Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
1. (tomar lo enviado o dado)
a. recibir
I received a letter in a strange language.Recibí una carta en un idioma extraño.
b. percibir (una suma)
He will receive a $23,000 advance for the novel.Percibirá un avance de $23,000 por la novela.
2. (deporte)
a. recibir
The moment he received the ball, he was blocked by two players of the opposing team.En cuanto recibió la pelota fue marcado por dos jugadores del equipo contrario.
3. (sufrir)
a. recibir
He received two bullet wounds in the chest.Recibió dos heridas de bala en el pecho.
4. (verse sujeto a)
a. recibir (cobertura o tratamiento)
The queen's visit to Italy received wide coverage.La visita de la reina a Italia recibió amplia cobertura.
5. (acoger)
a. recibir
The Pope received the visitors in his rooms in the Vatican.El Papa recibió a los visitantes en sus habitaciones del Vaticano.
6. (telecomunicaciones)
a. recibir
The antenna does not receive a signal.La antena no recibe ninguna señal.
7. (aceptar)
a. admitir
The association is not receiving new memberships at this time.La asociación no está admitiendo nuevos socios en estos momentos.
8. (comerciar con)
a. traficar con (artículos robados)
The police caught him receiving stolen goods.La policia lo pilló traficando con bienes robados.
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Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
1. (en general)
a. recibir
to receive stolen goodscomerciar con or receptar bienes robados
it was well/badly receivedfue bien/mal acogido(a)
to receive somebody into the Churchrecibir a alguien en el seno de la Iglesia
receive [rɪˈsiːv]
verbo transitivo
1 (get) [+letter, gift, money, visit, salary, sacrament] recibir; [+stolen goods] comerciar con; (Tennis) [+ball, service] recibir
we received nothing but abuse
all contributions will be gratefully received todas las contribuciones que nos lleguen serán bien recibidas; she received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989 le otorgaron el premio Nobel de la Paz en 1989; I never received her message nunca llegué a recibir su mensaje; nunca me llegó su mensaje; she received no support from her colleagues sus colegas no la apoyaron; he received a wound in the leg resultó herido en la pierna; sufrió una herida en la pierna; he received a blow to the head recibió un golpe en la cabeza; a bowl to receive the liquid that drains off un cuenco para recoger el líquido que se escurra
preparing the long rows to receive the seeds the casket swung open to receive the jewels they will receive their awards at a ceremony in Stockholm I received your letter of November 7 a few days later, I received a call from Frank Pamela received an invitation to dinner at Kay's house he admitted receiving money for the stolen documents Alice received 31,500 pounds in compensation workers received a pay increase of 3.3% in the year to December the Government received secret information on the arms deal he received more of the blame than anyone when the plan failed to work their case received considerable media attention she always received the same reply you will receive an annual salary of £25,000 he went to prison for receiving stolen scrap iron she was arrested for receiving stolen goods Emmanuelli was charged with receiving stolen funds she was suffering from whiplash injuries received in a car crash their FA Cup final preparations received another blow when Johnson was injured Britain's recovery hopes will receive another body blow tomorrow when the CBI unveils its industrial trends figures he received the sacrament before he died at 1.50 pm even the Catholics turned up to hear the sermons in the end! - /they would never receive the sacrament from me/, of course, but at least there was some sort of participation
received with thanks (Comm) recibí
a priest received [confession] from him received his confession
their plans received a setback sus planes sufrieron un revés
the team's hopes for the title received another setback when they were beaten 3-2
she is receiving treatment for eczema está siendo tratada de eczema; he received hospital treatment for cuts to the face fue tratado en el hospital de unos cortes que tenía en la cara
are you receiving any treatment for this? he received medical treatment for injuries sustained in a plane crash
he received a life sentence lo sentenciaron a cadena perpetua; he received a suspended sentence le suspendieron la condena
2 (greet) [+visitors] recibir; [+guests] recibir; acoger; [+publication, idea, performance] acoger
to be well received [+book, idea] tener buena acogida; his suggestion was not well received su sugerencia no tuvo buena acogida; her book was well received su libro tuvo buena acogida
he received Liebermann in his office tell her I shall be delighted to receive her the shop assistant received me indifferently while leaning on a counter he had been warmly received wherever he went the resolution had been received with great disappointment within the PLO the proposals have been well received by many deputies the plan has been enthusiastically received by the European Community the opera was badly received at its premiere to receive sb with open arms the following evening the duchess was again receiving guests May's household busily prepared to receive the marriage guests to receive sb [into] one's home to receive a child [into] care
3 (admit) [+new member] admitir
to receive sb [into] the Academy
to receive sb into the Church acoger a algn en el seno de la Iglesia
Jane had been officially received into the Church a month previously
4 (Rad) (TV) [+transmission] recibir
are you receiving me? ¿me recibe?
the reception was faint but clear enough for him to receive the signal
verbo intransitivo
1 (get) recibir
it is better to give than to receive más vale dar que recibir
2 (Jur) (buy and sell stolen goods) comerciar con artículos robados
3 (Tennis) recibir
it was her turn to receive I was receiving
4 (socially) recibir
the Duchess receives on Thursdays la duquesa recibe los jueves
he was steering some junior diplomat through a receiving line to meet Mr. Reagan they had been greeted by a small receiving line and accepted glasses of champagne she stands very still, as if waiting to be introduced in an embassy receiving line
5 (Rad) (TV) recibir
whisky two receiving! ¡aquí whisky two, te recibo!
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