Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
1. (adaptar)
a. ajustar (mecanismo, instrumento)
I think I need to adjust the pressure in my tires.Creo que hace falta ajustar la presión de las llantas.
b. regular (temperatura, velocidad, volumen)
You can adjust the temperature with this thermostat.Puedes regular la temperatura con este termostato.
2. (cambiar)
a. modificar
Let us know if there's any change and we will adjust our plans accordingly.Avísanos si hay algún cambio, y ajustaremos nuestros planes en consecuencia.
3. (corregir)
a. arreglar
He adjusted his tie before he went into the meeting.Se arregló la corbata antes de entrar a la reunión.
4. (seguros)
a. liquidar
These terms will not apply until the claim has been adjusted.Estos términos no se aplicarán hasta que se liquide el siniestro.
b. tasar
His job involves adjusting insurance claims.Su trabajo consiste en tasar reclamaciones al seguro.
Un verbo intransitivo es un verbo que no requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. El hombre estornudó.).
verbo intransitivo
5. (acostumbrarse)
a. adaptarse
After moving to a new country, you may find it difficult to adjust.Después de moverse a un país nuevo, puede que tengas dificultades en adaptarte.
b. amoldarse
We need to be able to adjust to changing circumstances.Es necesario tener la capacidad de amoldarnos a los cambios de circunstancias.
6. (regularse)
a. ajustarse
The harness adjusts to fit all sizes.El arnés se ajusta a cualquier tamaño.
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Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
1. (machine, mechanism)
a. ajustar, regular
2. (method)
a. ajustar, adaptar
to adjust one's tieajustarse la corbata
to adjust oneself to somethingadaptarse a algo
Un verbo intransitivo es un verbo que no requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. El hombre estornudó.).
verbo intransitivo
3. (person)
a. adaptarse
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adjust [əˈdʒʌst]
verbo transitivo
1 (regulate) [+height, temperature, speed, knob, dial] regular
you can adjust the temperature by turning this knob
[+machine, engine, brakes] ajustar
adjust the lighting so it is soft and restful there's a dial to let you adjust the speed of the motor he adjusted the calibrated dial on the monitor she leaned over the telescope and adjusted the sight to her specifications
she adjusted her wing mirror ajustó el retrovisor exterior; this chair can be adjusted esta silla se puede regular
adjust the seasoning if necessary the man reached out and adjusted a knob Liz adjusted her mirror and then edged the car out of its parking bay the saddle can be adjusted for your particular height he heaved the air tank on to his back and adjusted the straps adjust the seat height using the handle provided if you look at these little stripes on the turntable you can adjust its speed she adjusted the temperature of the shower until the water almost scalded her skin try adjusting the temperature if the air feels dry I adjusted the volume to low he did not need to frequently adjust his speed or change gear
do not adjust your set no modifique los controles de su aparato
2 (correct) [+figures] ajustar; [+salaries, wages, prices] reajustar
adjusted gross income ingresos (m) brutos ajustados; the seasonally adjusted unemployment total la tasa de desempleo desestacionalizada
the figures are adjusted for seasonal variation(s) if you have paid too much tax, the figures are adjusted accordingly workers wages fell by about 3 percent when adjusted for inflation
we have adjusted all salaries upwards/downwards hemos hecho un reajuste de todos los salarios al alza/a la baja
3 (change, adapt) [+terms] modificar
the terms have been adjusted in your favour to adjust sth to meet requirements to attract investors Panama has adjusted its tax and labour laws I stood just inside the doorway, squinting to adjust my eyes to the dimness he stopped to try to adjust his vision to the faint starlight he was struggling to adjust his vision to the dimness of that place
I tried to adjust my eyes to the darkness intenté que los ojos se me acostumbrasen a la oscuridad; to adjust o.s. to a new situation adaptarse a una nueva situación
/we have been preparing our fighters to adjust themselves to civil society/, in case we liberate our country hemos entrenado a nuestros combatientes para que puedan adaptarse a la sociedad civil it was a solitary life, but she had adjusted herself to it so well that she never felt lonely
4 (arrange) [+hat, tie, clothes] arreglar; [+straps] ajustar
the straps were easy to adjust she bent down to adjust the strap of her high-heeled shoe
she adjusted her headscarf se arregló la pañoleta
he adjusted his tie in the mirror Lescombe rubbed his hand across his thin hair and adjusted his spectacles
5 (Insurance) [+claim] liquidar; tasar
verbo intransitivo
[+person] adaptarse; [+machine, device] ajustarse
the boy is having trouble in adjusting el niño está teniendo dificultades para adaptarse
he would accept the change as necessary and adjust accordingly we shall have to adjust it has been hard to adjust but now I'm enjoying my job
to adjust to sth [+person] acostumbrarse a algo; adaptarse a algo; [+eyes, body] acostumbrarse a algo
I just couldn't adjust to life in London Ifelt I had adjusted to the idea of being a mother very well managers may have trouble adjusting to their new roles as coaches instead of bosses he had a hard time adjusting to civilian life after the army
we waited until our eyes adjusted to the dark the body soon adjusts to the time change it was a few moments before his eyes adjusted to the bright glare of the sun the body adjusts over time to the presence of some drugs
the seat adjusts to various heights el asiento se puede regular a distintas alturas
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