Un sustantivo es una palabra que se refiere a una persona, un animal, un lugar, un sentimiento o una idea (p.ej. hombre, perro, casa).
1. (línea de visión)
a. la vista
(f) significa que un sustantivo es de género femenino (p.ej. la mujer, la luna).
The view from here is stunning.La vista desde aquí es impresionante.
2. (panorama)
a. la vista
(f) significa que un sustantivo es de género femenino (p.ej. la mujer, la luna).
The view of the Himalayas from their window was breathtaking.La vista del Himalaya desde su ventana era impresionante.
3. (juicio)
a. la opinión
(f) significa que un sustantivo es de género femenino (p.ej. la mujer, la luna).
My view is that you should always tip at least 15 percent.Mi opinión es que siempre se debe dar por lo menos 15 por ciento de propina.
b. el parecer
(m) significa que un sustantivo es de género masculino (p.ej. el hombre, el sol).
In my view, golf is just a game and not a sport.A mi parecer, el golf es solo un juego y no un deporte.
4. (redes sociales)
a. la vistas
(f) significa que un sustantivo es de género femenino (p.ej. la mujer, la luna).
The video I uploaded has 1,250 views.El video que subí tiene 1,250 vistas.
Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
5. (observar)
a. ver
It's better to view the solar eclipse with special glasses.Es mejor ver al eclipse solar con lentes especiales.
6. (estimar)
a. ver
She views every relationship as a learning opportunity.Ella ve cada relación como una oportunidad para aprender.
b. considerar
You need to view this setback as a growth opportunity.Tienes que considerar este contratiempo como una oportunidad para crecer.
7. (inspeccionar)
a. ver
I need to view the property without pressure.Tengo que ver la propiedad sin presión.
8. (televisión)
a. ver
Once you rent the episode, you can only view it for 24 hours.Una vez que alquilas el episodio, solo puedes verlo durante 24 horas.
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Un sustantivo es una palabra que se refiere a una persona, un animal, un lugar, un sentimiento o una idea (p.ej. hombre, perro, casa).
1. (sight)
a. la vista
(f) significa que un sustantivo es de género femenino (p.ej. la mujer, la luna).
in viewa la vista
in full view ofdelante de, a la vista de
out of viewfuera de la vista
2. (scene, prospect)
a. la vista
(f) significa que un sustantivo es de género femenino (p.ej. la mujer, la luna).
a room with a viewuna habitación con vistas
to have a good view of somethingtener una buena vista de algo
3. (fig)
in view of…en vista de…
4. (opinion)
a. la opinión
(f) significa que un sustantivo es de género femenino (p.ej. la mujer, la luna).
in my viewen mi opinión, a mi parecer
5. (intention)
with this in viewteniendo esto en cuenta
with a view to doing somethingcon vistas a hacer algo
Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
6. (inspect, look at)
a. ver
7. (consider)
a. ver, considerar
she viewed it as a mistakelo veía or consideraba un error
to view something with horror/delightcontemplar algo con horror/placer
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view [vjuː]
1 (prospect) vista (f)
a splendid view of the river there is a wonderful view from here each room has a wonderful view of the sea some rooms offer a view over the Pacific Ocean
most rooms have views over the gardens la mayoría de las habitaciones tienen vistas a los jardines
she stood at the top of the hill, enjoying the view
he stood up to get a better view se puso de pie para ver mejor
to have/get a good view of sth/sb ver algo/a algn bien
did you get a good view of him? he had a good view of it from his window This method is useful when it is important to show the front view of an object she turned round and checked her back view and decided it wasn't such a disaster after all side view of a bullock facing right a the back/front view of the house this is a side view
2 (line of vision)
to [block] sb's view
he stopped in the doorway, blocking her view se paró en la entrada, tapándole la vista
am I blocking your view? ¿te estoy tapando?
to [come] into view a group of riders came into view on the road to [come into] view
a cyclist came into view apareció un ciclista
as we rounded the bend the hospital came into view al salir de la curva apareció el hospital
to disappear from view perderse de vista
they walked along the path and disappeared from view she waited until the man had disappeared from view he disappeared from view behind the building
to be hidden from view estar oculto; estar escondido
he was hidden from view behind a bush she fed the details into a computer hidden from view under the counter the house stood, hidden from view from the main road the Soviet nuclear programme has been hidden from view for years the only vehicle [in] view was an ancient jeep with Montserrat always in view, we headed for Sant Sadurní
to keep sth/sb in view no perder de vista algo/a algn
he was having difficult keeping her in view he moved stealthily, keeping the woman in view at all times in [full] view of sb Grant and Hurley lunched in their garden - in full view of the paparazzi they were having sex in full view of the mourners at a funeral
in full view of the crowd bien a la vista de la multitud
the police had pistols strapped, in full view, to their belts she was lying there, in full view of everyone he stood in full view on top of a rock
to be on view estar expuesto al público
the paintings will go on view next month los cuadros se expondrán al público el mes próximo
there was plenty of talent on view in this competition her work is on view for the first time in 100 years
the pond was within view of my bedroom window el estanque se veía desde la ventana de mi habitación
they sat within view of the square
3 (picture) vista (f)
50 views of Venice 50 vistas de Venecia
4 (mind)
to have sth in view tener algo en mente or en perspectiva
he has only one objective in view tiene solo un objetivo en mente; solo persigue un objetivo
they have very clear aims in view he worked out the whole plot with one objective in view
with this in view con este propósito or fin
with this end in view he sent a party of soldiers to destroy the village
with a view to doing sth con miras or vistas a hacer algo
he has called a meeting of all parties tomorrow, with a view to forming a new government
5 (opinion) opinión (f)
we have similar views on politics they are believed to have similar views on politics
you should make your views known to your local MP debería hacerle saber sus opiniones or ideas al diputado de su zona
the generally accepted view is that ... each person has a different view of democracy one's view of old age changes I cannot accept this view I have no strong views on that
my (personal) view is that ... mi opinión (personal) es que ...
to [air] one's views
an opportunity for people to express their views una oportunidad para que la gente exprese su opinión
to express the view that ... opinar que ...
Mr Smith expressed the view that there should be a public library in the village He expressed the view that James should be treated with very special delicacy
in my view a mi parecer; en mi opinión
the most famous, and, in my view, the most beautiful of his paintings is ... it's not cheating, in my view there is, in my view, a simple explanation
to take or hold the view that opinar que
I take the view that she should have stopped our analysts take a different view
I take a similar/different view opino de forma parecida/de distinta forma; to take the long(-term) view adoptar una perspectiva a largo plazo
some investors are taking the long(-term) view taking a long view of the project, I began to think of the rehearsal schedules required to take a dim poor view of sth/sb they took a dim view of local trade unionists I take a dim view of people who defraud their insurance company he takes a dim view of sloppy work
6 (understanding) visión (f)
an overall view of the situation una visión de conjunto de la situación
a Christian view of religion the drama takes an idealistic view of the subject
an idealistic view of the world una visión idealista del mundo
in view of (the fact that) en vista de (que); in view of this en vista de esto
in view of the fact that Hobson was not a trained economist, his achievements were remarkable
verbo transitivo
1 (regard) ver
how does the government view it? ¿cómo lo ve el gobierno?
counselling can help you to view yourself more positively it depends on how you view things he was starting to view life differently
they view the United States as a land of golden opportunity consideran a los Estados Unidos un país lleno de oportunidades; ven a los Estados Unidos como un país lleno de oportunidades
boys who have been brought up to view women as sex objects she was viewed as the baby of the family his investment in the company was viewed as significant by Wall Street he viewed this situation as temporary but essential to view sth [favourably] their life style was viewed less favourably by more envious members of the club the concept of reincarnation is not totally alien to Russian culture and was viewed favourably by the Christian philosopher Nicolas Berdyaev
we would view favourably any sensible suggestion cualquier sugerencia razonable sería bien acogida
to view sth [with] suspicion/disdain/concern
he is viewed with suspicion by many MPs muchos parlamentarios lo miran or tratan con recelo
newcomers are always viewed with suspicion they viewed the opposition's policicies with genuine distaste even intellectual work was viewed with disdain by the aristocracy this kind of talk is viewed with some concern in Moscow she views her daughter's talents with pride
2 (look at, observe) ver
the easiest way to learn about stars is to view them through a telescope
mourners were allowed to view the body a los dolientes se les permitió ver el cadáver
he was in a good position to view the fight
London viewed from the air Londres vista desde arriba
viewed from the air, the countryside is a mosaic of colour Viewed from above, the area looks like a massive integrated circuit
3 (inspect, see) [+property, sights, goods, slides] ver; [+accounts] examinar
when can we view the house? ¿cuándo podemos ver la casa?
the showroom was opened for people to view the lots before the auction the auditor came in to view the accounts
4 [+television] ver
we've viewed the video recording of the incident The police have successfully appealed to a judge for permission to view all the videotape taken during last Saturday's riot
verbo intransitivo
(TV) ver la televisión
if you are viewing tonight
the viewing public los telespectadores; la audiencia televisiva
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