Un sustantivo es una palabra que se refiere a una persona, un animal, un lugar, un sentimiento o una idea (p.ej. hombre, perro, casa).
1. (ambiente)
a. el aire
(m) significa que un sustantivo es de género masculino (p.ej. el hombre, el sol).
The air in the city is polluted.El aire en la ciudad está contaminado.
2. (aspecto)
a. el aire
(m) significa que un sustantivo es de género masculino (p.ej. el hombre, el sol).
He had a certain air of mystery about him.Él tenía cierto aire de misterio.
Un verbo intransitivo es un verbo que no requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. El hombre estornudó.).
verbo intransitivo
3. (salir al aire)
a. transmitirse
My favorite show airs at 8 pm.Mi programa favorito se transmite a las 8 pm.
b. emitirse
The program aired three times a week.El programa se emitía tres veces por semana.
Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
4. (exponer al aire libre)
a. ventilar
It's rather stuffy in here. Let's open the windows to air the room.El ambiente está bastante cargado aquí dentro. Abramos las ventanas para ventilar el cuarto.
b. airear
I need to air the sheets before the guests arrive.Tengo que airear las sábanas antes de que lleguen los invitados.
5. (hacer público)
a. airear
The employees aired their grievances during the strike.Los empleados airearon sus quejas durante la huelga.
b. ventilar
I want to speak to a manager and air my problems with the company.Quiero hablar con un gerente y ventilar mis problemas con la compañía.
6. (difundir)
a. transmitir
The program was first aired in 1999.El programa fue transmitido por primera vez en 1999.
b. emitir
The government doesn't want us to air this documentary.El gobierno no quiere que emitamos este documental.
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Un sustantivo es una palabra que se refiere a una persona, un animal, un lugar, un sentimiento o una idea (p.ej. hombre, perro, casa).
1. (in general)
a. el aire
(m) significa que un sustantivo es de género masculino (p.ej. el hombre, el sol).
by airen avión
to be on the airestar en el aire
to throw something (up) in the airlanzar algo al aire
our plans are up in the airnuestros planes están en el aire
there's a feeling of hope in the airhay (un) ambiente de esperanza
2. (automotriz)
air bagairbag m
air bedcolchón hinchable
air fareprecio del billete m, boleto m, pasaje m
air filterfiltro del aire
the Air Forcelas Fuerzas Aéreas
air freighttransporte aéreo
air freshenerambientador m
air hostessazafata de vuelo aeromoza f
air marshalteniente general de las fuerzas aéreas
air pollutioncontaminación atmosférica, polución ambiental
air pressurepresión atmosférica
air raidataque aéreo
air rifleescopeta de aire comprimido
air showdemostración or exhibición aérea
air stewardauxiliar de vuelo
air stewardessauxiliar de vuelo, azafata de vuelo aeromoza f
air terminalterminal de vuelo
air traffic controlcontrol (del tráfico) aéreo
air traffic controllercontrolador(ora) aéreo(a)
3. (melody)
a. el melodía f, aire
(m) significa que un sustantivo es de género masculino (p.ej. el hombre, el sol).
4. (look)
a. el aire
(m) significa que un sustantivo es de género masculino (p.ej. el hombre, el sol).
he has the air of somebody who has traveledtiene aire de haber viajado mucho
to give oneself airs, to put on airsdarse aires, darse tono
Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
5. (room, opinions, grievances)
a. ventilar, airear
6. (clothing, bedding)
a. airear, orear
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air [ɛəʳ]
1 aire (m)
I need some air! ¡necesito un poco de aire!
draughts help to circulate air Keith opened the window and leaned out into the cold air
by air [+travel] en avión; [+send] por avión; por vía aérea
it's much more expensive if you go by air the United Nations have been unable to distribute food around the country, other than by air it'll get there quicker if you send it by air
(seen) from the air desde el aire
a photograph of Buckingham Palace from the air
to get some fresh air tomar un poco el aire
to throw sth (up) in or into the air lanzar algo al aire
the balloon rose (up) in or into the air el globo se elevó en el aire
we let the air out of his tyres le desinflamos las ruedas
one can't live on air no se puede vivir del aire
the cold night air el aire frío de la noche
in the open air al aire libre
the air rang with their laughter su risa resonaba en el aire
the sea air el aire del mar
spring is in the air ya se siente la primavera
to take the air tomar el fresco; airearse
they would walk along the sea front every afternoon to take the air
to take to the air [+bird] alzar or levantar el vuelo; [+plane] despegar
Birds taking to the air hastily in a single cloud when one approaches them Iraqi aircraft that take to the air in violation of the cease-fire travelers took to the air in record numbers this past summer police are taking to the air to crack down on speeding motorists a passenger who never wanted to take to the air again after his pilot died at the controls
to fly through the air volar por el aire or por los aires
[war] in the air
to be in the air
it's still very much in the air está todavía en el aire; todavía no es seguro; there's something in the air se respira algo
there was great excitement in the air government troops broke up the protest by firing their guns in the air
to leave sth (hanging) in the air dejar algo en el aire or pendiente
these ideas have been left hanging in the air since the new government came to power she walked away and left the question hanging in the air Marshall's greeting was left hanging in the air and nobody moved
our plans are up in the air nuestros planes están en el aire
he told reporters today that the president's trip to Moscow is up in the air though it does not leave you up in the air, is nevertheless an unfinished book this project is very much up in the air the issue was left up in the air the location of the second phase of talks is up in the air next week's Middle East peace talks are still up in the air
to be walking or floating on air no caber en sí de alegría
as soon as I know I'm in the team it's like I'm walking on air
2 (Rad) (TV)
off air fuera de antena
the argument continued off air la discusión continuó fuera de antena; to go off (the) air [+broadcaster, station] cerrar la emisión; [+programme] finalizar
10 minutes after the programme went off the air
to be on (the) air [+programme, person] estar en el aire; [+station] emitir; estar en el aire
we are on (the) air from six to seven emitimos de seis a siete; estamos en el aire de seis a siete; the programme could be on (the) air within a year el programa podría emitirse dentro de un año; you're on (the) air estás en el aire; estamos emitiendo
don't expect to talk about it on the air if we weren't on air, I could show you
would you be prepared to talk about it on (the) air? ¿estaría dispuesto a hablar de ello durante la emisión del programa?; ¿estaría dispuesto a hablar de ello una vez estemos en el aire?
some of the things he said off-air
to go on (the) air salir al aire
the programme won't go on the air till 7 he was hoping to prompt calls from those too shy to go on the air otherwise singer Dani Behr, 17, is going on the air as presenter of Channel 4's `The Word' the rule was amended and we were able to go on the air as originally planned the new station goes on the air in the Autumn any information you give them will be held in strictest confidence until they come on the air Britaion's first national commercial radio station to cater for classical music buffs went on air yesterday by the time it goes on air, probably in the autumn 10 minutes before the show was due to go on air
3 (appearance, manner) aire (m)
he looked at me with an air of surprise me miró con aire de sorpresa; me miró algo sorprendido; he has an air of importance tiene cierto aire de importancia
he has a distinguished air an air of distinction about him with a guilty air his air of moral superiority Jennifer took a drag on her cigarette, regarding him with an air of amusement the meal gave the occasion an almost festive air
to give o.s. airsput on airs darse aires (de importancia)
he gives himself airs, he does - he thinks he's so smart
airs and graces afectación (f)
the old cliche of the customer being always right is what gives them airs and graces
4 (Mús) aire (m)
an adaptation of an old Scottish air
5 (breeze) brisa (f)
verbo transitivo
1 (ventilate) [+room] ventilar; airear; [+clothes, bed] airear; orear
2 (make public) [+idea, grievance] airear; hacer público
it gives them a chance to air their views les da la oportunidad de airear or hacer públicos sus puntos de vista
both sides aired their differences one day a week her mother systematically cleaned and aired each room when the shirts were clean, I ironed them myself, aired them and placed them in drawers in his room They gave orders to air the house, change the bed linen the whole issue was thoroughly aired at the meeting this wouldn't be the appropriate time to air her feelings these forums gave the public a chance to air their concerns and demands for change a few of the soldiers aired their complaints on television he never missed a chance to air his talent naturally he had to air his superior knowledge in front of me
he always has to air his knowledge in front of me siempre tiene que hacer alarde de or lucir lo que sabe delante de mí
you can be sure that there will be someone far more erudite in the audience who will be itching to air his knowledge by asking questions, to the speaker's discomfort
3 (US) (Rad) (TV) [+programme] emitir
the largest television network in France has aired a number of stories on Clarence Thomas this week officials have said they doubt Iraq will air the Bush message
4 (US) (transport) transportar por avión; aerotransportar
verbo intransitivo
1 [+clothes] airearse; orearse
I hung the blankets out to air colgué las mantas fuera para que se aireasen or se oreasen
2 (US) (TV) (Rad) [+programme] emitirse
the programme will air tonight as scheduled
air alert (n) alerta (f) aérea
they didn't hear the air alert
air ambulance (n) (plane) avión (m) sanitario; avión (m) ambulancia; (helicopter) helicóptero (m) sanitario; helicóptero (m) ambulancia
air attack (n) ataque (m) aéreo
we were very vulnerable to air attack they intensified their air attacks on Germany
air bag (n) airbag (m); bolsa (f) de aire
Chrysler has said that it's going to make air bags standard on all cars
air base (n) base (f) aérea
the allied air base where the US forces are in Saudi Arabia
air bed (n) colchón (m) inflable
air bladder (n) (Zool) vejiga (f) natatoria
air brake (n) (Aut) (Ferro) freno (m) neumático or de aire; (Aer) freno (m) aerodinámico
Sounds of truck air brakes releasing pressure a cord that can be pulled to set the air brakes on a plane you can use your main wing flaps as airbrakes
air brick (n) ladrillo (m) de ventilación
air bridge (n) puente (m) aéreo
the government is trying to set up an air bridge to ferry blankets and food
air bubble (n) burbuja (f) de aire
a sailor was trapped in an air bubble for 90 minutes after a lifeboat overturned there were no air bubbles to give the divers away
air burst (n) explosión (f) en el aire
air cargo (n) carga (f) aérea
an Emory Express air cargo plane made an emergency landing today an air cargo company
air carrier (n) aerolínea (f)
the Australian government's international air carrier Qantas Airways most major air carriers are honoring usair tickets
air chamber (n) cámara (f) de aire
air chief marshal (n) (Britain) comandante (m) supremo de las Fuerzas Aéreas
air commodore (n) (Britain) general (m) de brigada aérea
air conditioner (n) acondicionador (m) de aire
air conditioning (n) aire (m) acondicionado
a cinema with air conditioning un cine climatizado
air corridor (n) pasillo (m) aéreo; corredor (m) aéreo
Serbs have said they will allow an air corridor to be opened to the Muslim town of Tuzla
air cover (n) (Mil) cobertura (f) aérea
There would be extensive air cover from Skyhawks, Harriers and F-16s the United States is still prepared to provide air cover for the international relief mission
air current (n) corriente (f) de aire
golden eagles coasted down the air currents the pilot battled against the vicious air currents
air cushion (n) (inflatable cushion) almohada (f) inflable
We'll find you an air cushion. You can go back after the bed's made
(Aer) colchón (m) de aire
air cylinder (n) bombona (f) de aire
the oxygen-rich mixture from the air cylinders burned his throat
air disaster (n) catástrofe (f) aérea
a survivor of the Manchester air disaster of 1985 the inquiry into the Lockerbie air disaster
air duct (n) tubo (m) de aire; tubo (m) de ventilación
Mack had heard him through the air duct that snaked up behind the walls There was a big air duct in the ceiling of his apartment
air express (n) (US) avión (m) de carga
it got to the airport in time for it to be sent air express
air fare (n) tarifa (f) aérea; precio (m) del billete de avión
a 10% reduction in air fares un descuento del 10% en las tarifas aéreas or los precios de los billetes de avión; I'll pay for the air fare yo pagaré el billete de avión
the airfare wars put the company out of business they have the cheapest airfares to the States he couldn't afford the airfare
air ferry (n) transbordador (m) aéreo
the splendid bulbous-nosed air ferries that, until the 1970s, used to fly from Lydd in Kent to Le Touquet, carrying the cars of the few who could afford the huge fares
air filter (n) filtro (m) de aire
brakes, cables, lights, air filters, body parts and panels ionizers are available combined with air filters
air force (n) fuerzas (f) aéreas; ejército (m) del aire
an air force pilot the French air force
air force base (n) especially (US) base (f) aérea
Air Force One (n) (US) avión (m) presidencial
air freight (n) (transport, charge) flete (m) aéreo; (goods) carga (f) aérea
to send sth by air freight transportar algo por avión
the air freight was prohibitively expensive so I sent it by sea there were hundreds of containers of air freight being held up by the strike
air freight terminal (n) terminal (f) de mercancías transportadas por aire; (transportadas por aire)
air freshener (n) ambientador (m)
the perfume of a pine-scented air freshener masked the ripe odour of cat litter
air guitar (n) guitarra (f) imaginaria
Dad is downstairs playing air guitar to the Rolling Stones with punk you could spit and with heavy metal you got to play air guitar
air gun (n) (pistol) pistola (f) de aire (comprimido); (rifle) escopeta (f) de aire (comprimido)
He sometimes shot at my legs with an air gun and I would have to pick up the pellets
air hole (n) respiradero (m)
air hostess (n) (Britain) azafata (f); aeromoza (f); (LAm) cabinera (f); (Col)
The air hostess told us to fasten our seatbelts
air intake (n) (in engine) entrada (f) de aire; toma (f) de aire; (when breathing) aire (m) inhalado; capacidad (f) pulmonar
the huge air intake and exhausts obstructed the view forward if you pull in your abdomen as you breathe in, this restricts the air intake
air lane (n) pasillo (m) aéreo; corredor (m) aéreo
the worlds crowded air lanes
air letter (n) aerograma (m)
I received an air letter this morning
air marshal (n) (Britain) mariscal (m) del aire
plans to honour Air Marshall Arthur `Bomber" Harris
air mass (n) masa (f) de aire
Forecasters say another Arctic air mass is on its way to the Pacific Northwest
air mattress (n) colchón (m) inflable
air miles (n) puntos (m) (acumulables para viajar)
Executive Club members who take any return flight in the UK will earn 120 Air Miles The deal offers 10 air miles for every £100 deposited in either of the bank's two high interest savings accounts
air miss (n) air-miss (m); aproximación (f) peligrosa entre dos aviones
the number of risk-bearing air misses has risen
air pocket (n) bolsa (f) de aire
the plane suddenly hit an air pocket
air pollutant (n) contaminante (m) atmosférico
legislation aimed at reducing the release of toxic air pollutants The most dangerous air pollutant to come to light in the past decade is undoubtedly formaldehyde
air pollution (n) contaminación (f) del aire; contaminación (f) atmosférica
a major source of indoor air pollution is the odor or fumes of paint there is no problem with air pollution in Denver
air power (n) fuerza (f) aérea
the most extensive British use of air power between the wars was in the Middle East 2,000 combat aircraft, about one-third of their total air power we clearly didn't win that war with air power tactical air power
the use of air power el uso de la fuerza aérea
he ruled out the use of air power against civilian targets their army was smashed by a force of mostly American air power and mostly American tanks air power can be used not merely for reconnaissance and interdiction, but as a highly mobile source of firepower an impressive display of high-tech allied air power
air pressure (n) presión (f) atmosférica
the air pressure began to fall a sudden change in air pressure
air pump (n) bomba (f) de aire
There was nothing in the boat except the oars, a plastic baler and an air pump
air purifier (n) purificador (m) de aire
air rage (n) síndrome (m) del pasajero alborotador
air raid (n) ataque (m) aéreo
air rifle (n) escopeta (f) de aire (comprimido)
air shaft (n) pozo (m) de ventilación
air show (n) (commercial) feria (f) de la aeronáutica; (air display) exhibición (f) de acrobacia aérea
the Farnborough air show King Hussein visited an air show at a military base near Middle Wallop in 1980
air shuttle (n) puente (m) aéreo
Egypt and Tunisia are setting up air shuttle services to help passengers traveling to the country
air sock (n) manga (f) (de viento)
veleta $ >
air space (n) espacio (m) aéreo
Spanish air space espacio (m) aéreo español
air steward (n) auxiliar (m) de vuelo
air stewardess (n) auxiliar (f) de vuelo; azafata (f)
air strike (n) ataque (m) aéreo
air superiority (n) supremacía (f) aérea
Iraq would lose planes because of overwhelming allied air superiority if they flaunted the air exclusion zone the US still hasn't established air superiority over Iraq
air suspension (n) (Aut) suspensión (f) neumática
air taxi (n) aerotaxi (m)
he operated his air taxi service from this airfield about one out of every three air taxi operators are involved in an incident or an aircraft accident during the year
air terminal (n) terminal (f) (de aeropuerto)
the police are watching all seaports, air terminals and railway stations
air ticket (n) billete (m) de avión
air time (n) (Rad) (TV) tiempo (m) en antena
air traffic (n) tráfico (m) aéreo
air traffic in London will be in chaos unless action is taken the strike has brought air traffic to a standstill
air travel (n) viajes (m) en avión
air travel will continue to grow at about 6% per year until 2000 before the advent of air travel cheaper air travel has become a reality
air valve (n) respiradero (m)
air vent (n) (in building) respiradero (m)
It is important that all air vents in rooms remain open There was a small air vent in the ceiling
(in clothing) abertura (f) en prenda de ropa; (en prenda de ropa)
THE Halfords Trax Aerolite cycle helmet is sleek and aerodynamic, comes in either charcoal or purple and has air vents to ensure maximum comfort plastic macks have to have air vents in them
(on dryer) tobera (f) de aire caliente
if you have a ready-made barbecue, adjust the heat by opening and closing the air vents
air vice-marshall (n) (Britain) general (m) de división de las Fuerzas Aéreas
Air Vice Marshall Peter Beer
air waybill (n) hoja (f) de ruta aérea
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