you will free
Futuro para el sujetodel verbofree. Hay otras traducciones para esta conjugación.


Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
1. (sin gastos)
a. gratis
Shipping is free with that company.El envío es gratis a través de esa empresa.
b. gratuito
Would you like to try a free sample?¿Le gustaría probar una muestra gratuita?
2. (en libertad)
a. libre
He was in prison, but now he's free.Estuvo en la cárcel, pero ahora es libre.
3. (vacante)
a. libre
Do you know if this port-a-potty is free?¿Sabes si está libre este baño químico?
b. desocupado
This seat is free, if you'd like to sit.Este asiento está desocupado, si quiere sentarse.
4. (disponible)
a. libre
I'm afraid I'm not free on Monday. Is Tuesday convenient for you?Me temo que no estoy libre el lunes. ¿Le conviene el martes?
5. (dadivoso)
a. generoso
He is always very free with his time and resources.Siempre es muy generoso con su tiempo y sus recursos.
6. (que no tiene; frecuentemente usado con "of" o "from")
a. libre
The newspaper claims to be free from bias.El periódico afirma estar libre de sesgo.
b. sin
This juice is delicious and free of preservatives.Este jugo es delicioso y sin conservantes.
Un adverbio es una palabra que modifica o sirve de complemento a un verbo, un adjetivo u otro adverbio (correr rápido, muy cansado).
7. (sin gastos)
a. gratis
We will deliver your food for free.Entregaremos su comida de gratis.
8. (sin restricciones)
a. libremente
We saw a herd of wild horses running free across the plain.Vimos una manada de caballos cimarrones corriendo libremente por la llanura.
Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
9. (dejar en libertad)
a. liberar
All prisoners were freed from their chains.Liberaron a todos los prisioneros de sus cadenas.
b. soltar
Activists freed the chimps from their cages.Activistas soltaron los chimpancés de sus jaulas.
10. (eximir)
a. librar
The mayor promised to free the city from the gang violence that had plagued it.El alcalde prometió librar la ciudad de la violencia pandillera que la había plagado.
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Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
1. (unrestricted)
a. libre
to be free to do somethingser libre para hacer algo
to set somebody freeliberar a alguien
free and easyrelajado(a)
feel free to borrow the carcoge el coche cuando quieras
feel free to help yourself to teasírvete té si quieres
she didn't feel free to…no se atrevía a…
as free as a birdlibre como el viento
to be a free agentpoder obrar a su antojo
2. (fig)
to have a free handtener carta blanca
3. (economía)
free enterpriseempresa libre
free fallcaída f libre
free kickgolpe m franco
4. (economía)
free marketlibre mercado m
free speechlibertad de expresión
she's a free spiritno se conforma con una vida convencional
free tradelibre cambio m, libre comercio m
free trade agreementacuerdo de libre comercio
free verseverso libre
free willpropia voluntad f
5. (unoccupied)
a. libre
I am free tomorrowmañana estoy libre
is this seat free?¿está libre este asiento?
free timetiempo libre
6. (without charge)
a. gratuito(a), gratis
free giftobsequio (promocional)
7. (ironic)
he is very free with his advicees demasiado pródigo a la hora de dar consejos
Un adverbio es una palabra que modifica o sirve de complemento a un verbo, un adjetivo u otro adverbio (correr rápido, muy cansado).
8. (without charge)
a. gratis, gratuitamente
for freegratis
Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
9. (prisoner, funds, mechanism)
a. liberar
10. (time, place)
a. desocupar
11. (something stuck)
a. soltar
to free oneself from or of somethinglibrarse de algo
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free [friː]
freer (comparative)freest (superlative)
1 (at liberty) libre; (untied) libre; desatado
to break free escaparse
to get free escaparse
They tied him up but he managed to get free
to let sb go free dejar a algn en libertad
to pull sth/sb free (from wreckage) sacar algo/a algn; (from tangle) sacar or desenredar algo/a algn
I pulled my wrist free With a sob, she pulled herself free
to set free [+prisoner] liberar; [+slave] emancipar; liberar; [+animal] soltar
the screw had worked itself free el tornillo se había aflojado
2 (unrestricted) libre; [+choice, translation] libre
the fishing is free la pesca está autorizada; she opened the door with her free hand abrió la puerta con la mano que tenía libre; to have one's hands free tener las manos libres
free and easy (carefree) desenfadado
"can I borrow your pen?" — "feel free!" —¿te puedo coger el bolígrafo? —¡por supuesto! or —¡claro que sí!
feel free to ask questions haced las preguntas que queráis; feel free to help yourself sírvete con toda libertad
to be free to do sth ser libre de hacer algo; tener libertad para hacer algo
he is not free to choose no tiene libertad de elección
to give free rein to dar rienda suelta a
to give sb a free hand dar a algn carta blanca
to have a free hand to do sth tener carta blanca para hacer algo
Himmler said the Gestapo must have a free hand to question whom they like
as free as a bird or the air libre como el viento
If he signs the confession he can be out at once and as free as a bird "People have the most amazing misconceptions about the life of a writer," he said. `They think of us as favoured beings, going where we like, working when we feel like it, free as the air
3 (clear, devoid)
free from or of sth
a world free of nuclear weapons un mundo sin armas nucleares; the area is free of malaria ya no hay paludismo en la región; to be free from pain no sufrir or padecer dolor; we are free of him at last por fin nos hemos librado de él; free of duty libre de derechos de aduana
4 (Pol) (autonomous, independent) [+country, state] libre
We are proud to have no censorship. That is the essence of a free country ... the Irish Free State We must settle this question now, whether in a free government the minority have the right to break up the government whenever they choose In March 1990, the first free elections for nearly sixty years resulted in a massive majority for the parties demanding reunification
free elections elecciones (f) libres; the right of a free press la libertad de prensa
It is only a few days since hundreds of Chinese /journalists demonstrated for the right of a free press/
it's a free country! ¡es una democracia!
I'll go wherever I want to! It's a free country!
5 (costing nothing) [+ticket, delivery] gratuito; gratis; [+sample, offer, transport, health care] gratuito
When Sean's company brought out a line of cakes, he bought several, sliced them, and handed out free samples to his customers ... bright coloured envelopes containing free offers
catalogue free on request solicite nuestro catálogo gratuito
"admission free" "entrada (f) libre"
free on board (Comm) franco a bordo
free of charge gratis; gratuito
to get sth for free obtener algo gratis
there's no such thing as a free lunch no te regalan nada
It sounds like a good deal, but in health insurance there is no such thing as a free lunch and the policy has many drawbacks
to get a free ride aprovecharse de la situación
I never wanted anyone to think I was getting a free ride or special treatment from the boss For American critics, the Europeans are getting a free ride, and if they are not willing to pay for their own defence then why should the United States?
6 (not occupied) [+seat, room, person, moment] libre; [+post] vacante; [+premises] desocupado
is this seat free? ¿está libre este asiento?; ¿está ocupado este asiento?; are you free tomorrow? ¿estás libre mañana?
7 (generous, open) generoso;with con
to make free with sth usar algo como si fuera cosa propia
he makes free with all my things
to be free with one's money no reparar en gastos; ser manirroto (informal)
he's too free with his remarks tiene una lengua muy suelta
1 (without charge)
I got in (for) free entré gratis or sin pagar; they'll send it free on request si lo solicita se lo mandarán gratis
2 (without restraint)
animals run free in the park los animales campan a sus anchas por el parque
he allowed his imagination to run free dio rienda suelta a su imaginación
He learned how to find joy in solitude, often by using his hands while his thoughts ran free
verbo transitivo
1 (release) [+prisoner, people] liberar; poner en libertad; (from wreckage etc) rescatar
Israel is due to free more Lebanese prisoners It took firemen two hours to free him
(untie) [+person, animal] desatar; soltar
...while his companion freed the woman's wrists
to free one's hand/arm soltarse la mano/el brazo
Paterson, without apparent effort, freed his arm and smiled pleasantly at the man
she freed herself from his embrace se desligó de sus brazos
2 (make available) [+funds, resources] hacer disponible; liberar
this will free him to pursue other projects esto lo dejará libre para dedicarse a otros proyectos; esto le permitirá dedicarse a otros proyectos
There were more civilians working for the police, /freeing officers from desk jobs/
3 (rid, relieve)
to free sb from sth liberar a algn de algo; to free sb from pain quitar or aliviar a algn el dolor; their aim is to free the country of disease se han propuesto acabar con la enfermedad en el país; to free o.s. from or of sth librarse de algo
The singer is trying to free himself from his recording contract It will free us of a lot of debt Mobility has freed us from ties to our birthplaces
the land of the free el país de la libertad Estados Unidos; (Estados Unidos)
free agent (n) persona (f) independiente
he's a free agent tiene libertad de acción; es libre de hacer lo que quiere
as a free agent he is not a free agent
free association (n) (Psychology and Psychiatry) asociación (f) libre or de ideas
Free Church (n) (Britain) Iglesia (f) no conformista
free clinic (n) (US) (Med) dispensario (m)
free collective bargaining (n) negociación (f) colectiva
free enterprise (n) libre empresa (f)
free fall (n) caída (f) libre
to be in free fall [+currency, share prices] caer en picado or picada; (LAm) to go into free fall empezar a caer en picado or picada; (LAm)
free flight (n) vuelo (m) sin motor
free gift (n) obsequio (m); regalo (m)
free house (n) (Britain) pub que es libre de vender cualquier marca de cerveza por no estar vinculado a ninguna cervecería en particular
free kick (n) (Ftbl) tiro (m) libre
free labour (n) trabajadores (m) no sindicados
free love (n) amor (m) libre
free market (n) (Economics) mercado (m) libre;in de
...a free market in capital goods ...the philosophy of a free-market in healthcare
free marketeer (n) partidarioapartidaria (m) (f) del libre mercado;a partidaria
Some find Yeltsin's conversion to democrat and free marketeer hard to believe
free pass (n) pase (m) gratuito
free period (n) (Educ) hora (f) libre
free port (n) puerto (m) franco
free radical (n) (Chem) radical (m) libre
free school (n) escuela (f) especial libre
free speech (n) libertad (f) de expresión
free spirit (n) persona (f) libre de convencionalismos
Veronica was an original, a free spirit, a woman who scorned the conventions if they ran counter to the impulses of her heart
free trade (n) libre cambio (m)
free trader (n) librecambista (m)
free verse (n) verso (m) libre
free vote (n) (Britain) (Parl) voto (m) de confianza (independiente de la línea del partido)
free will (n) libre albedrío (m)
he did it of his own free will lo hizo por voluntad propia
the free world (n) el mundo libre; los países libres
Nehru had been much criticized by the free world for his invasion of Goa
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