Los adverbios 
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Un adverbio es una palabra que modifica o sirve de complemento a un verbo, un adjetivo u otro adverbio (correr rápido, muy cansado).
1. (indica lugar)
a. aquí
I'm standing here, inside the yellow circle.Estoy parada aquí, en el círculo amarillo.
b. acá
Regionalismo que se usa en Latinoamérica: todos los países de Sudamérica, Centroamérica y el Caribe. No incluye España.
Come here.Ven acá.
2. (indicando un caso específico)
a. en este caso
It's better to cook with sugar here.En este caso, es mejor cocinar con azúcar.
Una interjección es una frase corta que puede expresar indecisión, inconformidad o un sentimiento (p.ej.¡Órale!).
3. (para llamar la atención)
Una frase idiomatica cuyo significado no es deducible si se traduce palabra por palabra.
sin traducción directa
Here, let me help you.A ver, deja que te ayude.
Here, pass me the phone.Oye, pásame el teléfono.
4. (en asistencia)
a. presente
Carlos Reyes? - Here!¿Carlos Reyes? - ¡Presente!
b. aquí
Lisa Maldonado? - Here!¿Lisa Maldonado? - ¡Aquí!
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Un sustantivo es una palabra que se refiere a una persona, un animal, un lugar, un sentimiento o una idea (p.ej. hombre, perro, casa).
1. (en general)
the here and nowel aquí y ahora
Un adverbio es una palabra que modifica o sirve de complemento a un verbo, un adjetivo u otro adverbio (correr rápido, muy cansado).
2. (en general)
a. aquí
over here(por) aquí
here it/he isaquí está
come here!¡ven aquí!
here!, come and look at this¡ven! echa un vistazo a esto
she's not hereno está aquí
here she comesaquí viene
here and nowaquí y ahora
here and thereaquí y allá
3. (fig)
that's neither here nor thereeso es irrelevante
what have we here?¿qué es esto?, ¿qué tenemos aquí?
here's what you have to doesto es lo que tienes que hacer
here you are!aquí tienes
here goes!¡vamos allá!
here's to the future!¡por el futuro!
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here [hɪəʳ]
1 (in this place) aquí
I live here vivo aquí; she's not here at the moment no está (aquí) en este momento
I'm here to help you
I'm not here to listen to your complaints no estoy aquí para escuchar tus quejas; here! (at roll call) ¡presente!; winter is here ha llegado el invierno; ya está aquí el invierno; my friend here will do it este amigo mío lo hará
he's here at last just sign here what are you doing here? well, I can't stand here chatting all day the book goes into recent work in greater detail than I have attempted here the bus leaves here at ten o'clock tomorrow morning what's going on here? come and sit here, Lauren [(a)round] [about] here
he's well known around here es muy conocido por aquí
I'm just barman and general handyman around here
in here, please aquí (dentro), por favor
put it in here come in here she was in here a minute ago I'm in here for heroin addiction [near] here/[far] from here the house is quite near here I want to go away to a palce far from here invite them over here for dinner tell her I'm [up]/[down] here [up to]/[down to] here
2 (to this place) aquí; acá; especially (LAm)
come here! ¡ven aquí or acá!; especially (LAm)
how's he getting here? the growing number of skiers that come here
3 (stating or offering sth)
here are the books aquí están los libros; here he comes ya viene; here's what I think esto es lo que pienso; here we are, I've found it aquí está, lo encontré; here it is, under the cushion aquí está, debajo del cojín; did you want the corkscrew? here it is ¿querías el sacacorchos? aquí lo tienes; here you are, you can have my seat toma, puedes sentarte en mi sitio; here you are, I've fixed it toma or aquí lo tienes, lo he arreglado
handing sth to sb here I am here we are soaking up the sun here's my card - you know where to find me here are some letters I want you to sign here is your opportunity to acquire a luxurious one-bedroom starter home
4 (at this time)
and here he laughed y entonces se rió; here I should remind you that ... ahora os debería recordar que ...; it's my job that's at risk here lo que me estoy jugando es el trabajo; what we're talking about here is ... de lo que esto se trata es ...
both sides will have to sell the agreement to their people - it's here that the real test will come the objective here is to understand the functioning of brain
5 (on this point) en este punto
I disagree with you here no estoy de acuerdo contigo en este punto
it's here that we come up against the difference of approach
6 (in phrases)
here we go again! ¡ya estamos otra vez!
at first he was told he was too young, and I thought "oh boy, here we go again!"
here goes! ¡ahí va!
Dr Culver nervously muttered "here goes" and gave the little girl an injection
here lies ... aquí yacen los restos de ...
here lies John Mayfield, beloved husband of Ethel that's [neither] here nor there
whether or not he realized was neither here nor there el que se hubiera dado cuenta o no no venía al caso
the difference of £5 was neither here nor there las 5 libras de diferencia no iban a ninguna parte
here and now ahora mismo
I must warn you here and now that ... te tengo que advertir ahora mismo que ...
I'm a practising physician, trying to help people here and now a danger that is real, here and now, and affects us all here and now he would not have recognized her I think we should talk about this here and now
I'm out of here me largo (informal)
I can't stand all this arguing - I'm out of here
here and there
he dabbed a bit of paint here and there
I do a bit of teaching here and there suelo dar alguna que otra clase; he could only understand a word here and there solo entendía palabras sueltas; here, there and everywhere en todas partes
there were toys here, there and everywhere
here's to ...
here's to the happy couple! ¡a la salud de los novios!; here's to your new job! ¡por tu nuevo trabajo!
here's to us!
here, you try and open it! ¡toma, intenta abrirlo tú!; here, that's my dinner you're eating! ¡oye tú, que esa es mi cena!
here, I didn't promise that at all! here, hold this a minute
the here and now el presente
an attempt to escape from the bland world of the here and now it's not some figment of my imagination - /it exists in the here and now/ instead of staying in the here and now, you bring up similar instances from the past there is a great emphasis on the practical and the here and now I'm not interested in the history of it - I'm interested in the here and now, in its practical applications his comedy is born of the here and now in the here and now we can do nothing about it this was no answer to the Service's immediate predicament - the lack of experienced officers in the here and now
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