Esta palabra debe usarse con el artículo definido y un verbo en plural en el contexto mostrado en 4).
Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
1. (no rico)
a. pobre
She grew up in a poor family in Alabama.Se crió en Alabama en el seno de una familia pobre.
2. (desafortunado)
a. pobre
The poor girl had to walk for several hours in the snow.La pobre niña tuvo que andar varias horas en la nieve.
3. (deficiente)
a. pobre
It's difficult to grow things here because the soil is poor.Es difícil cultivar la tierra en esta zona porque el suelo es pobre.
b. malo
The company has a reputation for poor customer service.La empresa es conocida por su servicio al cliente malo.
c. escaso
You shouldn't read in poor light as it strains your eyes.No deberías leer con escasa luz porque se te cansarán los ojos.
Un sustantivo plural indica que hay más de una persona, un lugar, una cosa o una idea.
sustantivo plural
4. (gente pobre)
a. los pobres
(m) significa que un sustantivo es de género masculino (p.ej. el hombre, el sol).
They have money for wars, but can’t find money to feed the poor.Hay dinero para las guerras, pero no pueden dar de comer a los pobres.
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Un sustantivo es una palabra que se refiere a una persona, un animal, un lugar, un sentimiento o una idea (p.ej. hombre, perro, casa).
1. (en general)
the poorlos pobres
Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
2. (not rich)
a. pobre
the abacus is the poor man's calculatorel ábaco es la calculadora de los pobres
3. (inferior)
a. malo(a)
4. (chances, reward)
a. escaso(a)
to be in poor healthestar mal de salud
to have a poor memorytener mala memoria
to be poor at mathsno ser bueno(a) en matemáticas
to be a poor sailormarearse siempre en los barcos
the light is poorhay poca luz
to be a poor loserser un/una mal perdedor(ora)
in poor tastede mal gusto
5. (expressing pity)
poor creature or thing!¡pobrecillo(a)!
poor (old) Tim!¡pobre Tim!
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poor [pʊəʳ]
poorer (comparative)poorest (superlative)
1 (not rich) [+person, family, country] pobre
a poor family
a poor woman una mujer pobre; a poor man un pobre; poor people gente (f) pobre; personas (f) pobres
the poorer countries a poor neighbourhood how poor is he really? the poorest 20% of the population the reason our schools cannot afford better teachers is because people here are poor the gap between rich and poor regions widened many countries in the Third World are as poor as they have ever been to [get] [become] poorer the rich get richer and the poor get poorer
pewter was the poor man's silver el peltre era la plata de los pobres
/unrefined carbohydrates/ (which included such foods as root vegetables and pulses) /became regarded as the poor man's diet/ a the poor [relation] of sth
they thought that cinema was a or the poor relation of theatre pensaban que el cine era el pariente pobre del teatro
watercolour still seems somehow to be the poor relation of oil painting I used to be proud of this country but now it's the poor relation of Europe too often religious education is the poor relation of the secular curriculum in schools
to be the poorer (for sth)
the nation is the poorer for her death la nación ha sufrido una gran pérdida con su muerte; it left me £5 the poorer me dejó con 5 libras de menos
Hong Kong will be the poorer for becoming a largely Chinese city
to be as poor as a church mouse ser más pobre que las ratas
2 (inferior, bad) [+goods, service] malo; de mala calidad
the wine was poor el vino era malo or de mala calidad; Britain's poor economic performance el bajo rendimiento económico obtenido por Gran Bretaña; she has a very poor attendance record su expediente es muy malo en lo que a asistencia se refiere; they had made a poor job of it habían hecho una chapuza (informal)
the company's poor performance has been blamed on the recession Real Madrid's poor start ot the season our culture would be poorer indeed without her artistry the flat was in a poor state of repair an example of poor workmanship clients who have had poor service will be compensated the company has a poor sales record the poor attendance at dinner that night Steve had made a poor choice
to be a poor imitation of sth ser una burda or pobre imitación de algo
Eastbourne was a poor imitation of the grander public schools I limped along looking like a man doing a poor imitation of Quasimodo News At Ten is a poor imitation of the programme which used to be the greatest television news
his decision shows poor judgment su decisión denota poco juicio
to have a poor opinion of sb tener un concepto poco favorable de algn
to come a poor second (to sth/sb)
he came a poor second in the final race quedó el segundo en la carrera final, a bastante distancia del primero; his family comes a poor second to his career su familia queda relegada a segundo lugar tras su carrera
the days when vocational courses came a poor second to a traditional academic education are becoming a thing of the past he finished a poor third in Sunday's presidential election a poor [substitute] (for sth) they thought the fruit wines were a poor substitute for grape wine a wheelchair, medication, and physical therapy may make his life more bearable, but all of this is a poor substitute for screening and preventive care the sticks they use to clean their teeth are a poor substitute for a good toothbrush example: to set a good/bad example example: to set a good/bad poor example quality: of poor quality
3 (deficient) [+memory] malo; [+soil] pobre; estéril; [+harvest] pobre; escaso
I had a poor education la educación que recibí no fue muy buena; many people eat a poor diet mucha gente tiene una dieta pobre
my poor memory a poor harvest poor wages and working conditions poor housing conditions damp, dark conditions with poor ventilation wherever there is /poor hygiene/ and crowded conditions, the bacterium flourishes this medicine is not suitable for anyone with poor circulation I suffer from poor digestion because of poor communications, the full extent of the devastation is not yet known
poor (Educ) (as mark) deficiente
to be poor [in] sth a food poor in vitamins
soils that are poor in zinc suelos que son pobres en zinc or que tienen bajo contenido en zinc
hearing: to have good/poor hearing visibility: in good visibility visibility: good/poor visibility
4 (untalented)
he was a poor actor era un actor flojo; I'm a poor traveller lo de viajar no lo llevo muy bien; she was a very poor swimmer no era buena nadadora
she would make a strong chief executive, but a poor chairman
to be poor at maths no ser muy bueno en matemáticas
we are poor at marketing ourselves no somos muy buenos a la hora de darnos publicidad
as a nation we are poor at languages to be poor at [doing] sth he was not a team player and poor at accepting orders loser: to be a bad poor loser sailor: to be a bad poor sailor sleeper: to be a bad poor sleeper
5 (unfortunate) pobre
the poor child was hungry el pobre niño tenía hambre; poor little thing! ¡pobrecito!; ¡pobre criaturita!
poor (old) you! you poor (old) thing! ¡pobrecito!
poor Mary's lost all her money la pobre María ha perdido todo su dinero; he's very ill, poor chap está grave el pobre
/poor old Dennis/, he can't do a thing right I feel sorry for that poor child poor chap - he was killed in that air crash when a lot of our athletes were coming back from Paris
a poor little rich girl una pobre niña rica
Jani Allan always was the poor little rich girl... the poor little rich girl is distraught at the prospect of cleaning her own shoes and scrubbing floors
sustantivo plural
the poor los pobres
even the poor have their pride
the rural/urban poor los pobres de las zonas rurales/urbanas
housing for the urban poor in Chile
poor box (n) cepillo (m) de las limosnas
he had to make up his mind how much he would put in the poor box at the church
poor law (n) (Hist) ley (f) de asistencia pública
the Scottish Poor Law provided no help: the unemployed were obliged to beg the Victorian Poor Law which tried to deal with the very obvious social problems of poverty the early 17th-Century Elizabethan Poor Law the old poor laws, inherited from the sixteenth century
poor white (n) (US) persona pobre de raza blanca
cities like Los Angeles are experiencing some of these ethnic tensions between poor people—poor Latinos and poor blacks and poor whites in some cases A new report out today titled "White Poverty in America" finds the number of poor whites is growing faster than the number of poor blacks
Position of "pobre"
You should generally put pobre after the noun when you mean poor in the sense of "not rich" and before the noun in the sense of "unfortunate":
It's a poor area Es una región pobre
The poor boy was trembling El pobre chico estaba temblando
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