Un adverbio es una palabra que modifica o sirve de complemento a un verbo, un adjetivo u otro adverbio (correr rápido, muy cansado).
1. (obviamente)
a. claramente
You have clearly made a mistake.Claramente cometiste un error.
b. evidentemente
Clearly, we have no other choice but to accept the facts.Evidentemente no nos queda otra opción que aceptar los hechos.
2. (nítidamente)
a. claramente
I slowed down because it was hard to see clearly in the fog.Reduje la velocidad porque con la niebla no se veía claramente.
b. con claridad
Can you repeat it? I can't hear you clearly.¿Puedes repetirlo? No te escucho con claridad.
3. (racionalmente)
a. con claridad
Think about it clearly before making a decision you might regret.Piénsalo con claridad antes de tomar una decisión de la que te puedas arrepentir.
4. (sin ambigüedad)
a. claramente
This survey exposes clearly that the majority wants the war to be over.Esta encuesta muestra claramente que la mayoría quiere que la guerra termine.
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Un adverbio es una palabra que modifica o sirve de complemento a un verbo, un adjetivo u otro adverbio (correr rápido, muy cansado).
1. (to see, explain, write)
a. claramente, con claridad
2. (obviously)
a. claramente
he is clearly wrongestá claramente equivocado
clearly!¡sin duda!
clearly not!¡en absoluto!
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clearly [ˈklɪəlɪ]
1 (unambiguously) [+define, state, forbid] claramente
They've got to clearly define their policies The rights and obligations in this sphere need to be clearly stated That sets out the position clearly. It makes sense of something that I used to find very confusing It was important for children to learn to express themselves clearly Canvassing and bartering are clearly forbidden under rule 7
2 (rationally) [+think] con claridad
Wait until you can think more clearly The only time I can think clearly is when I'm alone I hadn't really ever thought clearly about this division
3 (distinctly) [+see, speak, hear] claramente; con claridad
Speak more clearly, boy I couldn't see him clearly He was speaking loudly enough for most of the audience to hear him quite clearly
clearly visible claramente visible
Whales journey up the coast of Africa, clearly visible from the beach
clearly marked marcado claramente
...four white trucks clearly marked with red crosses Make sure that all your luggage is clearly labelled
4 (obviously) evidentemente; obviamente
clearly, the police cannot break the law in order to enforce it evidentemente or obviamente la policía no puede ir contra la ley para aplicarla; a very pleasant man, educated and clearly intelligent un hombre muy agradable, educado y obviamente inteligente; he was clearly not convinced estaba claro or era evidente que no estaba convencido; the owner of the house was clearly not expecting us estaba claro or era evidente que el dueño de la casa no nos esperaba
Clearly, it is important for a solution to be found quickly He clearly believes that India should have de-valued its currency Some of the sheds were clearly in bad repair
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