Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
1. (dar una sugerencia)
a. aconsejar
His uncle advised him to stop seeing his girlfriend.Su tío le aconsejó que dejara de ver a su novia.
b. recomendar
My mother advised me to choose a place to live first, and then look for a job.Mi mamá me recomendó que primero escogiera un lugar para vivir, y después buscara un trabajo.
2. (dar consejo)
a. asesorar
Mili's lawyer is advising her on how to proceed with the divorce.El abogado de Mili la está asesorando sobre cómo proceder con el divorcio.
b. aconsejar
My thesis advisor advised me to present my work at a conference.Mi asesor de tesis me aconsejó presentar mi trabajo en una conferencia.
3. (dar una noticia)
a. informar
The general advised the president on the situation in the Middle East.El general informó al presidente sobre la situación en el Medio Oriente.
b. notificar
We have advised the police and they will be here shortly.Hemos notificado a la policía y estarán aquí pronto.
4. (amonestar)
a. advertir
I advised him to finish his homework if he wanted to go out and play.Le advertí que terminara su trabajo si quería salir a jugar.
Un verbo intransitivo es un verbo que no requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. El hombre estornudó.).
verbo intransitivo
5. (dar consejos)
a. recomendar
I can't do as you advise; it's immoral.No puedo hacer lo que recomiendas; es inmoral.
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Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
1. (give advice to)
a. aconsejar
to advise somebody to do somethingaconsejar a alguien hacer or que haga algo
to advise somebody against doing somethingaconsejar a alguien que no haga algo
you'd be well advised to take an umbrellamás vale que lleves un paraguas
2. (inform)
to advise somebody that…informar a alguien de que…
to advise somebody of somethinginformar a alguien de algo
3. (give professional guidance)
a. asesorar
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advise [ədˈvaɪz]
verbo transitivo
1 (recommend) [+action] aconsejar; recomendar
he advises caution aconseja or recomienda prudencia; I'd advise leaving the car here aconsejaría que dejáramos el coche aquí
the doctor advises complete rest
to advise sb to do sth aconsejar a algn que haga algo; what would you advise me to do? ¿qué me aconsejas (que haga)?
we were advised to leave the minister advised him to leave as soon as possible candidates in India are advised to submit their applications through the overseas student office in London residents are advised not to put their rubbish bags on the pavement outside their houses to advise [that] ... your doctor has advised that you come off the pill doctors advised that he should be transferred to a private room
you would be ill advised to go no sería prudente que fueras; harías mal yendo or en ir
you would be well advised to go sería prudente que fueras; harías bien yendo or en ir
he would have been better advised to stay silent
2 (give advice to) aconsejar; (help and inform professionally) asesorar
your doctor will be able to advise you your local cancer group will be able to advise you Your students' union may be able to advise you an experienced solicitor will know how to advise you best trustees who run company pension schemes are not allowed to advise employees A NEW helpline has been opened to advise nurses who are worried they have been badly advised over their pensions she needs someone to advise her to advise sb [on] sth make suggestions to help and inform professionally
can you advise me on the best route? ¿me puede aconsejar cuál es la mejor ruta?
he advises teachers on classroom techniques a job advising youngsters on diet and fitness
he advises them on investment les asesora en sus inversiones
nutritionists are on hand to advise you on cooking techniques your doctor can advise you on where to get IVF the government will advise civilians about how they can protect themselves a White House group that advises presidents on defense and intelligence issues an officer who advises undergraduates from London's City University on money matters her first step was to contact a solicitor to advise her on the wording of any reply to advise sb [how]/[when]/[where]/[what] ...
she will advise you what to do ella te dirá lo que tienes que hacer
Herbert would surely advise her how to approach the bank I want you to advise me where I can sell some silver
3 (inform) informar; (officially) notificar
to advise sb of sth informar a algn de algo; (officially) notificar algo a algn
he wrote to advise me of his decision me escribió para informarme de or notificarme su decisión
the police must advise you [of] your rights la policía tiene la obligación de informarte de tus derechos
please advise us of a convenient date le ruego nos notifique una fecha conveniente
we will advise you of delivery in due course I think it best that I advise you of my decision to retire use knowledge to
to keep sb advised of or about sth mantener a algn al corriente or informado de algo
keep me advised
4 (warn) advertir
he was advised about the dangers of smoking nobody had advised me what to expect
they were advised that it would look bad les advirtieron (de) que causaría una mala impresión
I spotted the note on the ticket hut advising that the ferry was on holiday until 26 October be advised that we are aware of what you are trying to do
to advise sb against doing sth aconsejar a algn que no haga algo
they advised me against selling the house me aconsejaron que no vendiera la casa; the doctor advised me against it el médico me lo desaconsejó
she advised me against doing anything hasty
no one had advised him of the possible consequences nadie lo había advertido de las posibles consecuencias
verbo intransitivo
(make recommendations) dar consejos
friends can advise, but you are the one who has to decide listen, but do not advise to advise [against] sth, doing sth
I would advise against it yo te lo desaconsejaría; yo no te lo aconsejaría
he advised against going nos aconsejó que no fuéramos
he advises against the plan
to advise on sth (give information on) informar or dar información sobre algo; [+lawyer, accountant] asesorar sobre algo
job centres will advise on training courses en las oficinas de empleo informan or dan información sobre cursillos de formación
your doctor will be able to advise on suitable birth control the Foreign Office can advise on the trouble spots to avoid a Housing Advisory Committee, which advises on policy International consultancy firms should be hired to advise on better use of resources and manpower The Law Society is advising on claims
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