Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
1. (que no es útil)
a. inútil
No, I don't want to order a bookshelf without shelves; it's useless.No, no quiero comprar un librero sin estantes; es inútil.
b. inservible
The scissors fell to the floor and became useless.Las tijeras cayeron al suelo y quedaron inservibles.
c. no servir para nada (frase)
These broken cups are useless.Estos vasos rotos no sirven para nada.
2. (incompetente)
a. inútil
I've always been useless in the kitchen.Siempre he sido inútil en la cocina.
3. (futil)
a. inútil
All my efforts to get the job were useless.Todos mis esfuerzos por conseguir el trabajo fueron inútiles.
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Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
1. (not useful)
a. inservible
to be uselessno servir para nada
to be worse than uselessno servir de nada
2. (incompetent)
to be useless (at something)ser un/una inútil (para algo)
3. (futile)
a. inútil
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useless [ˈjuːslɪs]
1 (ineffective) [+object] que no sirve para nada; [+person] inútil
this can opener's useless este abrelatas no sirve para nada; compasses are useless in the jungle las brújulas no sirven para or de nada en la selva; she's useless es una inútil; he's useless as a forward no vale para delantero; no sirve como delantero; I was always useless at maths siempre fui (un) negado or un inútil para las matemáticas
2 (unusable) [+object, vehicle] inservible; [+limb] inutilizado; inútil
she hoards all these useless objects in the retreat to Benghazi, scores of useless vehicles were abandoned as they broke down his arm was useless after the accident
he's a mine of useless information! se sabe todo tipo de datos y chorraditas que no sirven de nada (informal); to render or make sth useless inutilizar algo
rheumatism had rendered his left arm useless they had been promised software and support that never materialized,rendering their computers useless you can outperform your enemies to such a degree that their weapons are rendered useless The sole usually comes loose at the heel and starts flopping around after a few months' wear,rendering them pretty useless in the rain the storm made their instruments useless
3 (pointless) inútil
she spends her time engaged in endless and useless arguments with him the war was lost and further resistance was useless
it's useless to shout de nada sirve gritar; es inútil gritar
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