Crucigrama con las palabras del día de septiembre

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¿Quieres ver qué tan bien aprendiste las palabras del día de septiembre de inglé ¡Compruébelo con nuestro crucigrama con las palabras del día de septiembre! Imprímelo con el banco de palabras o sin ello si buscas un reto mayor.

Las pistas

2.A good apple shouldn't be mushy, but ---.1. If you eat popcorn, chips, or carrots, your teeth will do this.
3.How you may feel under a fuzzy blanket, sitting by the fire.3. The leaves of deciduous trees do this in the fall.
5.A deep, purplish red.4. A squirrel's favorite snack.
7.You can do this with people, shells, flowers, and more.6. In other words, nestle, curl up, or cuddle.
9.Geese, butterflies, and bees do this.8. What farmers do with crops in the fall.
11.Rainbows are extremely ---.9. On a --- night, you may not need a flashlight.
12.The two times of year when night and day are the same length.10. A crafty, tree-dwelling rodent.
13.Very clever or very bright.11. A popular fall beverage.
14.This energetic verb rhymes with "frisk."15. Another word for plant leaves.
16.In other words, cloudy.17. A synonym for "fall."
20.A type of tree whose leaves often turn bright red in the fall.18. You can do this with juice to turn into cider.
22.The opposite of harsh.19. The wind does it, and so do you to put out your birthday candles.
23.A very light rain.21. If the weather's like this, you can go fly a kite.
24.You need this crop to make tortillas, taco chips, and popcorn.24. Apples, pumpkins, avocados, etc.
25.You'll have to do this to reach the top of a hill or mountain.
26.Squirrels often do it with their food.

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