Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
1. (completo)
a. a fondo
You need to give the dog kennel a thorough cleaning. It smells bad.Hay que hacer una limpieza a fondo de la perrera. Huele mal.
b. minucioso
The police carried out a thorough search, but the kidnapper's hiding place could not be found.La policía llevó a cabo una búsqueda minuciosa pero no fue posible encontrar el escondite del secuestrador.
c. riguroso
The congresswoman called for a thorough investigation of the bombing.La congresista pidió una investigación rigurosa del bombardeo.
2. (vasto)
a. profundo (conocimiento)
The company seeks to hire someone with a thorough knowledge of welding.La empresa busca contratar a alguien con conocimiento profundo de la soldadura.
b. sólido (comprensión)
He demonstrated a thorough understanding of human anatomy in his presentation.Demostró poseer una sólida comprensión de la anatomía humana en su presentación.
3. (esmerado)
a. concienzudo
Mr. Salas is a very patient and thorough teacher.El Sr. Salas es un maestro muy paciente y concienzudo.
b. meticuloso
Laura is a very thorough worker with high energy.Laura es una trabajadora muy meticulosa con mucha energía.
c. minucioso
My manager is the most thorough person ever. Nothing gets by him.Mi gerente es la persona más minuciosa que haya conocido. Nada se le escapa.
4. (como intensificador)
a. absoluto
Taking antibiotics for a viral infection is a thorough waste of time.Tomar antibióticos por una infección viral es una pérdida absoluta de tiempo.
b. total
That movie was a thorough waste of an otherwise perfect evening.Esa película fue una total pérdida de una noche que, de otro modo, hubiera sido perfecta.
c. verdadero
Beatriz is a thorough nuisance - she's always talking about her trips to exotic destinations.Beatriz es una verdadera latosa: se la pasa hablando de sus viajes a lugares exóticos.
d. perfecto
I can't believe he said that to you. Ignore him. He's a thorough idiot.No puedo creer que te haya dicho eso. No le hagas caso. Es un perfecto idiota.
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Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
1. (search, person)
a. minucioso(a)
2. (knowledge)
a. profundo(a)
to do or make a thorough job of ithacerlo con mucho esmero
a thorough scoundrelun perfecto canalla
thorough [ˈθʌrə]
1 (complete) [+examination, search, investigation] riguroso; minucioso; [+training] riguroso; a fondo
A thorough [review] is essential before the whole system collapses ...a really thorough [review] of electoral reform The customs officers would probably be more thorough in their [examination] of our baggage You must see your doctor for a thorough [examination] There hasn't been time for a thorough post mortem The vet gave the animals a thorough check-up It was time to give the car a thorough check Samples have already been sent back to earth for thorough [analysis] Her apartment was subjected to a thorough [search] The second [search] was quite thorough The young detective made a thorough [search] but found nothing It is a great credit to this team's organisational skills and thorough [preparation] She is determined to acquire a thorough [training] in science The inquiry was thorough in its investigations The inspectors have concluded, after a thorough [investigation], that there is absolutely no substance in the allegations
[+knowledge, understanding] profundo; sólido
Dan wanted him to stay and put his thorough [knowledge] of Tibetan grammar to use Without a thorough [understanding] of the significance of the symbols, it is impossible to interpret a horoscope
to give sth a thorough clean/wash limpiar/lavar algo bien or a fondo; the room needed a thorough clean la habitación necesitaba una buena limpieza or una limpieza a fondo
give the cups a thorough rinse these jeans need a thorough wash
to have a thorough grounding in sth tener una base sólida en algo
candidates must have a thorough grounding in social sciences to [make] a thorough investigation (of sth) A government spokesman said there would be a thorough [investigation] of the crash We are making a thorough [investigation] and will take the appropriate action the police have made a thorough investigation of the accident
2 (meticulous) [+person, teacher] concienzudo; meticuloso
Very thorough rinsing is necessary to remove every trace of the washing product used She's a good teacher. Very thorough He is enormously thorough and full of inspiration It's a close-knit world of thorough professionals who are impressed only with performance
to be thorough in doing sth hacer algo a conciencia; ser meticuloso a la hora de hacer algo
Paynes had been thorough in compiling her dossier on the case
3 (as intensifier) (complete, total)
it was a thorough waste of time era una pérdida de tiempo absoluta or total; to make a thorough nuisance of o.s. dar la lata a base de bien (informal); he made a thorough fool of himself hizo un ridículo espantoso; he gave them a thorough walloping les dio una buena zurra (informal)
The narrow equatorial belt can rely on a thorough and regular soaking from the annual rains
it's a thorough disgrace es un verdadero escándalo
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