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Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
1. (desear)
a. querer
I want chocolate ice cream!¡Quiero un helado de chocolate!
2. (necesitar)
a. tener que
I'll give you some useful tips you'll want to pay attention to.Te daré unos consejos útiles a los que tienes que prestar atención.
Un verbo impersonal es un verbo sin sujeto evidente (p.ej. Llueve en España.).
verbo impersonal
3. (requerir)
a. buscarse
Hotel staff wanted.Se busca personal para hotel.
Un verbo intransitivo es un verbo que no requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. El hombre estornudó.).
verbo intransitivo
4. (carecer)
a. faltar
My father has always worked hard, and our family has never wanted for anything.Mi padre siempre ha trabajado duro, y a nuestra familia nunca le ha faltado de nada.
Un sustantivo es una palabra que se refiere a una persona, un animal, un lugar, un sentimiento o una idea (p.ej. hombre, perro, casa).
5. (deseo)
a. la necesidad
(f) significa que un sustantivo es de género femenino (p.ej. la mujer, la luna).
My grandfather's wants are simple; as long as he has tea and his books, he's content.Las necesidades de mi abuelo son sencillas; con que tenga té y sus libros está contento.
6. (carencia)
a. la falta
(f) significa que un sustantivo es de género femenino (p.ej. la mujer, la luna).
He found himself in great difficulties for want of money.Tuvo grandes problemas por falta de dinero.
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Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
1. (wish, desire)
a. querer
to want to do somethingquerer hacer algo
to want somebody to do somethingquerer que alguien haga algo
she knows what she wantssabe lo que quiere
that's the last thing we want!¡sólo nos faltaba eso!
I know when I'm not wantedsé perfectamente cuándo estoy de más
what does he want with me?¿qué quiere de mí?
2. (need)
a. necesitar
the lawn wants cuttinghay que cortar el césped
you want to be careful with himhay que tener cuidado con él
3. (seek)
he's wanted by the policelo busca la policía
you're wanted on the phonete llaman por teléfono
wanted, a good cookse necesita buen cocinero
Un verbo intransitivo es un verbo que no requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. El hombre estornudó.).
verbo intransitivo
4. (en general)
he wants for nothingno le falta de nada
Un sustantivo es una palabra que se refiere a una persona, un animal, un lugar, un sentimiento o una idea (p.ej. hombre, perro, casa).
5. (need)
a. la necesidad
(f) significa que un sustantivo es de género femenino (p.ej. la mujer, la luna).
6. (lack)
a. la falta f, carencia
(f) significa que un sustantivo es de género femenino (p.ej. la mujer, la luna).
for want of anything better to doa falta de algo mejor que hacer
it wasn't for want of tryingno será porque no lo intentamos
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want [wɒnt]
verbo transitivo
1 (desire, wish for) querer
she knows what she wants do you want a piece of cake? I've always wanted a dog
I don't want anything more to do with him no quiero tener nada más que ver con él; I want my mummy! ¡quiero que venga mi mamá!; he wants a lot of attention quiere que le presten mucha atención; I don't want you interfering! ¡no quiero que te entrometas!
I've always wanted a car like this siempre he querido un coche como este
we only want the best/what's best for you solo queremos lo mejor para ti
what do you want for your birthday? ¿qué quieres por tu cumpleaños?
I've always wanted a family and kids
what I want from a computer is ... lo que quiero de un ordenador es ...
I want an explanation from you quiero que me des una explicación
she was everything he wanted in a woman era todo lo que él quería en una mujer
food was the last thing I wanted comida era lo último que quería
I know when I'm not wanted sé muy bien cuando sobro or estoy de más
where do you want the table? ¿dónde quieres que pongamos la mesa?
what does he want with/of me? ¿qué quiere de mí?
you've got him where you want him lo tienes donde tú quieres
what I really, really want ... he was intelligent, funny, witty: everything I wanted in a man you're not wanted here children should be wanted and planned I don't want her thinking that I've aged that's not the kind of life I want for my children what do you want from me, Anne? marriage? what do you want [from] me, Max what do women want from men? the last thing adolescents want from their parents is a lecture on drugs
(with complement)
I want my son alive quiero a mi hijo vivo
you want her back, don't you? quieres que vuelva, ¿no?
does he want the box back?
I want him dead! ¡lo quiero muerto!
I want her sacked! ¡quiero que se la despida!; ¡quiero que la despidan!
she doesn't want me back I want the same kind of carpet but in a darker green I want my car this colour I want you out of here I want him sent away at once
(with infinitive)
to want to do sth querer hacer algo
I want to see the manager!
I was wanting to leave anyway de todas formas yo ya quería marcharme
what do you want to be/do when you grow up? have you seen all you want to see?
if you really want to know si de verdad lo quieres saber; I don't want to no quiero
do you want to tell me what all this is about?
to want sb to do sth querer que algn haga algo
I want you to help me she wanted me to clean the kitchen they began to want their father to be the same as other daddies to want [sth] to happen we want the hospital to remain fully staffed we wanted the conference to be a one-day event the reason they wanted the house (to be) built here ... demonstrators who want the bases removed they wanted the military (to be) made answerable for any human rights violations committed by soldiers he wanted his power recognized
the last thing we want is for them to feel obliged to help lo último que queremos es que se sientan obligados a ayudar
without wanting to sound big-headed, I think I'll succeed no quiero parecer engreído pero pienso que voy a tener éxito
without wanting to sound mean about it, these things all have to come from a budget
I wouldn't want to hurt their feelings/cause them any problems no quisiera herir sus sentimientos/causarles ningún problema
to want sb desear a algn
2 (ask for) [+money] querer; pedir
she wants £500 for the car quiere or pide 500 libras por el coche
how much do you want for it? ¿cuánto quiere or pide?
you don't want much! ¡anda que no pides nada! (ironic)
3 (seek) [+police] buscar
he is one of the most wanted criminals in Europe rthe wanted man he's a wanted man
wanted (dead or alive) se busca (vivo o muerto)
wanted: general maid se necesita asistenta
he is wanted for robbery se le busca por robo
you're wanted in the kitchen te buscan en la cocina
the boss wants you in his office el jefe quiere verte en su oficina
you're wanted on the phone te llaman al teléfono
he is wanted in at least three countries
4 (need, require) [+person] necesitar
children want lots of sleep los niños necesitan or requieren muchas horas de sueño; this car wants cleaning a este coche le hace falta una limpieza; a este coche hay que limpiarlo; he wants locking up! está loco de atar (informal)
we have all we want you want a bigger hammer if you're going to do it properly
that's the last thing I want! ¡solo me faltaba eso! (informal)
the last thing she wants is pity A visit to London was the last thing he wanted a film like that is the last thing one wants on a flight It has upset our staff and that is the last thing anyone wanted
you want to be more careful when you're driving tienes que tener más cuidado al conducir
you want to be careful you want to watch what you say to people you want to watch her; I think she's after your job but you want to be able to do more than that
you want to see his new boat! ¡tienes que ver su nuevo barco!
you want to try my wife's chocolate pudding
what you want is a good hiding lo que necesitas or te hace falta es una buena paliza (informal)
what do you want with a house that size? ¿para qué quieres una casa tan grande?
does my hair want [cutting?] the house will want paint[ing] next year
5 (lack)
he wants talent he wants enterprise
the contract wants only her signature al contrato solo le falta su firma
it wants two for a complete set
it only wanted the parents to come in solo faltaba que llegaran los padres
verbo intransitivo
1 (wish, desire) querer
you're welcome to stay if you want te puedes quedar si quieres
you can want as much as you like - you're not getting it to want [for] sb to do sth
I want for you to be happy (US) quiero que seas feliz
they want for me to be someone important
2 (lack)
to want [for] sth
they will not want for money or food no les faltará ni dinero ni comida
they want for nothing no les falta de nada
he would not want for food or comfort or medical care she wants for neither love nor money
1 (lack) falta (f)
it showed a want of good manners demostró una falta de educación
a want of manners and charm they were daily becoming weaker from want of rest to [feel] the want of sth we felt the want of decent weapons against the superior fire power of the enemy
for want of sth (at beginning of clause) a falta de algo; (at end of clause) por falta de algo
for want of anything better to do
for want of anything better to do, I decided to go home a falta de algo mejor que hacer, decidí irme a casa; I decided to go home for want of anything better to do decidí irme a casa por falta de algo mejor que hacer; for want of a better word a/por falta de una palabra más apropiada
for want of a better word, we could use that one I can only mention a few here, for want of space
he never did become a minister, but it was not for want of trying nunca llegó a ministro, pero no fue por falta de intentarlo
four waiters hovered around our table for want of something better to do if we don't improve sales, it won't be for want of trying I suppose you'd call him my lover, for want of a better word I suppose we'll have to refer to her as his partner, for want of a better word it wasn't for want of trying
2 (need) necesidad (f)
to attend to/satisfy sb's wants
she had servants to attend to her every want tenía sirvientes que atendían todas y cada una de sus necesidades
a strategy that will satisfy the wants of the population
my wants are few necesito poco
I helped her to specify and prioritize more of her wants supermarkets claim they are responding to the wants of consumers by providing packaged foods
to be in want of sth necesitar algo
travellers in want of a bed for the night
3 (poverty) necesidad (f); penuria (f)
there was no appearance of want in the house
to be in want estar necesitado
to live in want pasar necesidades; vivir en la penuria
I should be able to manage - oh yes, /I shan't be in want/ the prospect of living in want for the rest of their lives
want ad (n) (US) anuncio (m) clasificado
she had looked through the want ads and made a few discreet inquiries the rest of the week she scans the want ads and sends out resumes
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