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Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
1. (afirmar)
a. mantener
She still maintains that her team is better even though they lost.Todavía mantiene que su equipo es mejor aún después de perder.
b. sostener
It is dangerous to maintain a position like that in this city.Es peligroso sostener una postura como esa en esta ciudad.
2. (conservar)
a. guardar
Maintain the medication in a cool, dark place.Guarda el medicamento en un lugar fresco y oscuro.
3. (dar sustento)
a. mantener
In a modern family, both parents maintain the children.En una familia moderna, ambos padres mantienen a los niños.
b. costear
He maintains a small local art museum.Costea un pequeño museo local de arte.
4. (mantener en buen estado)
a. ocuparse del mantenimiento de
Juan maintains the street lamps.Juan se ocupa del mantenimiento de las farolas.
5. (continuar)
a. mantener
If we maintain our current strategy, we are sure to win.Si mantenemos la estrategia actual, seguro que ganamos.
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Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
1. (en general)
a. mantener
to maintain (that)…mantener or sostener que…
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maintain [meɪnˈteɪn]
verbo transitivo
1 (keep up) [+attitude, correspondence, order, speed, advantage] mantener; [+silence] guardar; [+war] sostener; continuar
the two countries maintain friendly relations los dos países mantienen relaciones amistosas; he maintained his opposition to the plan se mantuvo contrario al plan
the American effort to maintain its lead in nuclear technology we are maintaining prices at pre-budget levels the department maintains many close contacts with the chemical industry push yourself to make friends and maintain the friendships emergency powers to try and maintain law and order the government was right to maintain interest rates at a high level ensure standards are maintained at as high a level as possible a majority of all couples now draw two paychecks to maintain their comfortable lifestyle it is very difficult to maintain this pretence they maintain lists of volunteers the government is struggling to maintain control of the situation try to maintain a stable body weight I couldn't maintain that level of effort for long both sides still maintained a facade of unity for the outside world we aim to maintain our advantage in Apple's important education market I no longer feel able to maintain my silence in the light of allegations made about me everyone maintains silence so that the helmsman can hear and repeat the captain's orders I repeat, maintain radio silence until instructed otherwise do they have the means to maintain a guerrilla war against the Iraqis? the Hawaiians wanted to maintain fishing rights the Allies continue to maintain occupation rights in Germany what we should be doing to maintain rights for the Kurds Shamir maintains Israeli opposition to the principle of land for peace there were dissenting voices, with a brave and persecuted pacifist movement maintaining its opposition
2 (support) [+family, dependents] mantener; [+army] mantener; costear
the basic costs of maintaining a child he should pay and maintain you as well I don't see why I should maintain him when he has a perfectly good job the Soviet Union had maintained an occupation force in two areas of Finnish territory individual states maintained their own militias
3 (keep in good condition) [+road, building, car, machine] mantener en buen estado
the house costs a fortune to maintain el mantenimiento de la casa cuesta un dineral; cuesta un dineral mantener la casa en buen estado
a tough campaign to force authorities to maintain roads properly manicured lawns, immaculately maintained by a permanent staff the car is in very good condition for its age because it has been well maintained
4 (have, retain) [+house, property] poseer; tener
as well as his house in London he maintains one in New York and one in France además de su casa en Londres, posee or tiene una en Nueva York y otra en Francia
the Wood family has maintained a farm in Vermont since 1798
5 (claim) [+one's innocence] mantener; sostener
he had always maintained his innocence to maintain (that) ...
he maintained that the earth was round mantenía or sostenía que la tierra era redonda
he has maintained that the money was donated for international purposes prosecutors maintain no deal was made "not all feminism has to be like this" Jo maintains Chu Cheng Gil of North Korea staunchly maintained that there were no prisons in his country many still maintain that the war was not necessary
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