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Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
1. (sin mezcla)
a. puro
A treasure with pieces of pure gold, emeralds, and rubies was found on the island.En la isla se encontró un tesoro con piezas de oro puro, esmeraldas y rubíes.
2. (limpio)
a. puro (físicamente)
I'm glad to finally breathe pure air.Estoy contenta de poder respirar por fin aire puro.
b. puro (moralmente)
Children's hearts are so pure.Los niños tienen un corazón muy puro.
3. (simple)
a. puro
Meeting each other was pure coincidence.Nos conocimos por pura casualidad.
4. (teórico)
a. puro
Pure science should go hand in hand with applied science.Las ciencias puras deberían ir de la mano de las ciencias aplicadas.
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Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
1. (en general)
a. puro(a)
pure silkpura seda f
pure woolpura lana virgen
pure mathematicsmatemáticas puras
pure [pjʊəʳ]
purer (comparative)purest (superlative)
1 (unadulterated) [+wool, alcohol, substance] puro; [+silk] natural
a pure wool jumper un jersey de lana pura
the dress is made of pure silk pure cotton bedlinen a carton of pure orange juice these flowers bring to the garden a whole family of blue colours with the occasional pure white in its pure [form] the chemical is quite dangerous Paco has delved into the real essence of flamenco music and kept it in its purest form
it's blackmail, pure and simple esto es chantaje, lisa y llanamente
2 (clean, clear) [+air, water, sound, light] puro
she sang in a pure, clear voice in remote regions, /the air is pure/ and the crops are free of poisonous insecticides the pure, dry desert air demands for purer and cleaner river water New York City has some of the purest and best-tasting water in the country a light whiter than sunshine and cleaner and purer than normal artificial light
3 (sheer) [+pleasure, luck, coincidence, speculation] puro
the whole story was pure invention todo fue puro cuento
she gave a sigh of pure pleasure it's pure folly to go on with this project a moment of pure joy it was pure luck that got me on TV he turned to give her a look of pure hate to sleep on my own and not hear the boys snore or grunt was pure bliss last night the BBC said: "this is pure speculation" it's a boring mess I got mixed up in by pure accident
by pure chance por pura casualidad
I came on the idea by pure chance /it was pure [coincidence]/ that I happened to be there
4 (theoretical) puro
the pure theory of economics chemistry, both pure and applied the transfer of findings from /pure research/ into civilian products and commercial uses
pure mathematics/science matemáticas (f)/ciencias (f) puras
physics isn't just about pure science with no immediate applications
5 (virgin, blameless) puro
she was baptized and she was pure and clean of sin he had lived a pure life as brave, and good, and pure spirits as the world ever saw she did it out of the purest, charitable motives
pure in or of heart limpio de corazón
he was basically pure in heart - I do not believe he was anti-Semitic a government, not all of whose statesmen were pure of heart and noble of impulse
pure in mind and body de mente y cuerpo puros
as pure as the driven snow puro como la nieve
this Rabbi Moss wasn't exactly as pure as the driven snow we want the gods to be pristine, models in marble on Olympus, pure as driven snow why can't inveterate villains get it into their heads that /they're not pure as the driven snow once they come out of jail?/
a pure genetic line is at a disadvantage in terms of producing longevity in cats
pure vowel (n) vocal (f) simple
Position of "puro"
You should generally put puro after the noun when you mean pure in the sense of "uncontaminated" or "unadulterated" and before the noun in the sense of "sheer" or "plain":
... pure olive oil ... ... aceite puro de oliva ...
It's pure coincidence Es pura coincidencia
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