Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
1. (perdurable)
a. permanente
We went to the Metropolitan Museum and saw both the permanent and temporary exhibitions.Fuimos al Metropolitan Museum y vimos tanto la la exposición permanente como la temporal.
b. irreparable (daño)
The treatment can cause permanent neurological damage.El tratamiento puede causar daños neurológicos irreparables.
2. (establecido)
a. permanente
I was hired as a permanent employee.Me contrataron como empleado permanente.
b. fijo
She had a permanent job, but she quit to travel around the world.Tenía un trabajo fijo, pero lo dejó para irse a dar la vuelta al mundo.
c. estable (relación)
Before I met him, I felt incapable of being in a permanent relationship with anyone.Antes de conocerlo, me sentía incapaz de tener una relación estable con nadie.
3. (indeleble)
a. permanente
Permanent marker doesn't come out of clothes.El marcador permanente no se puede quitar de la ropa.
4. (sin interrupción)
a. permanente
We've lived in a permanent state of fear since the war started.Desde que empezó la guerra, vivimos en un estado de miedo permanente.
b. continuo
Permanent vigilance is required in order to guarantee the respect of human rights.Se requiere un continua vigilancia a fin de asegurar el respeto de los derechos humanos.
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Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
1. (en general)
a. permanente
2. (employee, job)
a. fijo(a)
permanent addressdomicilio fijo, residencia habitual
permanent wavepermanente f
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permanent [ˈpɜːmənənt]
1 (fixed, unchangeable) [+limp] permanente; [+damage] irreparable; [+finish on steel] inalterable
this could do permanent damage to his reputation exposure to lead can cause /permanent brain damage/ to the fetus the pressure on the knee can cause permanent damage the ban is intended to be permanent acne can leave permanent scars China is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council huge price rises are making long queues a permanent feature of Polish life
we cannot make any permanent arrangements no podemos arreglar las cosas de modo definitivo; on a permanent basis de forma permanente
she was appointed to the job on a permanent basis in order to lose weight on a permanent basis an American who lives here on a more or less permanent basis children who are deprived of normal home life on a permanent basis if any one type of food is eliminated on a permanent basis, there is the danger of malnutrition
he has become a permanent fixture in her life se ha convertido en una figura permanente en su vida
beggars seem to be a permanent fixture on the streets the presence of those who were seen just as workers, a transient and convenient population, is now a permanent fixture /she's a permanent fixture on the social scene/ - the girl who crops up at every cocktail party, every charity bash and every fashion show
2 (stable, lasting) [+job] estable; fijo; [+relationship] estable
I'm not looking for a permanent relationship after a three-month trial period the firm offered me a permanent job unless we find a permanent solution to the problem there is no permanent cure I don't think we'll be putting down permanent roots here at the end of the probationary period you will become a permanent employee it soon becomes an acceptable and permanent part of your lifestyle
they have made their permanent home in Paris se han establecido de forma permanente en París
the library will provide a permanent home for 7 million documents York Cottage was as near to a permanent home as the children knew
I'm not permanent here (in job) no estoy fijo aquí
3 (constant) continuo; permanente
I lived in a permanent state of fear vivía en un estado de miedo continuo or permanente
they feel under permanent threat there was a permanent smell of stale cigarettes in the flat I began to live in an almost permanent state of fear there was a permanent 20-yard queue for the portable toilets it is on permanent display at the Miniature Museum of Kansas City
permanent address (n) domicilio (m) permanente
permanent magnet (n) imán (m) permanente
another kind of magnet, the permanent magnet, requires no current
Permanent Secretary (n) (Britain) (Admin) SecretarioaSecretaria (m) (f) Permanente alto cargo de la Administración en Gran Bretaña;a Secretaria (alto cargo de la Administración en Gran Bretaña)
Sir Philip Rogers, who was then Permanent Secretary to the Department of Health
permanent staff (n) personal (m) de plantilla
some companies are offering part-time work to their own retirees as temps for vacations, busy periods, or when permanent staff become ill
Permanent Under-secretary (n) (Britain) (Admin) SubsecretarioaSubsecretaria (m) (f) Permanente alto cargo de la Administración en Gran Bretaña;a Subsecretaria (alto cargo de la Administración en Gran Bretaña)
Permanent Under-secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
permanent wave (n) permanente (f)
she wore her salt and pepper hair in a kinky permanent wave a mass of tight short curls suggests that she has just had her first permanent wave others attempted to hold up the mail and tear up the permanent way on the Manchester-Leeds railway he was an LNER permanent-way engineer
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