report back

report back
1 (give report) (gen) informar; (officially) presentar un informe
the committee was asked to investigate the complaint and report back to the assembly I'll report back the moment I have located him the teams are due to report back to the Prime Minister early next year he would, of course, report back on all deliberations if we have a week looking at the problem, can we report back in two weeks time? she was sent to attend the meeting and then to report back on its discussions
2 (return) volver (a presentarse)
report back at six o'clock vuelva (a presentarse) a las seis
he was told not to report back to work why don't you go away for a few days? - you don't need to report back until Monday all soldiers who have returned from the front line are to report back to barracks they were sent home and told to report back in the afternoon employees who leave the office on business should report straight back to their supervisor when they return
verbo transitivo
my every move was reported back to my superiors se informaba a mis superiores de todo lo que hacía
we reported this back to Krajicek they're scared that their sentiments might be reported back to the government he reported back [that] he had fixed the fault the repairman reported back that the computer had a virus he could be relied upon to report back [what] he saw
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