Un adverbio es una palabra que modifica o sirve de complemento a un verbo, un adjetivo u otro adverbio (correr rápido, muy cansado).
1. (de forma legal)
a. legalmente
The house that I live in is legally my mother's.La casa en donde vivo es legalmente de mi madre.
b. jurídicamente
The judge said that the prime minister's agreement with the European Union was not legally binding.El juez dijo que el acuerdo del primer ministro con la Unión Europea no era jurídicamente vinculante.
c. desde un punto de vista legal
Legally, you're entitled to 20 days paid holidays a year in Europe.Desde un punto de vista legal, tienes derecho a 20 días de vacaciones pagas en Europa.
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Un adverbio es una palabra que modifica o sirve de complemento a un verbo, un adjetivo u otro adverbio (correr rápido, muy cansado).
1. (en general)
a. legalmente
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legally [ˈliːɡəlɪ]
1 (from a legal point of view) [+obliged, required] por ley
If you allow your dog out by itself, you may be legally responsible for its actions Health club owners are legally liable only for injuries that are caused by negligence If you buy a product abroad you are legally obliged to pay the VAT when you return to Britain The Home Office is legally obliged to keep prisoners in good health Banks and building societies are legally required to send this information to their depositors Many schools are now facing serious difficulties in simply providing the legally required lessons Shops aren't legally bound to refund your money unless goods are faulty
[+entitled] legalmente; según la ley
Only a person who buys a faulty item is legally entitled to compensation The landlord is legally entitled to send the bill to the previous owner of the lease
legally, the whole issue is a nightmare desde el punto de vista legal, toda esa cuestión es una pesadilla; this contract is legally binding el contrato vincula jurídicamente; el contrato implica obligatoriedad jurídica
This resolution is not legally binding ...a legally binding agreement drawn up by a solicitor
to be legally responsible for sth/sb ser legalmente responsable or el/la responsable legal de algo/algn
The school is legally responsible for your child's safety
2 (lawfully) legalmente
This pesticide can still be legally sold in the United Kingdom The Appeal Court in Berlin has ruled that a Bonn court acted legally in banning three Nazi groups
their wealth was legally acquired consiguieron su riqueza por medios legales or legalmente
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