Los adjetivos comparativos 
Hoja de repaso
Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
1. (tamaño)
a. grueso
They covered the cake with a thick layer of frosting.Cubrieron el pastel con una capa gruesa de glaseado.
b. gordo
Una palabra o frase conversacional que se usa en el habla común (p. ej. abuelita).
You wouldn't believe how thick my math book is.No te imaginas lo gordo que es mi libro de matemáticas.
c. de espesor
How many inches thick is it?¿Cuántas pulgadas tiene de espesor?
2. (líquidos)
a. espeso
How do you prepare such thick sauces?¿Cómo prepara unas salsas tan espesas?
3. (denso)
a. espeso
The forest was so thick that sunlight didn't reach the ground.El bosque era tan espeso que la luz del sol no llegaba a la tierra.
b. denso
I could hardly breathe with all that thick smoke.Apenas podía respirar con todo ese humo denso.
c. poblado
He had a long, thick beard.Llevaba una barba larga y poblada.
4. (lenguaje)
a. marcado (acento)
His thick Russian accent made it difficult to understand him.Su marcado acento ruso hacía que fuera difícil entenderlo.
Una palabra o frase conversacional que se usa en el habla común (p. ej. abuelita).
a. corto
Una palabra o frase conversacional que se usa en el habla común (p. ej. abuelita).
His new friend is a bit thick.Su nuevo amigo es un poco corto.
6. (voz)
a. pastosa (de beber demasiado)
His voice was thick when he answered the phone.Tenía la voz pastosa cuando contestó al teléfono.
b. llena (emoción)
He thanked us all, his voice thick with emotion.Nos lo agradeció a todos con una voz llena de emoción.
Una palabra o frase que se usa en un grupo o comunidad particular como substituto al lenguaje estandarizado (p. ej. talego).
(de nalgas y piernas grandes)
a. buenota (femenino)
That thick girl drives me crazy.Esa chava buenota me vuelve loco.
b. gordibueno
Una palabra o frase conversacional que se usa en el habla común (p. ej. abuelita).
Sara likes thick guys.A Sara le gustan los hombres gordibuenos.
Un adverbio es una palabra que modifica o sirve de complemento a un verbo, un adjetivo u otro adverbio (correr rápido, muy cansado).
8. (en capa gruesa)
Una frase idiomatica cuyo significado no es deducible si se traduce palabra por palabra.
sin traducción directa
The snow fell so thick that it was unsafe to drive.Nevó tan copiosamente que conducir era peligroso.
The toast was spread thick with jelly.La tostada tenía una capa bien gruesa de jalea.
Un sustantivo es una palabra que se refiere a una persona, un animal, un lugar, un sentimiento o una idea (p.ej. hombre, perro, casa).
9. (la mitad de algo)
Una frase idiomatica cuyo significado no es deducible si se traduce palabra por palabra.
sin traducción directa
I met them in the thick of the night.Me los encontré en plena noche.
She likes to be in the thick of things.Le gusta estar donde está la acción.
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Un sustantivo es una palabra que se refiere a una persona, un animal, un lugar, un sentimiento o una idea (p.ej. hombre, perro, casa).
1. (en general)
in the thick of the foresten la espesura del bosque
in the thick of it or of thingsen primera línea
through thick and thinpara lo bueno y para lo malo
Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
2. (in size)
a. grueso(a)
the wall is a meter thickel muro tiene un metro de espesor
3. (mist, smoke)
a. denso(a)
4. (forest)
a. espeso(a)
5. (hair)
a. poblado(a)
6. (beard)
a. poblado(a), tupido(a)
7. (accent)
a. acusado(a), marcado(a)
a voice thick with emotionuna voz quebrada por la emoción
the air was thick with smokeun humo espeso invadía el aire
the snow was thick on the groundhabía una espesa capa de nieve
8. (fig)
to be thick on the groundser abundante
9. (soup, sauce, paint)
a. espeso(a)
10. (coloquial)
a. corto(a), lerdo(a)
to be as thick as two short planks or a brickno tener dos dedos de frente
11. (idioms)
to have a thick skintener mucha correa or mucho aguante
12. (coloquial)
to give somebody a thick eardar a alguien un coscorrón
13. (coloquial)
they're as thick as thievesson uña y carne están a partir un piñón,
14. (coloquial) (Reino Unido)
that's a bit thick!¡eso es un poco fuerte!
Un adverbio es una palabra que modifica o sirve de complemento a un verbo, un adjetivo u otro adverbio (correr rápido, muy cansado).
15. (en general)
to cut the bread thickcortar el pan en rebanadas gruesas
to spread the butter thickuntar mucha mantequilla
16. (coloquial)
to lay it on a bit thickcargar las tintas
to come thick and fastllegar a raudales
thick [θɪk]
thicker (comparative)thickest (superlative)
1 (not thin) [+wall, line, slice, neck] grueso
To test, pierce the thickest part of the chicken leg with a skewer We were separated by thick concrete [walls] They were protected by a thick concrete shelter Soldiers tried to blast straight through the thick steel door The house was covered in a thick [layer] of dust The road is covered with a thick [layer] of black mud A thick blanket of snow covers the ground Thick green mud has coated everything for miles around she lay back on a thick pile of cushions She drew a thick [line] down the middle of the page slice the mushrooms 1/4 inch thick ...thick [slices] of bread Her wrinkles had been covered up by a thick [layer] of greenish make-up
[+lips] grueso; carnoso
He was full-faced and heavy-featured with thick [lips]
[+waist] ancho
You'll forget to worry about the odd wrinkle or the rather thicker [waistline] He stood with his chubby hands on his thick [waist] She has a wide, sensual mouth and along thick [neck] draped with dozens of gold chains arms, legs, neck he rolled up his sleeves to reveal a pair of thick arms Mona wore long skirts to hide her thick legs
[+sweater] gordo
...a thick sweater She put on a pair of thick gloves He put on a thick coat and went to the stable yard
[+spectacles] de lente gruesa
a thick layer of snow/dust una espesa capa de nieve/polvo; a thick layer of potatoes/butter una capa gruesa de patatas/mantequilla
fill the dish with a thick layer of potatoes followed by a thin layer of cheese everything was covered with a thick layer of dust archaeologists discovered the bodies preserved by a thick layer of lava
a tree root as thick as a man's arm una raíz de árbol tan gruesa or gorda como el brazo de un hombre; it's 2 metres thick tiene 2 metros de grosor
In places the mud is over 30 metres thick The young tree was about fifteen feet high and one foot thick at the base
a 5 centimetres thick door una puerta de 5 centímetros de grosor
to give sb a thick ear dar un sopapo a algn (informal)
If you don't shut up I'll give you a thick ear!
how thick is it? ¿qué grosor tiene?; ¿cómo es de grueso?
How thick is that plank of wood?
it's or that's a bit thick (unreasonable) eso ya pasa de castaño oscuro (informal)
he wants you to work an extra five hours a week? that's a bit thick! "Oh, I say," Algie complained. "That's a bit thick. You're not going to do it, are you, Pet?"
2 (dense) [+beard, eyebrows] poblado
Robinson has grown a thick grey [beard] Before her was a gentleman with a bit of a paunch and a thick brown moustache His thick [eyebrows] bristled as he began speaking with great deliberation
[+carpet, fur] tupido
Beautiful, those cats are, beautiful thick glossy coats His footsteps were cushioned by the thick red [carpet]
[+forest] tupido; poblado
They were on the edge of the thick [forest] The trees were so thick that the [forests] were as dark as night The morning light had now brightened enough to reveal the thick green woods which spread out to the north of the city
[+vegetation, dust] espeso
...clouds of thick dust
[+air, atmosphere] cargado; denso; [+smoke, clouds, night] denso
The room was thick with [smoke] The air was thick with [smoke] In the thick atmosphere of tobacco [smoke] and rumour they sat; ordered; and then couldn't talk Thick clouds of tobacco [smoke] made my eyes smart ...a thick yellow haze of city lights and [smoke] The [smoke] rose, yellow and thick We travelled in an old station wagon, windows all down, [clouds] of thick, red dust billowing behind Our latest satellite picture shows a band of thick [cloud] with some thunderstorms reported covering South Wales Today's launch was an hour later than planned due to low, thick [clouds] hanging over the launch site All at once the thick [darkness] of the garden rushed in upon me The [night] all around was thick and obscure *
[+fog] espeso; denso
The [fog] seemed to be getting thicker as they went along
to have thick hair tener mucho pelo; tener una melena tupida
to be thick with (gen) estar lleno de
the windows were thick with [dust]
the pavements were thick with people las aceras estaban abarrotadas or llenas de gente
the streets are thick with [traffic] I struggled across Warwick Road, which was thick with [traffic] moving sluggishly north the water is thick with [weeds] ...tramping among shallow reeds, marshy land, shallow water thick with vegetation The air was thick with the smell of [fuel]
the air was thick with smoke el aire estaba cargado or lleno de humo
The afternoon air is thick with the pungent smell of burning wood The sun is already high in the sky and the air is thick with heat and the sweet smell of hot oil
the air was thick with rumours corrían or circulaban muchos rumores
The air was thick with talk of Haig's possible resignation
to be thick on the ground
cameramen and interviewers were thick on the ground había cámaras y entrevistadores a patadas (informal)
The alternatives to Roberts do not seem thick on the ground Even here, where [foriegn] investment is thickest on the ground, unemployment is over 50%
3 (not runny) [+yoghurt, sauce] espeso
if the soup becomes too thick, add more water si la sopa se pone muy espesa, añada más agua; whisk until thick bátase hasta que se ponga espeso
The chef has made the [sauce] too thick The mixture should be the [consistency] of very thick batter ...thick garlic mayonnaise This [soup] should be thick and rich ...thick, [creamy] yoghurt The [consistency] should resemble thick cream
4 (stupid) corto (informal); burro (informal)
he's a bit thick es un poco corto or burro (informal)
He left school early because he was thick "Don't be so thick!" Rita screamed
I finally got it into or through his thick head por fin conseguí que le entrase en esa cabeza hueca (informal)
When are you going to get it into your thick head that snooping is no kind of a job for you?! I had begun to get it through my thick head that maybe nothing could be done
to be as thick as a brick or two short planks ser más burro or bruto que un arado (informal)
as thick as (pig)shit más burro or bruto que la hostia (vulgar)
5 (strong) [+accent] fuerte; marcado
She spoke broken English in a thick, guttural [accent] He spoke English with a thick German [accent]
6 (from drink, illness, tiredness) [+voice] pastoso
Her [voice] was phlegmy, thick "This is a sentimental journey for me," I said, my [voice] thick. "My sister was here the night she died." "What's going on?" came Jack's thick, drowsy [voice] his [voice] sounded blurred and thick His throat was thick as he said: "Look after Mommy, won't you, darling?"
his voice was thick with emotion su voz estaba empañada por la emoción or cargada de emoción
his voice was thick with sarcasm su tono iba cargado de sarcasmo
When he spoke his [voice] was thick with bitterness His [voice] became thick with emotion
7 (very friendly)
to be thick (with sb) ser uña y carne (con algn) (informal)
those two seem to be very thick lately Since when have you been so thick with him?
to be (as) thick as thieves ser uña y carne (informal)
The three men became as thick as thieves in no time
8 (groggy)
I woke up with a thick head me desperté con la cabeza embotada
(in a thick layer)
the fog hung thick over the city una capa espesa de niebla pendía sobre la ciudad
the dust/snow lay thick había una capa espesa de polvo/nieve
slice the bread nice and thick corte el pan en rebanadas bien gruesas
he spread the butter on thick untó una capa gruesa de mantequilla
to come/follow thick and fast llegar/sucederse con rapidez
the jokes came thick and fast los chistes iban surgiendo uno detrás de otro con rapidez
orders are already coming in thick and fast from our customers
distress calls were coming in thick and fast llovían las llamadas de auxilio; the snow was falling thick and fast nevaba copiosamente or sin parar
More discoveries followed thick and fast redundancies are coming thick and fast/ Tension mounted as the goals came thick and fast with the scores level, 13-13, in the final minutes
to lay it on thick (exaggerate) cargar or recargar las tintas (informal)
Kravis decided to lay it on thick. He wanted Linda Robinson to run back to her husband with news that he was out of his mind with worry Think we're laying it on too thick? Gerhardt explained the position to the Press Officer, laying it on thick about Adrian Winter's importance
to be in the thick of sth: he likes to be in the thick of it or things or the action le gusta estar metido en el meollo del asunto or en el ajo; he was in the thick of the fighting estaba en lo más intenso de la lucha
they were in the thick of debate Tuesday afternoon when... He enjoyed a good time, like any teenager, and was always one to be in the thick of things Today Mr. Bush admitted he's in the thick of it
through thick and thin en las duras y en las maduras
She stayed with her husband through thick and thin The fans have stuck by us through thick and thin over the years It's a relationship that's seemed to stick through thick and thin They have nursed little Hannah through thick and thin
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