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Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
1. (expedir)
a. enviar
My parents sent me a lovely present for my birthday.Mis padres me han enviado un regalo precioso por mi cumpleaños.
b. mandar
Do not forget to send me the pictures!¡No te olvides de mandarme las fotos!
2. (hacer ir)
a. enviar
I sent my eldest son to buy the newspaper.Envié a mi hijo mayor a comprar el periódico.
b. mandar
They sent reinforcements to the battlefield.Mandaron refuerzos al campo de batalla.
3. (transmitir)
a. emitir
The signal they were sending was very clear.La señal que estaban emitiendo era muy clara.
4. (impulsar)
a. lanzar
She sent the ball straight toward the goal.Lanzó el balón directamente a la portería.
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Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
1. (letter, message, person)
a. mandar, enviar
to send word to somebody (that…)mandar el recado a alguien (de que…)
to send somebody to prisonenviar a alguien a prisión
to send somebody on an errandmandar a alguien a (hacer) un recado
to send something/somebody flyingmandar or lanzar algo/a alguien por los aires
that sent him into fits of laughteraquello le provocó un ataque de risa
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send [send] sent (past)
verbo transitivo
1 (dispatch) [+letter, parcel, money, telegram] mandar; enviar
please send me further details ruego me mande or me envíe más detalles; I wrote the letter but didn't send it escribí la carta pero no la eché al correo
he sends me 300 dollars a month for his upkeep He sent a basket of fruit and a card More than half a million sheep are sent from Britain to Europe for slaughter every year I sent over a hundred Christmas cards last year I promised I would send her the money I sent an email to her last Thursday Britain is to send aid to the earthquake victims in Iran
Jan sends her apologies Jan pide que la disculpen or excusen; I had some flowers sent to her le mandé or envié unas flores; to send sb one's love mandar recuerdos a algn
to send [word]
he sent word that he wished to discuss peace avisó or mandó (a) decir que quería hablar de hacer las paces; (LAm)
they sent word to warn me of his arrival Mme Morisot sent word of her imminent arrival
these things are sent to try us esto es que Dios or el Señor nos pone a prueba
2 (cause to go) [+person] mandar; [+troops] mandar; enviar
the doctor sent me to a specialist I gave him a smack and sent him to his room I suggested that he rest and sent him for an X-ray their decision to send troops to the region to send sb [to] do sth
they sent him here to help lo mandaron para que nos ayudara; lo mandaron a ayudarnos; to send a child to bed/to school mandar a un niño a la cama/a la escuela
he sends his children to a private school my parents sent me to the local primary school when I was about six my parents sent me to church school three days a week
to send sb for sth: I sent her for some bread la mandé a comprar pan or a por pan; (Esp) they sent me for an X-ray me mandaron a hacerme una radiografía; to send sb home mandar a algn a casa; (from abroad) repatriar a algn
to send sb to [hospital] I thought I had arthritis and went to see my GP who sent me to hospital for blood tests
to send sb to prison mandar a algn a la cárcel; he was sent to prison for seven years fue condenado a siete años de cárcel
The courts are now sending fewer offenders to prison you can be sent to prison for that to send sb to [university] His parents couldn't afford to send him to university
to send sb to Coventry hacer el vacío a algn
to send sb packing mandar a algn a freír espárragos (informal)
I decided I wanted to live on my own and sent him packing
3 (convey) [+signal] enviar; mandar
The transmitters will send a signal automatically to a local station In 1959, the Soviet moon probe Luna II sent back the first pictures of the dark side of the moon Marconi succeeded in sending a signal across the Atlantic
4 (propel)
he sent the ball into the back of the net lanzó or mandó el balón al fondo de la red; the blow sent him sprawling el golpe lo tumbó; it has sent prices through the roof ha hecho que los precios se pongan por las nubes or se disparen
The explosion sent shrapnel flying through the air Klinsmann sent the ball hurtling into the back of the net
to send sth/sb flying mandar algo/a algn volando por los aires
the force of the blast sent him flying he sent everything flying She kicked at a rug and sent it flying across the room he crashed onto the table sending the glasses flying He was sent flying into the air and landed 20ft away Lawson ran to him and she too was punched and sent flying to send a [shiver] down up sb's spine It sends a shiver down your spine to think that we were happily playing our game while this poor woman was being murdered nearby The art collections are awe-inspiring, particularly the Van Gogh Museum. It sent a shiver up my spine standing so close to "The Sunflowers"
5 (drive)
their music sent the fans wild su música volvía locos a los fans; my attempt sent him into fits of laughter le entró un ataque de risa al ver cómo lo intentaba; the rain sent us indoors la lluvia nos obligó a meternos en casa; the sight sent her running to her mother lo que vio la hizo ir corriendo a su madre
to send sb [mad] to send sb to [sleep]
his lessons used to send me to sleep me solía quedar dormido en sus clases
6 (enthral)
that tune sends me esa melodía me chifla (informal); he sends me me vuelve loca
verbo intransitivo
she sent to say that ... mandó or envió un recado diciendo que ...; mandó (a) decir que ...; (LAm) we shall have to send to France for reinforcements tendremos que pedir or mandar a pedir refuerzos a Francia; (LAm)
it is a shame to send to France for soldiers when we have so many men idle at home
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