Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
1. (abundante)
a. considerable
Now that Alice has finished college, she's looking forward to earning a substantial income.Ahora que ha acabado su carrera universitaria, Alice espera tener unos ingresos considerables.
b. importante
The movers caused substantial damage to the walls.Los trabajadores de la mudanza causaron daños importantes a las paredes.
2. (significativo)
a. sustancial
There is a substantial difference between the electorate in a primary and in a general election.Hay una diferencia sustancial entre el electorado en las elecciones primarias y las generales.
b. importante
He made a substantial contribution to the first draft of the regulations.Hizo una aportación importante al primer borrador del reglamento.
c. de peso
The police have just discovered substantial evidence in a 20 year old murder case.La policía acaba de descubrir pruebas de peso en un caso de homicidio de hace 20 años.
d. enjundioso
I read "Ulysses" when I was 14. - That's a substantial tome for a 14 year old.Leí el "Ulises" cuando tenía 14 años - Un libro enjundioso para alguien de esa edad.
3. (robusto)
a. sólido
We manufacture substantial furniture made of oak that will last generations.Fabricamos muebles de roble sólidos que durarán generaciones.
4. (nutritivo)
a. sustancioso
We enjoyed quite a substantial Christmas dinner.Disfrutamos de una comida navideña bastante sustanciosa.
5. (tangible)
a. sustancial
What do you think of religion? - I prefer to discuss the substantial rather than the ethereal realms.¿Qué opinas de la religión? - Yo prefiero debatir el ámbito sustancial antes que el etéreo.
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Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
1. (significant; progress, difference)
a. sustancial, significativo(a)
2. (reason, evidence)
a. de peso
a substantial number of…una cantidad considerable de…
3. (meal)
a. abundante
4. (structure)
a. sólido(a)
5. (book)
a. enjundioso(a)
6. (sum of money, profit)
a. sustancioso(a), considerable
substantial [səbˈstænʃəl]
1 (significant) [+amount, progress, improvement, damage] considerable; importante; [+difference] importante; sustancial
It is not clear whether his resignation will have any substantial [effect] on the crisis his speech about arms has had a substantial effect on public opinion this gives rise to very substantial ethical [problems] Substantial [differences] still remained between the two sides in the dispute There were substantial [differences] in the quality of the products she has a substantial [amount] of experience in this line of work They managed to save quite a substantial [amount] of money The charity raises substantial sums through its voluntary work A substantial quantity of drugs was seized She has substantial business interests in Canada the income derived from the lodgers could be quite substantial we were prepared to pay a very substantial sum of money for the rights The sum of money involved is very substantial The agreement calls for substantial cuts in the [number] of weapons exported I think he will get a substantial [number] of votes The figures involved are quite substantial The industry will bear a substantial [proportion] of the costs of the clean-up operation The social services account for a substantial part of public spending A substantial portion of the text had previouslyappeared in another book A spokesperson said substantial [progress] had been made during the talks The pound has continued to make substantial [gains] on the foreign exchange markets The elections resulted in substantial [gains] for the Labour Party. Adding insulation lead to substantial savings on fuel bills The benefits of this approach are substantial The explosion resulted in substantial [loss] of life She managed to sell the property without making a substantial [loss] The measure promises substantial [increases] in AIDS research There has been a substantial [increase] in orders The prospect is for a substantial [reduction] in inflation over the coming year These results are a substantial [improvement] on the second half of last year Their homes were in need of substantial [improvement] Without substantial [change] in the diet, the drugs are not nearly as effective The past two decades have brought substantial [changes] in the world trading system the factory suffered substantial damage in the explosion the jury awarded Miss Allan substantial [damages]
there has been substantial agreement on this question ha habido un alto or considerable grado de acuerdo sobre esta cuestión
there's been substantial agreement on how to deal with the problem both men spoke of substantial agreement on plans to cut back strategic nuclear weapons Magistrates have quite substantial [powers] to fine young offenders legislation which gives substantial powers of self-government to Corsica
to win by a substantial majority ganar por una mayoría considerable; a substantial majority of families una mayoría considerable de familias
She was elected President by a substantial majority
2 (weighty) [+evidence] sustancial; de peso; [+document, book] sustancioso
no substantial book on the artist has ever been written a substantial aid package for the Soviet Union this substantial biography includes a wealth of fascinating detail which makes it compelling reading if the government offered what he described as a substantial alternative ... These [documents] are all fairly substantial, reflecting a great deal of work by teams of specialists There is no substantial [evidence] that taking vitamin E increases fertility Today's report offers more substantial [evidence] on economic growth They had withheld substantial [evidence] that could have released the defendant from suspicion They found substantial [proof] that top army commanders had been involved in the plot There is no substantial [proof] that exercise greatly reduces the risk of having a coronary Nobody has produced any substantial [objection] to these proposals
3 (solid) [+building] sólido
The posts are square, fairly substantial, made of concrete As substantial as bank vaults are, a professional burglar can always get in if he wants to By civilian standards, they're pretty substantial boats
The fence is of very substantial cast iron construction ...a substantial stone [building]
4 (filling) [+meal, dish] sustancioso
this [dish] is substantial enough to serve as a main course This is an excellent pasta recipe and is quite substantial ...a substantial winter supper
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