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Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
1. (fino)
a. delicado
My grandmother crochets delicate lace doilies that she uses to decorate her house.Mi abuela hace a ganchillo delicados mantelitos de encaje con los que decora su casa.
The delicate flowers fell from the tree and covered the lawn in petals.Las flores delicadas se cayeron del árbol y cubrieron el césped con pétalos.
2. (débil)
a. frágil
The room was full of delicate ornaments that Grandma didn't like the children to touch.La habitación estaba llena de adornos frágiles y a la abuela no le gustaba que los niños los tocaran.
b. delicado
Please be careful when you handle that lamp. It's very delicate.Por favor, ten cuidado cuando toques esa lámpara, es muy delicada.
3. (que requiere tacto)
a. delicado
You need to be tactful because the matter is very delicate.Hay que ser diplomático porque el asunto es muy delicado.
4. (diplomático)
a. delicado
They asked Susana to mediate because of her delicate approach to these issues.Le pidieron a Diego que mediara entre ellos porque es delicada con estas cuestiones.
b. discreto
If you want to be a good leader, you have to be humble and delicate with the people under you.Si quieres ser un buen líder, tienes que ser humilde y discreto con tus subordinados.
5. (sutil)
a. delicado
The house was filled with the delicate aroma of pancakes and coffee.Un delicado aroma de panqueques y café inundaba la casa.
b. suave
The evening sky turned a delicate shade of pink.El cielo de la tarde se volvió de un tono rosa suave.
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Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
1. (glass, situation, flavor)
a. delicado(a)
2. (health)
a. frágil, delicado(a)
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delicate [ˈdelɪkɪt]
1 (fine, subtle) [+features, fabric, workmanship, instrument] delicado; [+flavour, fragrance, food] exquisito; [+touch] suave
plant, features, skin, bones, fabric, workmanship, instrument
the delicate pressure of her fingers upon his face It's lightweight and delicate looking, yet solid as a rock it protects the delicate skin around the eyes a thin, pale little girl with dark hair and a delicate doll-like face plants about eight inches tall and delicate lacy triangular fronds the delicate curling tendrils of a vine delicate pink, yellow, white,and peach-colored flowers sheets of paper covered with small and delicate handwriting the delicate perfume that wafted around him The finer the thread used, the more delicate the work,the higher the price of the item
2 (fragile) [+china, balance, ecosystem] frágil; [+person, health, skin, liver] delicado
he steered her through the crowd as though she were delicate china delicate and highly sensitive instrument used to monitor heart conditions a roomful of delicate electronic equipment Delicate and intricate parts could be made separately the Collinses find their marriage a delicate balance between traditional and contemporary values this has upset the delicate balance of relations between Turkey's neighbors
I'm feeling rather delicate this morning estoy un tanto delicado esta mañana (humorous)
she was a delicate child, prone to all sorts of viruses and ailments his asthma worsened and he was sent home to a number of undemanding tasks in the Office compatible with his rather delicate state of health
3 (sensitive, awkward) [+situation, problem, task, negotiations] delicado; difícil
There will be many delicate negotiations and things that have to worked out she came to ask for his help in settling a delicate matter he had later been assigned the delicate task of getting Rosy to pay half its cost
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