Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
1. (de ultramar)
a. extranjero
The businessman has accounts in foreign banks.El empresario tiene cuentas en bancos extranjeros.
2. (comercio y política)
a. exterior
Foreign policy is a key issue for the new government.La política exterior es un asunto clave para el nuevo gobierno.
3. (desconocido)
a. ajeno
I found it hard because the subject matter was foreign to me.Me pareció difícil porque el tema me era ajeno.
b. extraño
The body reacts when it is threatened by a foreign substance.El cuerpo reacciona cuando se ve amenazado por una sustancia extraña.
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Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
1. (from another country)
a. extranjero(a)
foreign aidayuda f al exterior
2. (política)
foreign affairspolítica exterior, asuntos exteriores
3. (periodismo)
foreign correspondentcorresponsal (en el extranjero)
4. (economía)
foreign debtdeuda exterior or externa
5. (militar)
Foreign Legionlegión extranjera
6. (política)
Foreign Ministerministro(a) de Asuntos or
7. (política) (Reino Unido)
Foreign Officeministerio de Asuntos Exteriores
8. (política) (Reino Unido)
Foreign Secretaryministro(a) de Asuntos or
9. (economía)
foreign tradecomercio exterior
10. (not characteristic of)
a. ajeno(a)
11. (medicina)
foreign bodycuerpo extraño
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foreign [ˈfɒrɪn]
1 (gen) [+person, country, language] extranjero Frankfurt, where a quarter of the population is foreign The government issues permits for foreign workers on some projects There are several hundred foreign students in China, mainly from developing countries ...children from foreign countries Indian has become the most popular foreign food served at home Farmers attacked three foreign lorries and set fire to loads of fruit and vegetables It is the largest ever private foreign investment in the Bolivian mining sector
[+import] del extranjero
...a policy of restricting foreign imports
[+debt] exterior
U.S. foreign debt exceeded $600 billion
this was her first foreign holiday estas eran sus primeras vacaciones en el extranjero; her job involves a lot of foreign travel su trabajo supone que tiene que viajar a menudo por el extranjero; foreign news noticias (f) internacionales
With three dramatic British stories over the weekend, foreign news mainly loses out in the battle to make the front page
2 (Pol) [+minister, ministry] de asuntos exteriores
...the German foreign minister
[+policy, relations] exterior
...the effects of US foreign policy in the "free world" He will play a bigger role in shaping foreign policy ...a country whose foreign policy is based on economics ...the President's adviser on foreign relations
3 (extraneous) [+object, substance] extraño
The body can be invaded by a wide range of foreign matter ...offences relating to the sale of food containing foreign matter The patient's immune system would reject the transplanted organ as a foreign object Our eyes act instinctively against the entry of foreign objects When healthy people inhale a foreign substance the immune system responds immediately
foreign to
(uncharacteristic of) ajeno a; impropio de
such behaviour was foreign to his nature este comportamiento era ajeno a or impropio de su carácter
Being positive about themselves is foreign to them He again fell into that strange gloomy mood that was usually so foreign to him
(unfamiliar to) ajeno a
it's an idea which is completely foreign to them es una idea que les resulta totalmente ajena
the very notion of price competition is foreign to many schools
foreign affairs (n) asuntos (m) exteriores
Hitler's fundamental objective in foreign affairs was to pursue an anti-Soviet policy
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs SecretarioaSecretaria (m) (f) de Estado para Asuntos Exteriores;a Secretaria
foreign affairs correspondent (n) corresponsal (m) de asuntos exteriores
foreign agent (n) agente (m) extranjeroaextranjera;a extranjera
foreign aid (n) (aid to other countries) ayuda (f) al extranjero; ayuda (f) internacional; (aid from abroad) ayuda (f) internacional
The Reagan administration doubled foreign aid the Foreign [and Commonwealth Office] ie ministry dealing with foreingn affairs and affairs of the Commonwealth. Please check tran
foreign body (n) cuerpo (m) extraño (formal)
...a complaint about a foreign body in some food
foreign correspondent (n) corresponsal (m) en el extranjero
I am the foreign correspondent in Washington of La Tribuna newspaper of Honduras
foreign debt (n) deuda (f) externa or exterior
foreign exchange (n) (currency) divisas (f); (reserves) reservas (f) de divisas; (market) mercado (m) de divisas; (system) cambio (m) de divisas
this programme would exhaust Britain's foreign exchange within two years Industry suffers when foreign exchanges are volatile On the foreign exchanges, the US dollar is up point forty-five
tourism is Thailand's biggest earner of foreign exchange el turismo es la principal fuente de divisas para Tailandia
Coffee is the region's major source of foreign exchange
on the foreign exchanges en los mercados de divisas
Sterling was in trouble on the foreign exchanges foreign exchange bureau A FERRY fell victim to burglary on the high seas when £ 69,000 was snatched from its foreign exchange bureau
foreign exchange dealer (n) agente (m) de cambio; operadoraoperadora (m) (f) cambiarioacambiaria or de cambio;a operadora a cambiaria
foreign exchange market (n) mercado (m) de divisas
The pound fell on foreign exchange markets
foreign exchange reserves (n) reservas (f) de divisas
foreign exchange trader (n)
foreign exchange dealer See culture box in entry foreign.
foreign exchange trading (n) operaciones (f) de cambio (de divisas)
poorer results from foreign-exchange trading
foreign investment (n) (from abroad) inversión (f) extranjera; (in other countries) inversión (f) en el extranjero
the Foreign Legion (n) la legión extranjera
[the] foreign legion to join the Foreign Legion
Foreign Minister (n) MinistroaMinistra (m) (f) de Asuntos Exteriores;a Ministra
Foreign Ministry (n) Ministerio (m) de Asuntos Exteriores
foreign national (n) ciudadanoaciudadana (m) (f) extranjeroaextranjera;a ciudadana a extranjera
Six Americans and several other foreign nationals were still being held hostage
the Foreign Office (n) (Britain) el Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores
foreign policy (n) política (f) exterior
Foreign Secretary (n) (Britain) MinistroaMinistra (m) (f) de Asuntos Exteriores;a Ministra
foreign trade (n) comercio (m) exterior
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