados Unidos
(Estados Unidos)
a. el aumento
(m) significa que un sustantivo es de género masculino (p.ej. el hombre, el sol).
I will only stay with this company if they give me a pay raise.Me quedaré en esta empresa solo si me dan un aumento de sueldo.
Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
2. (alzar)
a. levantar
Please raise your hand if you have a question.Por favor, levanten la mano si tienen alguna pregunta.
b. elevar
The platform had been raised a meter above the ground.Habían elevado la plataforma un metro por encima del suelo.
3. (incrementar)
a. aumentar
If they raise their prices again, I'm going to stop shopping here.Si aumentan los precios otra vez, voy a dejar de comprar aquí.
b. subir
Raise the volume please; I can't hear the television.Sube el volumen por favor, no puedo oír la televisión.
4. (recolectar)
a. recaudar
The foundation raised a substantial amount of money for cancer research.La fundación recaudó una cantidad considerable de dinero para la investigación del cáncer.
5. (educar)
a. criar
After raising four children, they needed a break.Después de criar a cuatro niños, necesitaban un descanso.
6. (mencionar)
a. plantear
The new director raised many questions about the policies of the company.El director nuevo planteó muchas cuestiones en torno a la política de la empresa.
7. (construir)
a. erigir
They are going to raise a statue to honor the hometown hero.Van a erigir una estatua en honor al héroe local.
8. (plantar)
a. cultivar
They raise a wide variety of produce to sell at the market.Cultivan una amplia variedad de productos para vender en el mercado.
9. (mejorar)
a. aumentar
It has been proven that coffee raises your level of concentration.Se ha demostrado que el café aumenta el nivel de concentración.
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Un sustantivo es una palabra que se refiere a una persona, un animal, un lugar, un sentimiento o una idea (p.ej. hombre, perro, casa).
1. (pay increase)
Regionalismo que se usa en los Estados Unidos
(Estados Unidos)
a. el aumento (de sueldo)
(m) significa que un sustantivo es de género masculino (p.ej. el hombre, el sol).
Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
2. (lift)
a. levantar
to raise one's voicealzar or levantar la voz
to raise one's glass to one's lipsllevarse el vaso a los labios
3. (also fig)
to raise one's hat to somebodyquitarse or
4. (fig)
the audience raised the roofel teatro (literalmente) se vino abajo
5. (price, standard)
a. aumentar, elevar
6. (fig)
to raise the stakesforzar la situación
7. (problem, subject)
a. plantear
8. (smile, laugh)
a. provocar
9. (fears, doubts)
a. levantar, sembrar
I don't want to raise your hopesno quisiera darte falsas esperanzas
to raise the alarmdar la voz de alarma
to raise hell or Cainponer el grito en el cielo
10. (money)
a. reunir, recaudar
11. (children, cattle)
a. criar
12. (crops)
a. cultivar
13. (blockade, embargo)
a. levantar
14. (statue)
a. erigir
raise [reɪz]
verbo transitivo
1 (lift) [+fallen object, weight, hand] levantar; alzar; [+hat] levantarse; [+blinds, window] subir; [+flag] izar; [+dust] levantar; [+wreck] sacar a flote; [+camp, siege, embargo] levantar
she raised her head and listened he raised his hand to wave raise your right arm above your head she raised her arm and it appeared she was going to hit him Sir Cedric raised his head weakly and took a sip of water whenever they got close he raised the shovel and charged breathe in as you raise the weight and out as you lower it he raised his fist in the traditional Communist salute she raised a clenched fist in the air Pendergood raised his finger in warning the man was about to speak, when Jack raised a finger and silenced him raise your right hand to take the oath she raised a hand to shield her face from the sun the man performed the reflex action of raising his hat when he reviewed the troops they cheered him as he smiled and raised his hat she went to the window and raised the blinds he tried to raise the window, but the sash cord was broken they had raised the white flag in surrender at midnight, the German flag will be raised over the Reichstag Kuwaiti troops raised their national flag today over Kuwait City raising a little dust, a group of riders came into view on the dirt road he drove fast enough to raise the dust Valenkov sighed, his hands raising dust from the arms of the chair there are jeeps raising clouds of dust as they drag artillery into position it took five weeks to raise the vessel the Royal Navy said it would attempt to raise the wreck with so few regular troops, he had no alternative but to raise the siege there is mounting pressure to raise the oil embargo currently in force tell the men we're raising camp tomorrow by sunup
to raise one's eyebrows arquear las cejas
her behaviour raised a lot of eyebrows su comportamiento escandalizó a mucha gente
he raised his eyebrows in surprise
to raise one's eyes alzar la vista or la mirada; levantar los ojos or la vista
she did not raise her eyes as he entered she raises her eyes to the heavens when the subject is mentioned She refused to raise her eyes when he spoke, continuing to stare at the floor to raise one's [glass] Milton raised the glass to his lips they raised their glasses and Russell called out, "come on Leonard, speech!"
to raise one's glass to sth/sb brindar por algo/algn
he raised his glass to her - "cheers!"
he raised his hands in horror/surrender levantó or alzó las manos horrorizado/rindiéndose
she raised a hand for silence to raise sb's [hopes] the agreement has raised hopes that the war may finally come to an end a phonecall from the bank temporarily raised her hopes I don't want to raise her hopes for nothing scientists were last night keen not to raise false hopes over beating the biggest cancer killer of women to raise sb up from [poverty] to raise sb to [power] Churchill had been raised to power by the war to raise sb's [spirits] the news did nothing to raise their spirits her visits did a lot to raise his spirits while he was ill he remembered spending some time with herdsmen, which raised his spirits
to raise o.s. levantarse; alzarse
to raise o.s. into a sitting position incorporarse
he has raised himself [up] from nothing she raised herself to her full height
2 (make higher) subir
the rain has raised the water level in the river la lluvia ha subido el nivel del agua del río
the worksurface needs raising a bit higher a chest of drawers set upon four carved legs that raised it about a foot from the ground ice which is already floating on the ocean won't raise the sea level any further if it happens to melt
3 (increase) [+prices, salaries, taxes] aumentar; subir; [+temperature] subir; aumentar; elevar; [+standard, level] subir; [+age limit] extender; [+awareness, consciousness] aumentar
she has done more to raise consciousness of about the Third World's plight than anyone else the furore over Nigeria has raised public consciousness about Shell's activities We're not here to try to change anybody's mind. All we want to do is raise your consciousness about it.
to raise standards in education subir el nivel de la enseñanza; to raise the school leaving age extender la edad de escolarización mínima obligatoria
if they raise prices above their competitors' levels, they will suffer they were forced to raise wages to agreed national levels Congress did not have the power to raise taxes the Republic of Ireland is expected to raise interest rates measures to raise the standard of living to raise the level of communication in your marriage two incidents in recent days have raised the level of concern a new drive to raise standards of literacy in Britain's schools you raise the standard of living of people who are able to put money in the bank she promised to raise the level of child benefit provided by the government fatty acids tend to raise cholesterol levels in the body in 1972 the school-leaving age was raised to 16 she has worked to raise public awareness about of AIDS the charity aims to raise consciousness about the young homeless in the city it would take only a slight rise in carbon dioxide to raise the world's temperature
we want to raise the profile of rugby queremos realzar la imagen del rugby
the TV interview helped to raise his profile to raise one's [voice]
don't you raise your voice to me! ¡no me levantes or alces la voz!
Gregory began to raise his voice in protest in all that time not once had John ever raised his voice to her Anne raised her voice in order to be heard
4 [+person] (in rank) ascender;to a
5 (erect) [+building, statue] erigir; levantar
Akragas raised a monument to Zeus
6 (bring up) [+child, livestock] criar; [+crop] cultivar
the house where she was raised la casa donde se crió; I want to settle down, maybe raise a family quiero asentarme, y quizá tener una familia
a farm-raised chicken /they raise horses and cattle/ on a family ranch his children were raised in the Catholic faith the plump, tender capons raised by a local farmer my mother was an amazing woman - she raised four of us kids virtually singlehandedly he raises 2,000 acres of wheat and hay I raised these plants from seed
7 (produce) [+laugh] provocar; [+doubts, fears] suscitar; [+suspicion] levantar; despertar; [+cry] dar; [+bump] causar; [+blister] levantar
his speech raised a cheer from the crowd su discurso suscitó una ovación del público
his forlorn attempts to raise a few laughs sus intentos desesperados por provocar unas cuantas risas
his wise-cracking speech failed to raise any laughs he raised a cheer from conference representatives with that remark he was trying to raise a public outcry against an American company felling a cedar forest the new automatic ticket barriers have already raised an outcry, and most people refuse to use them researchers have raised doubts about the safety of this drug the massacre raised fears of all-out civil war the new evidence raised doubts in the minds of the jurors recent events have raised fears about the growth of anti-semitism thieves dress up as workmen to enter properties without raising neighbours'suspicions this raised the suspicion that the IRA organised the theft her connection with Botswana had raised suspicions about her loyalties the execution raised cries of racism even the old trails about which we raised such cries of despair are nearly overgrown the rest of us now spotted it and raised a loud cry the cold air raised goose bumps on her arms
she could barely raise a smile apenas pudo sonreír
his jokes barely raised a smile
to raise suspicion in sb's mind levantar or despertar las sospechas de algn
8 (present, put forward) [+question, point, possibility] plantear; [+subject] sacar; [+complaint] presentar
I'll raise the point with them se lo mencionaré; you'll have to raise that with the director tendrás que plantearle or comentarle eso al director
to raise objections to sth poner objeciones or peros a algo
he raised no objection to her going the White House continued to raise fresh objections to the terms of the bill
this raises the prospect of civil war esto plantea la posibilidad de una guerra civil
he gets embarrassed whenever the subject is raised se pone violento cada vez que se saca el tema
this raises the question of whether ... the study raises more questions than it answers the accident again raises questions about the safety of the plant this latest attack raises yet again the question of whether public figures should receive greater police protection in the meeting Mrs. Ashrawi raised the three main concerns that the Palestinians have the issue raises further difficulties we must not now raise difficulties, conditions or obstacles the women raised complaints about working conditions the possible break-up of Yugoslavia raises the prospect of lots of small nation states springing up across Europe the Prime Minister has raised the prospect of civil war resulting from shortages of food and energy new research raises the possibility of a cure he raised the possibility that allied bombing did not destroy Iraq's nuclear capability the spokeman raised the possibility of using charitable bodies to distribute the supplies
9 (get together) [+funds, money] recaudar; [+capital] movilizar; [+loan] conseguir; obtener; [+army] reclutar
they couldn't raise his bail no pudieron reunir el dinero de su fianza
they raised a loan against the house consiguieron un préstamo con la casa como garantía
to raise money for charity recaudar dinero con fines benéficos
events held to raise money for Help the Aged the dinner dance raised 3,000 pounds for the charity a variety of events to raise funds were planned they raised the money to buy the house and two hundred acres of grounds I could probably raise the extra two thousand pounds but I'd prefer not to I couldn't raise two thousand dollars if my life depended on it the bank's function is to raise capital for industry the majority of these households had raised loans to improve their homes you may be able to borrow money against the policy no government was able to raise loans so cheaply or lavishly as was the British the government attempted to stabilize the currency by raising foreign loans they planned to raise loans to pay for the war they would either have to raise a conscript army or enlist the support of an ally Congress agreed to raise an army of 60,000 men
10 (Cards)
I'll raise you! ¡subo la apuesta!; I'll raise you £10 te subo 10 libras más
to raise the [stakes] the prime minister raised the stakes by threatening to call an election if he lost diplomats accused pro-Iranian kidnappers of raising the stakes in the Middle East hostage situation Israel's prime minister will lead the delegation to the peace talks, raising the stakes for the conference
11 (contact) (by phone) localizar; (by radio) contactar con; localizar
we tried to raise him on the radio intentamos contactar con él or localizarlo por radio
I'll see if I can raise her by phone to raise [land]
12 (conjure) [+spirits] evocar
once in the tomb, the camera crew re-enacted /a play meant to raise the spirits of the dead/
to raise sb from the dead resucitar a algn; levantar a algn de entre los muertos
Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead to raise the [ghost] of sb the scene where he raises the ghost of his father he raised the ghost of Captain Oates, the famous Antarctic explorer, in his farewell speech to raise the [spectre] of sth this raised the spectre of war in Europe for some Soviets, reunification will raise the spectre of the militarized Germany of the past
13 (Mat) [+total] elevar
2 raised to the power 3 is 8 2 elevado a la tercera potencia es 8
to raise sth to the power of n to raise one's [game] Swinton raised their game to clinch a shock victory when your best player finds it difficult to raise his game, you know the team is in trouble he really does raise their game with his mere presence playing against class sides simply helps us to raise our game
especially (US) (in salary) aumento (m); subida (f); (in taxes) subida (f)
a raise in taxes he asked his boss for a raise she gave him a raise within two months Kelly got a raise I'll see the raise, and I'll raise you five thousand
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