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Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
1. (subir posiciones)
a. ascender
They promoted him to manager of technical services.Lo ascendieron a director de los servicios técnicos.
b. promover
After she won the case, she was promoted to partner.Cuando ganó el caso, la promovieron a socia.
2. (publicitar)
a. promocionar
The company is promoting their new product.La compañía está promocionando su producto nuevo.
b. dar publicidad a
The celebrity's visit did a lot to promote the restaurant.La visita del famoso le dio mucha publicidad al restaurante.
3. (estimular)
a. promover
There is a real need to promote reading among children.Hay que promover la lectura entre los niños.
b. fomentar
The council is trying to promote the use of public transport.El ayuntamiento intenta fomentar el uso del transporte público.
4. (planificar)
a. organizar
The university is promoting a big event to support their team.La universidad está organizando un gran evento para apoyar a su equipo.
5. (educación)
a. pasar
All students will be promoted to the next course.Todos los estudiantes pasarán al próximo curso.
6. (deporte)
a. ascender
Our local team was promoted to second division last year.Nuestro equipo local ascendió a la segunda división el año pasado.
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Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
1. (raise in rank)
a. ascender
to be promotedser ascendido(a)
2. (encourage)
a. fomentar, promover
to promote somebody's interestsfavorecer los intereses de alguien
3. (comunicaciones)
a. promocionar
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promote [prəˈməʊt]
verbo transitivo
1 (in rank) [+employee] ascender
to be promoted ser ascendido
I got promoted from editor to editorial director me ascendieron de redactor a jefe de redacción
he is eager to be promoted she has been promoted twice since joining the company five years ago they say that if you stay a long time in a job it's because you can't get promoted
(Mil) ascender
he was promoted (to) colonel or to the rank of colonel lo ascendieron a coronel
/she was promoted from the ranks/ to become an officer he was promoted from corporal to sergeant
(Dep) [+team] ascender
Tarifa was promoted to the first division el Tarifa subió or ascendió a primera división
newly promoted Doncaster will be aiming for their first goal
(US) (Educ) [+pupil]
I failed to get promoted and had to redo my year no conseguí aprobar y tuve que repetir el curso
2 (encourage) [+trade, cooperation, peace] promover; fomentar
in many ways, our society actively promotes alcoholism the meeting was held in order to promote better understanding and cooperation between the two countries Mr Peng said China would continue its efforts to promote peace and stability in South Asia it is an idea promoted by many conservatives his disciples also actively promoted his ideas long after his death it could promote better relations between Christians and Jews the system is designed to promote equal educational opportunity London is anxious to promote trade with Moscow the Bush administration wants badly to promote new markets for US products
[+growth] estimular
she accused the government of not doing enough to promote economic growth
[+sales, campaign, project, cause] promover
the use of export subsidies to promote sales of US farm products overseas Japan should do more to promote sales of personal computers here (Parl)
[+bill] presentar
he has spent much of his fortune promoting the arts ha gastado gran parte de su fortuna promoviendo las artes
we are employing him much as you would a employ an advertising company to promote an electoral campaign the superhighway system has been heavily promoted by the Clinton administration riboflavin promotes healthy skin and eyes take off the victim's shoes, in order to promote better circulation a tough new law promoted by Haider will soon go into effect the Housing and Town Planning Act was passed, promoted by John Burns
he was accused of promoting his own interests se le acusó de promover sus propios intereses
3 (advertise) [+product] promocionar; dar publicidad a
they will do a British tour to promote their second album harán una gira por Gran Bretaña para promocionar su segundo álbum; the island is being promoted as a tourist destination se está dando publicidad a la isla como centro de interés turístico
several TV commercials promoting health and beauty products a number of high-fiber food products are now being promoted as appetite suppressants it will be promoted by a £2 million advertising campaign Chanel has spent pounds 2m promoting the perfume in Britain these foods are readily available and actively promoted by supermarkets
4 (organize, put on) [+concert, event] organizar
the British Grand Prix is financed and promoted by Australian Foster's Lager Graham said his early days of promoting rock concerts in the 1960s were the best
5 (Chem) [+reaction] provocar
gluconeogenesis, which is inhibited by insulin and promoted by glucagon, is a natural bodily process
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