you were hanging
-estuviste colgando
Pasado progresivo para el sujetodel verbohang. Hay otras traducciones para esta conjugación.


Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
1. (suspender)
a. colgar
She hung the mirror in the bathroom above the sink.Ella colgó el espejo en el baño sobre el lavabo.
b. tender (ropa lavada)
Since we don't have a dryer, we hang our wet clothing on a clothesline.Como no tenemos una secadora, tendemos nuestra ropa mojada en un tendedero.
c. colocar (una puerta)
Will you help me hang my back door this weekend?¿Me ayudas a colocar la puerta de atrás este fin de semana?
2. (ejecutar)
a. ahorcar
He should be hanged for such a crime!¡Lo deberían ahorcar por tal crimen!
b. colgar
A long time ago, it was common to hang criminals as punishment.Hace mucho tiempo, era común colgar a los delincuentes como castigo.
3. (adornar)
a. decorar
We hung the trees in the yard with small lights.Decoramos los árboles del patio con luces pequeñas.
Un verbo intransitivo es un verbo que no requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. El hombre estornudó.).
verbo intransitivo
4. (descolgarse)
a. colgar
The decorations were hanging from the ceiling.Las decoraciones estaban colgando del techo.
5. (suspenderse)
a. flotar
You could see the smog hanging over the city from the airplane.Desde el avión se veía cómo la niebla tóxica flotaba sobre la ciudad.
6. (tela)
a. tener caída
I like this skirt but it doesn't hang well.Me gusta esta falda pero no tiene buena caída.
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Un sustantivo es una palabra que se refiere a una persona, un animal, un lugar, un sentimiento o una idea (p.ej. hombre, perro, casa).
1. (coloquial)
to get the hang of somethingpillar el truco or
Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
2. (suspend)
a. colgar
to hang one's headbajar la cabeza
he hung his head in shamebajó la cabeza avergonzado
3. (criminal)
a. ahorcar, colgar
Un verbo intransitivo es un verbo que no requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. El hombre estornudó.).
verbo intransitivo
4. (be suspended)
a. colgar
she hung on his every wordestaba totalmente pendiente de sus palabras
5. (be executed)
a. ser ahorcado(a) or colgado(a)
6. (material, clothes)
a. caer, colgar
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hang [hæŋ] hung (past)
verbo transitivo
1 (suspend) [+coat, curtains] colgar; [+picture] (on wall) colgar; (as exhibit) exponer; [+washing] tender; [+wallpaper] pegar; [+door] colocar; (Cookery) [+game] manir
he hung the rope over the side of the boat colgó la cuerda de la borda del barco; are you any good at hanging wallpaper? ¿se te da bien empapelar?
I hung my hat and coat on the peg in the hall a line of wall hooks hung with old anoraks and mud-stained overalls a notice had been hung on the door Mrs Keeble was hanging a door key on its hook her paintings have been hung in London's most famous galleries they saw a woman come out of the house to hang clothes on the line John'll hang the door for you once it's been stripped the pheasants need to be hung for a few days before preparing them to eat
to hang one's head bajar or agachar la cabeza
he hung his head in shame bajó or agachó la cabeza avergonzado
Wade had simply hung his head and confessed the dog hung its head and cowered in the barrel he must be hanging his head in despair
2 (decorate) adornar
to hang sth [with] sth
the walls were hung with tapestries las paredes estaban adornadas con tapices; trees hung with lights árboles adornados con luces
balconies hung with flags
3 hanged (past) [+criminal] ahorcar
the five were expected to be hanged at 7 am on Tuesday the last person to be hanged in England in public
he was hanged, drawn and quartered lo ahorcaron, destriparon y descuartizaron; to hang o.s. ahorcarse
he hanged himself two hours after arriving at a mental hospital a couple whose twenty-year-old son had hanged himself in the family basement
I might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb si me van a castigar que sea por algo gordo; de perdidos al río
Let's have one more drink. We're going to be late home anyway, so we may as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb
hang the expense! ¡al diablo (con) los gastos!; hang it (all)! ¡qué demonios!; I'll be hanged if I know! ¡que me aspen or maten si lo sé!
oh hang it! let's make it two bottles of whisky hang it all - he might have made the effort to get here on time!
4 (US) (turn)
hang a right here gira or dobla or tuerce a la derecha aquí
5 (hold)
verbo intransitivo
1 (be suspended) colgar
a light-bulb was hanging from the ceiling una bombilla colgaba del techo
I was hanging from the ledge by my fingertips estaba colgado de la cornisa sujeto por la punta de los dedos
his portrait hangs in the National Gallery su retrato está expuesto en la National Gallery
let your arms hang loose at your sides deje los brazos sueltos or caídos
hang loose! (US) ¡tranqui! (informal); ¡relájate!
your coat is hanging on the hook tu abrigo está colgado en el perchero
a picture hanging on the wall un cuadro colgado en la pared
his arms hung loose at his sides my pink nightdress was hanging on the door the curtains will be hanging there for years a ragged fur coat that hung down to her calves she sat on the jetty, her legs hanging over the edge
and thereby hangs a tale pero eso es harina de otro costal
Paul Weller plays harmonica on the Mother Earth single, and thereby hangs a tale, I'm sure ...the two attempted bombings by minicab's which, their targets being Downing Street and New Scotland Yard, went sadly amiss — and thereby hangs a tale
2 (be positioned)
to hang open: the door hung open (not closed) la puerta estaba abierta; (partly off hinges) la puerta estaba encajada
her mouth hung open in surprise se quedó boquiabierta
she froze, her mouth hanging open
to hang out of the window [+person] asomarse por la ventana; [+thing] colgar de la ventana
the women patients hung out of the windows to wave the demonstrators on their way a banner was hanging out of the window
I can't work with you hanging over me like that no puedo trabajar contigo pendiente de todo lo que hago
3 (flow) [+rope, garment, hair] caer
her hair hangs down her back el pelo le cae por la espalda
it's a fabric that hangs well es una tela que tiene muy buena caída
look for a suit made from good sturdy cloth to make sure it hangs well she stood with her hands on her hips, the shawl hanging loose from her shoulders her long golden hair which hung loose about her shoulders
4 hanged (past) (be hanged) [+criminal] morir en la horca
he'll hang for it lo ahorcarán por esto
it is right that their murderers should hang he ought to hang
5 (hover) [+fog] flotar
his breath hung in the icy air su aliento flotaba en el aire helado
the hawk hung motionless in the sky el halcón se cernía inmóvil en el cielo
the threat hanging over us la amenaza que se cierne sobre nosotros
I won't be able to enjoy the holiday with that possibility hanging over me
a question mark hangs over many of their futures se cierne un or una interrogante sobre el porvenir de muchos de ellos
a haze of expensive perfume hangs around her a fog hung over the town a heavy silence hung over the town he let the sentence hang when he saw the effect it had had
to go hang pudrirse (informal)
he can go hang as far as I'm concerned por mí que se pudra
once he was aboard his boat the world could go hang there is something awfully appealing about self- sufficiency - provide for yourself and let the rest of the world go hang just hang loose don't go back to work straight away after you come out of hospital - try to hang loose for a couple of days more
to hang tough (on/for sth) (US) mantenerse firme (en algo/para conseguir algo)
the White House is hanging tough for a good agreement we hope the President hangs tough on this one headquarters was flooded with phone calls yesterday, from /people/ anxious to find out what was happening and /urging Perot to hang tough/ Israel should have either hung tough and remained totally silent or it should have cooperated fully and accurately with the Americans
she hung tough despite the pressure pese a las presiones no dio su brazo a torcer
1 [of garment] caída (f)
to get the hang of sth coger el tranquillo a algo (informal)
I'll never get the hang of this oven nunca aprenderé a usar este horno; nunca le cogeré el tranquillo a este horno
you'll soon get the hang of it I can't get the hang of this machine I never did get the hang of golf just when you think you have got the hang of the new direction your life seems to be going in to get the hang of [it] it's a bit tricky at first till you get the hang of it I'm getting the hang of it
I don't give or care a hang me importa un comino (informal)
I don't give a hang what they think let them say whatever they pleased; he wouldn't give a hang
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