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Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
1. (dañar)
a. arruinar
My washing machine has ruined all my clothes!¡La lavadora me arruinó toda la ropa!
b. echar a perder
Sandra ruined her homework by accidentally spilling coffee on it.Sandra echó a perder su tarea al derramarle café encima por accidente.
c. estropear
The sudden storm ruined our picnic.La tormenta repentina estropeó nuestro picnic.
d. echar por tierra
Cheer up! Don't let this small accident ruin your birthday party.¡Ánimo! No dejes que este pequeño incidente eche por tierra tu fiesta de cumpleaños.
e. destruir
The coat of paint ruined the piano. It is not as loud as it used to be.La mano de pintura destruyó el piano. Ya no suena tan fuerte como antes.
Un sustantivo es una palabra que se refiere a una persona, un animal, un lugar, un sentimiento o una idea (p.ej. hombre, perro, casa).
2. (fin)
a. la perdición
(f) significa que un sustantivo es de género femenino (p.ej. la mujer, la luna).
His temper is going to be his ruin.Su mal genio va a ser su perdición.
3. (finanzas)
a. la bancarrota
(f) significa que un sustantivo es de género femenino (p.ej. la mujer, la luna).
The president's policies are leading the country to ruin.Las políticas del presidente están llevando el país a la bancarrota.
Un sustantivo plural indica que hay más de una persona, un lugar, una cosa o una idea.
sustantivo plural
4. (restos de un edificio)
a. las ruinas
(f) significa que un sustantivo es de género femenino (p.ej. la mujer, la luna).
Last year we visited the ruins of Machu Picchu.El año pasado visitamos las ruinas de Machu Picchu.
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Un sustantivo es una palabra que se refiere a una persona, un animal, un lugar, un sentimiento o una idea (p.ej. hombre, perro, casa).
1. (en general)
a. la ruina
(f) significa que un sustantivo es de género femenino (p.ej. la mujer, la luna).
to fall into ruin(s)quedar en ruinas
it will be the ruin of himserá su ruina
ruin is staring us in the faceestamos a punto de perderlo todo
Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
2. (en general)
a. arruinar
to ruin one's health/eyesightarruinarse la salud/la vista
we're ruinedestamos arruinados
the meal's ruinedse ha echado a perder la comida
tourism has ruined the townel turismo ha echado a perder la ciudad
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ruin [ˈruːɪn]
1 (building) ruina (f)
the ruins of a castle las ruinas or los restos de un castillo
it was very splendid once, but it is a ruin now there's only the mountain in this direction, and higher up an old ruin, an abandoned castle one dead child was found in the ruins almost two hours after the explosion some of the houses were no more than ruins he stood very still, staring in at the ruins of his work
to fall into ruin convertirse en ruinas
the villages are crumbling into ruin rock band Genesis has been accused of letting one of Scotland's most beautiful mansions fall into ruin the abandoned house quickly fell into ruin the vineyards were falling into ruin
the town lay or was in ruins la ciudad estaba en ruinas
the abbey was in ruins within Germany, the city of Berlin lay in ruins the splendid medieval castle, partly in ruins, stands on a crag the city [rose] from the ruins the new Turkish republic he helped to build emerged from the ruins of a great empire
2 ruina (f); perdición (f)
he faced the prospect of financial ruin se enfrentaba a la posibilidad de la ruina económica or de acabar en la bancarrota; her hopes were in ruins sus esperanzas estaban destruidas; my life/career is in ruins mi vida/carrera está destruida or arruinada; drink will be his ruin or the ruin of him el alcohol será su ruina or su perdición
ruin stared us in the face he presided over the ruin of the country's economy he contemplated the ruins of his life with sadness they created a nation on the ruins of that empire the ruins of one's career/reputation the Party was founded on the ruins of the Federal Party who can lead Russia out of the ruins of communism? past policies had led to the ruin of the countryside the captain's career lay in ruins their once robust economy now lies in ruins the Tory party was in ruins Somalia as a nation and society lies in ruins a couple whose marriage is in ruins its heavily-subsidized economy is in ruins this country was once proud of its education system - now it seems to be in ruins to [bring] sth/sb to ruin he has never touched anyhting in his life without bringing it to ruin the farmers say recent inflation has brought them to the brink of ruin she was bent on bringing Arthur to his ruin to [go] to ruin she wasn't going to let her plans go to ruin
the country has gone to ruin el país se ha arruinado
he described the broken churches, the land gone to ruin it will be the ruin [of] him you will be the ruin of me the poor should not have the same hopes as the rich, or it will be the ruin of us all
verbo transitivo
1 (destroy) [+reputation, career, life] arruinar; destruir; [+hopes] destruir; echar por tierra; [+plans] estropear; echar por tierra
it ruined his chances of playing in the final dio al traste con sus posibilidades de jugar en la final
bankruptcy would have ruined his career these scandals are threatening to ruin his career singer Vanessa Williams has been told not to ruin her image by mentioning her two daughters it could well ruin my reputation as a political scholar the stories ruined his reputation and led to the FBI investigation this whole business is ruining my life don't let one bad day ruin your life that interview ruined any hopes I had of getting the job his arrival ruined our plans for the weekend entire villages have been washed away - roads and /bridges have been destroyed and crops ruined/ he wouldn't stick around to watch them ruin the chance of a lifetime Lendl let his anxiety ruin his chances of glory I was only keeping you awake 'cos you had already ruined my chances of ever going to sleep it'll probably ruin any hopes she has of getting into Parliament
2 (spoil) [+clothes, car] estropear; destrozar; [+meal, event, eyesight] estropear
look at my dress, it's ruined! mira mi vestido, ¡está destrozado!; don't eat that now, you'll ruin your appetite no te comas eso ahora, se te quitarán las ganas de comer; their chatter ruined my enjoyment of the concert su charla no me dejó disfrutar del concierto
he ate a chocolate bar which completely ruined his appetite for lunch he ruined my new car much of the coast has been ruined by tourism /the dinner was ruined/ - I left it in the oven too long I had the oven on too hot and I've ruined the cake there may be some truth in the idea that reading too many books ruins your eyes "take that coat off," her mother reminded her - "/you'll ruin it/ wearing it in the kitchen" I'm not going to let her ruin my day my wife was ruining her health through worry I only hope I don't ruin the holiday for you she was afraid that there might be something buried in his past that could ruin their happiness
3 [+person] (financially) arruinar
her extravagance ruined him she accused him of ruining her financially with his taste for the high life
(morally) perder
what ruined him was gambling lo que le perdió fue el juego; el juego fue su ruina
when this scandal come out I will be ruined
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