Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
1. (no flojo)
a. tenso
Keep the rope between climbers taut at all times.Mantengan tensa la soga entre los escaladores en todo momento.
You have to hold the tape measure taut if you want to measure the height correctly.Tienes que mantener tensa la cinta métrica si quieres medir bien la altura.
b. tirante
If you use toner on your face, it leaves the skin feeling taut.Si usas tonificante para la cara, sientes la piel tirante.
2. (de tirantez emocional)
a. tenso
"Listen, you have to get away from here!" he said, his voice taut."Escucha, ¡tienes que escaparte de aquí!" dijo con voz tensa.
b. tirante
The taut situation in our office was furthered strained by Paul's dismissal.La situación tirante de nuestra oficina se agravó más aún con el despido de Paul.
3. (no fláccido)
a. firme
His muscles were no longer as taut as they had been 20 years ago.Sus músculos ya no estaban tan firmes como hace 20 años.
b. de carnes prietas
He had the taut thighs of a professional cyclist.Tenía los muslos de carnes prietas de un ciclista profesional.
4. (que tiene concisión)
a. conciso
The movie's taut screenplay holds your interest right to the end.El guión conciso de la película mantiene el interés hasta el final.
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Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
1. (en general)
a. tenso(a)
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taut [tɔːt]
1 (tight) [+rope] tirante; tenso; [+skin] tirante
the rope is held taut by weights la cuerda se mantiene tirante or tensa mediante unos pesos
His muscles, held taut for so long, can now relax The line is held taut and then lashed to the bollard
to pull sth taut tensar algo
The two men holding the ropes [pulled] them taut The gown was [pulled] taut across the curves of her body
to stretch sth taut estirar algo hasta que quede tirante
the fabric/rope/etc was stretched taut the canvas needs to be stretched taut
2 (tense) [+person, face, voice] tenso
Their [faces] were taut, their eyes blank Ben sat up quickly, his [face] taut and terrified Little by little she lost the taut, strained [look] of perpetual anxiety and began to come back to life Tom's voice was taut as though on the edge of losing control
their faces were taut with fear tenían el rostro tenso por el miedo
3 (firm) [+body, legs] firme; de carnes prietas; [+muscles] firme
That summer she had shed the weight gained during pregnancy, her [body] was trim and taut her taut leg muscles Richard was tall and taut, with the athletic frame of a tennis player
4 (tightly written) [+novel, film] compacto
...a funny, taut [novel] that is just surreal enough to keep the reader hooked ...Besson's taut thriller about a junkie forced to atone for murder by becoming a government assassin
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