theatrically [θɪˈætrɪkəlɪ]
1 (Teat) [+accomplished, effective] desde el punto de vista teatral
the most theatrically effective scene comes in the third act It may be interesting but it's not theatrically compelling ...David Ritch's theatrically accomplished production Theatrically speaking, I knew it made perfect sense
2 (exaggeratedly) de manera teatral
he groaned theatrically soltó un gemido teatral; gimió de manera teatral
He picked up the vase of roses and inhaled theatrically "Bloody fool," muttered the driver, /rolling his eyes theatrically to heaven he rolled his eyes theatrically to heaven his attitude was theatrically casual Their gestures of affection seem theatrically exaggerated and rather hollow ...Gordon's theatrically large shrug, which says: `You're going to do it anyway, so what's the point of expressing an opinion?"
Collins Complete Spanish Electronic Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers 2011
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