Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
1. (convencido)
a. seguro
Are you sure that you want to eat another donut?¿Estás seguro de que quieras comer otra dona?
2. (confiado)
a. seguro
Michael Jordan stepped onto the court, sure that he could beat Karl Malone.Michael Jordan entró a la cancha, seguro que podría vencer a Karl Malone.
Un adverbio es una palabra que modifica o sirve de complemento a un verbo, un adjetivo u otro adverbio (correr rápido, muy cansado).
3. (ciertamente)
a. de veras
Her new boyfriend sure is handsome.Su nuevo novio de veras es buenmozo.
b. de verdad
It sure is hot in the Sahara Desert.De verdad que hace calor en el desierto del Sahara.
c. sí que
It sure is coming down out there!¡Sí que está lloviendo afuera!
Una interjección es una frase corta que puede expresar indecisión, inconformidad o un sentimiento (p.ej.¡Órale!).
4. (por supuesto)
a. claro
Do you want to go to the movies? - Sure!¿Quieres ir al cine? - ¡Claro!
b. cómo no
Thanks for helping me out. - Sure!Gracias por ayudarme. - ¡Cómo no!
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Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
1. (en general)
a. seguro(a)
to be sure of or about somethingestar seguro(a) de algo
she is very sure of herselfestá muy segura de sí misma
to make sure of somethingasegurarse de algo
to make sure (that)…asegurarse de que…
she's sure to winganará sin duda
for surecon (toda) seguridad
2. (coloquial)
sure thing!¡desde luego!
Un adverbio es una palabra que modifica o sirve de complemento a un verbo, un adjetivo u otro adverbio (correr rápido, muy cansado).
3. (coloquial)
Regionalismo que se usa en los Estados Unidos
(Estados Unidos)
it sure is coldmenudo frío que hace
are you tired? — I sure am¿estás cansado? — ya lo creo or y tanto
4. (yes)
a. claro
sure enough he was thereefectivamente estaba allí
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sure [ʃʊəʳ]
surer (comparative)surest (superlative)
1 (certain) seguro
"do you want to see that film?" — "I'm not sure" —¿quieres ver esa película? —no sé or no estoy seguro; she seemed honest enough but I had to be sure parecía bastante sincera, pero tenía que asegurarme or estar seguro
how can he be so sure? I don't know, I'm sure
"I know my duty" — "I'm sure you do" —sé cuál es mi deber —de eso estoy seguro; to be sure that estar seguro de que; I'm sure that she's right estoy seguro de que tiene razón; I'm not sure that I can help you no estoy seguro de que te pueda ayudar; no estoy seguro de poder ayudarte
I'm not sure that we'll have time to finish this she wasn't sure that she liked the flavour
are you sure you won't have another drink? ¿seguro que no quieres tomarte otra copa?
don't worry. I'm sure you did your best
I'm quite sure her decision was right estoy convencido de que or estoy completamente seguro de que su decisión fue correcta
to be sure about sth estar seguro de algo
I'm not sure about the date yet todavía no estoy seguro de la fecha
"I know I'm right" - "Are you sure about that?"
I like the colour but I'm not sure about the shape me gusta el color pero la forma no acaba de convencerme
I was not sure about the colours I'm not sure how to make an omelette Jane wasn't sure [how] she felt about being married I'm not quite sure but I think it's about half past five. "I'm not going to marry him. I'm going to live with him" - "Well I don't know, I'm sure"
to be sure what/who estar seguro de qué/quién
I am not sure who will be at the party
Jane wasn't sure (in her mind) what she thought about abortion Jane no tenía muy claras las ideas sobre el aborto
I'm not sure whether ... no estoy seguro (de) si ...
I feel fairly sure that the work can be done ... I'm not sure that I'd like to do that awful food, I'm sure you'll agree I want to be reasonably sure that I can make her happy he wasn't quite sure what it reminded him of one can never be sure about the weather I'm not sure about the aeroplane idea Fox was never sure about Dunne, though his credentials had turned out to be genuine to be sure about do[ing] sth I'm never too sure about recommending sleeping pills I'd love another baby but I'm not sure about putting myself through all that again
to be sure of sth estar seguro de algo
we can be sure of success representatives of both sides said they were sure of victory
you can be sure of our support puedes estar seguro de nuestro apoyo; Cameroon is sure of a place in the second round Camerún tiene una plaza asegurada or segura en la segunda ronda; book now to be sure of a place on the course haga la reserva ahora para tener la plaza en el curso asegurada or segura
to be sure of [doing] sth
we can't be sure of winning no podemos estar seguros de que vayamos a ganar
to be sure of winn[ing] you could not be sure of winning that time he only drank when he was sure of being uninterrupted the only way she could be sure of getting into the garden party was to conceal herself beforehand you will need professional advice to be sure of getting rid of the damp something had gone wrong, he was sure of it
to be sure of one's facts estar seguro de lo que se dice
Before you start accusing someone of something you've got to be really sure of your facts the doctor cannot be sure of anything until more tests are made
to be sure of sb: I've always felt very sure of John siempre he confiado mucho en John; he was not quite sure of Flora tenía sus dudas acerca de Flora
to be sure of o.s. estar seguro de sí mismo
Bal was so confident, so sure of himself ... She's not so sure of herself these days.
to be sure of sb confiar en algn
I've always felt very sure of John and our marriage we're not sure [whether] it's a kestrel or a falcon
to be sure [to]
it is sure to rain seguro que llueve; seguramente lloverá; she is sure to agree seguro que está de acuerdo; seguramente estará de acuerdo
he was sure to see her again the telephone stopped ringing. `it's sure to ring again," Sarah said.
be sure to or be sure and close the window asegúrate de que cierras la ventana; be sure to or be sure and tell me que no se te olvide contármelo
be sure to take your purse with you be sure to and remind your uncle
be sure not to take any weapons no se te ocurra ir armado
be sure not to forget your umbrella when you don't know what to do, be sure not to do anything that might make things worse to be sure [of] sth None of them are sure of a place, not even the three former World Champions with her family around her she's always sure of an appreciative audience you will need to arrive early to be sure of a parking place
to make sure (that) asegurarse (de que)
I knocked on his door to make sure that he was all right llamé a su puerta para asegurarme de que estaba bien
I'll just go and make sure that the door is locked I'd better make sure that the door is locked
make sure it doesn't happen again asegúrate de que no vuelva a ocurrir; her friends made sure that she was never alone sus amigos se encargaron de que no estuviera nunca sola; please make sure that your children get to school on time consiga de la forma que sea que sus hijos lleguen a la escuela a tiempo
I think the door's locked, but I'd better make sure
better get a ticket beforehand, just to make sure mejor compre el billete de antemano, más que nada para ir sobre seguro or para tener esa seguridad
We watched the baby to make sure she was really asleep ... He glanced over his shoulder to make sure that there was nobody listening ... He sent the boy off to make sure no one was in the house ... She looked over her shoulder to make sure her dress wasn't wrinkled at the back. Ask for a receipt and make sure that you get it We try and make sure that they see each other's work ... she made sure that he was punctual
to make sure to do sth asegurarse de hacer algo
Brody made sure to warn the driver that the roads were flooded.
2 (reliable) [+sign] claro; [+way] seguro
sawdust beneath a piece of furniture is a sure [sign] of woodworm production fell by 2.5% in the year to July, a sure sign that the economy is running out of steam
one sure way to lose is ... una forma segura de perder es ...
one sure way of losing weight and feeling fitter is to adopt a high-fibre diet going to places is a sure [way] of getting to know them ... the only sure means of eradicating inequality Farmers will be able to draw on this money only if they pledge to sell food to the state at fixed prices
she had a sure grasp of the subject tenía un gran dominio del tema
family relationships are explored with a sure touch by writer/director Edmund Gay a designer who is world-famous for his sure touch with soft fabrics to create shapes that always flatter he shows again his sure touch in appealing to a wide section of Arab opinion The incumbent prime minister showed a loss of previous sure touch in handling colleagues regulating venture-capital markets has always required a sure touch the lively script, coupled with the amazingly sure hand of director Pete Cox, have produced a realy good film a sure shot from inside the penalty area new information is the surest road to new ideas ...
to do sth in the sure knowledge that hacer algo sabiendo bien que or con la seguridad de que
he confessed in the sure knowledge that I would understand I ask you all to remain calm in the sure knowledge that everything that can be done is being done Anthony had a much surer [knowledge] of who he was than before
3 (in phrases)
it's a sure bet that he'll come segurísimo que viene
It's a sure bet your husband did not intend to distress you investors in the market think that a recovery by next year is a sure bet now
for sure seguro (informal)
you'll get it tomorrow for sure lo recibirás mañana seguro
he assured us that tomorrow we would get it for sure ... if he went to jail, he'd lose her for sure to know for sure
nobody or no one knows for sure nadie lo sabe con seguridad
she said that her mother was Irish, but nobody knew for sure ...
I can't say for sure no puedo decirlo con seguridad
he could not say for sure how effective it had been
that's for sure
eso desde luego we're older, that's for sure it's not Elaine, that's for sure it was too late to start worrying about spies, that was for sure
one thing's for sure una cosa está clara
one thing was for sure, there was nothing wrong with Allen's eyesight
sure thing
a month ago, a yes-vote seemed a sure thing hace un mes, el voto a favor parecía algo seguro
the only sure thing about it is that if you don't ask, you don't get death is the one sure thing that happens to everyone
he's a sure thing for president no cabe la menor duda de que llegará a presidente; especially (US) "I'd like to hire a car" — "sure thing" —quiero alquilar un coche —sí, claro; "can I go with you?" — "sure thing" —¿puedo ir contigo? —claro que sí or por supuesto; "did you like it?" — "sure thing" —¿te ha gustado? —ya lo creo
"So, can we go for a spin?" — "well, sure thing" [to be] sure to be sure, such people do not commit these crimes often
this is a plausible interpretation, to be sure, but ... desde luego que or claro que esta es una interpretación muy verosímil pero ...
and no mistake! what a magnificent dress you are wearing, to be sure! a most eventful night, to be sure! what a lovely sound that is to be sure!
well, that's bad luck to be sure! vaya, ¡eso sí que es tener mala suerte!
a sad story to be sure!
1 (US) (certainly) (emphatic)
that sure is pretty!
he sure is cute no veas si es guapo (informal); I sure am bored no veas si estoy aburrido (informal)
I don't know what they're made of, but they sure smell good
"know what I mean?" — "sure do" —sabes, ¿no? —claro que sí or claro que lo sé
(as) sure as
I'm sure as hell not going to help him yo sí que no le voy a ayudar
They'll be boiled like a couple of eggs, sure as sure ... Claude sure as hell wouldn't take the blame alone.
as sure as eggs is eggs, he did it lo hizo él, como que me llamo Elena/Juan etc
you'll fail your exams as sure as eggs is eggs As sure as heat rises, their time was over
2 especially (US) (of course) claro
"you must get a lot of fan mail." — "oh, sure"
"did you tell your uncle about her?" — "oh, sure" —¿le hablaste a tu tío de ella? —¡claro! or —¡cómo no!; (LAm) "can I go with you?" — "sure" —¿puedo ir contigo? —¡por supuesto! or —¡claro que sí!; "is that OK?" — "sure!" —¿está bien así? —¡claro que sí! or —¡cómo no!; (LAm)
3 (true) claro
sure it was touristy, but it was fun
sure, it's never been done before claro que no se ha hecho antes
sure enough efectivamente; en efecto
He cried, `She's eating it!" And sure enough, the head of the baby rabbit was disappearing down her throat.
he said he'd be here, and sure enough, there he is dijo que estaría aquí y efectivamente or en efecto, aquí está
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